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Broke actor kills wife, kids before taking his own life

Crayton kills family then himself/YouTube

Deranged actor went berserk. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HIGH POINT — First, Michael Jace. Now this. Residents in High Point, North Carolina are in mourning after actor Robert Crayton murdered his wife, 46-year-old Athalia Crayton, their 18-year-old son, Kasim Crayton, and two children ages 10 and 16, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired January 7th at their residence. According to police reports, officers arrived at the scene around 7 a.m. where they found three adults and two children fatally shot. Robert’s oldest son and his girlfriend saved themselves by running to a neighbor’s house. They banged on the door and rung the doorbell until somebody answered. “The man said that it was his father,” the neighbor recounted. “He woke up, and there was a gun to his head. Somehow he pulled the magazine out of the gun, and they escaped.” Scuttlebutt has it Robert, 45, struggled to find an acting gig and lost his mind. The humongous thespian was supposed to check into a psychiatric hospital prior to the massacre.

Social media reaction was melancholic. One reader wrote, “Although people keep blaming mental illness, it’s really just these males feeling like they’ve failed. They can’t get what they want so they erupt in rage. They are killing their families because they are narcissistic and simply see them as extensions of themselves. That’s why there’s so many murders by these males.”

Another added, “Mental health my butt, people are demonically possessed. These men out here are messed up.”

Sadly, Robert ain’t the only out-of-work actor to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Michael Jace murdered his wife after 6 years of unemployment.

Robert’s film credits include “Southern Fried Stings” and Regina King’s “Let the Church Say Amen.”

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. I’m homeless with a baby and don’t even think about hurting anyone people are sick

  2. This is what happens when satan take over the mind of an individual. It has nothing to do with color of skin.

  3. This just irks my soul!!🤬 If you wanna do harm to yourself, then do it. Don’t take innocent people with you. These poor people never stood a chance. 😔💔💔💔

  4. Fuck anybody that delete their kids because of their problems. Just do yourself if u so unhappy 😡😡 stop blaming mental illness for everything.

  5. So the oldest son disarmed his father by somehow removing the magazine then went for self and ran out the house literally leaving mom for dead, nah Bruh once that magazine falls out I’m going into survival mode I’m not leaving mom behind period pops gotta give me all the smoke first 💯

  6. The devil is busy, he knows his time is just about up.

    Seek the kingdom of God while there is still time. Don’t leave this world without Jesus Christ, it’s hell without Him.

  7. This is horrible and he didn’t have to do this to them, and poor victims and they had no idea!!! I feel bad for the victims, and I hate that he did this to them!!! May the victims rest peacefully!!! So sad!!!


  9. The sad part is I have a family member who has a husband that’s unhinged like this man and I always tell them that they need to get away but for whatever reason my family member keeps saying he’s not dangerous but any person who can’t control their anger or emotions is dangerous when there’s a weapon around

  10. He was in the wrong profession, big as he was he should’ve went into Pro Wrestling or something, maybe even MMA…. Not a lot of parts on the little screen, for a big man like him, sometimes your dreams can become a Nightmare, for you and others…. If something isn’t working out do something else profitable or get a new dream, but don’t take your short comings out on your family.

  11. She chose what she chose ANNNND procreated with him.
    I’m glad he didn’t strike outside the family that he/they built and I just hope the surviving son intends to BreakTheCycle before starting his own family ’cause that’s all I can do.
    Sad for the children who are unable to choose their procreators — but the reality is that amerKKKa DGAF so once kolonized minds procreate, there is no such intervention.
    GoodLuck to those of you who have dismissed the wisdom of that wise Auntie/Elder in your lives because THERE ARE NO GENUINE SUPPORT SYSTEMS in place in this ShytWholeCUNTree.
    Your values & lifestyle choices will indicate how it all ends for you in the KLANdemicHollowcost.

  12. If you’re using world psychology to cure mental illness/demons, or drugs to suppress them, you’re going to lose. This is the “Do As Thou Wilt” world now! No rules, no laws, no Yah/God, and repr0bat10n to the MAX! The more sinful people become, the worse it’s going to get. People would rather believe a lie than the truth, and Luc1f3r is the father of them! He’s here to collect those that belong to him, (those not sealed by Yah)! Wake up and Be Blessed Judah/Israel. It’s almost midnight!😔

  13. We are living in the last days may they rest in peace and my condolences to the family

  14. It’s probably safer not knowing what triggered him since it caused all that. & your dad trying to kill you is a terrible last memory to have, that’s messed up. Hopefully the surviving son & his girl get the help there gonna need & may the deceased Rest In the Peace of Paradise.

  15. I wonder why the son who got away didn’t gather the other family members, since he had taken the clip.

  16. It’s just sad that an individual can have all of the fame in the world and still be as nutty as a fruitcake .

  17. And this folks is what happens when you sell your soul to Satan to the illuminati for riches, money, and fame.

  18. Mental Illness and BLACK folks dont mix well, usually somebody gonna get beat up or killed, or beatup AND killed.

  19. The devil is pulling triple overtime before his time runs out. Grab on the Jesus Christ while time is running out

  20. ..he is HELLBOUND!
    Prayers for surviving family, close ones..
    ..all the victims of this horrific act..

  21. If u can’t trust ur parent, or parents, then do u trust. I cannot imagine what his wife & the children, must’ve been thinking in the final moments, of this life.
    What a world. What a world.
    RIP 🕊🕊🌹✝️🔍

  22. This is a sign of SEVERE DEPRESSION, which is a form of mental illness. I’ve been there before, but I got help before it was too late. ❤️‍🩹💔😢

  23. Why do women continuously keep these men around them and their children after these guys show signs of mental illness, violence , selfishness. You put your live and kids lives in danger

  24. I have a question. Is it just me or does something have a foul smell to it? So the son that escaped, father, held a gun to him and the son took the magazine out of the same gun his father was pointing at him? And, the son and HIS girlfriend (not his sister) but his girlfriend were the only ones who managed to get away? I feel like Denzel right now… Somebody, please explain this to me like I’m a two-year-old because I am seriously confused 😕

  25. Yep it used to be mostly white men but now black men are becoming more and more crazy as hell. Im sick of this. This is why more black women are going decades not dating.

  26. I’m 36 black female. I used to love black men but now I see them in horror grab my purse and go the other way. They are getting scary

  27. How was the son able to take the clip out if he was waken to him standing over him

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