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Baby daddy kills pregnant fiancée after breaking up

Kyla O’Neal was murdered/YouTube

Amazon worker kills fiancée. 

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LAKEVILLE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Donte McCray will spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars after he shot and killed his gravid fiancée, 31-year-old Kyla O’Neal, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired January 8th — just days before the baby was due — in Lakeville, Minnesota. According to police reports, Kyla kicked Donte out of the house when she found out he got another woman pregnant. A physical altercation ensued and both went their separate ways. Hours later, Kyla drove Donte to an Amazon warehouse where he worked. “He was on his way to work and she took him to work — even though all that they did there,” said Samantha Scott, Kyla’s big sister. “She still went and picked him up and took him to work.” But things took a tragic turn when they pulled into the parking lot. “He went in the back of her car in her back door and grabbed her gun out of her purse and aimed it at her and shot her,” Samantha recounted.

Donte, 32, was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Kyla was rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

Doctors were able to deliver the baby. But Kyla’s mom, Katina O’Neal, told reporters the neonate “has no brain functioning right now.” Lil Messiah remains on life support. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One reader wrote, “So much trash out here! Women, we gotta make better choices.” Another chimed in with, “This is why I would never entertain a broke man.” A third person added, “How you cheat on her & then got the nerve to kill HER!!!! This is too upsetting! 🤬”

Samantha offered a piece of advice to battered women.

“Domestic violence, if you’re involved in it with anyone like this, just get away,” she said.

“Stay away or leave silently. Don’t even say your plans; just find an escape.” 

Kyla was a certified nursing assistant.

She leaves behind three other children, including a daughter she had with Donte.

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. Damn dawg, females be saying whatever. They never mean it. She still took you to work fam. Tsc😮‍💨

  2. That’s sick. He sick and just overall ugly on everything including looks. But I guess looks are everything. Condolences to the family and prayers for the young ones. 😢

  3. Red flags…don’t be colour blind…before it’s too late…my mom was beaten up for years in an out…she’s 69 years old deaf in her left ear …lost most teeth an body full of old traumatic pain syndrome because of that old sod….an myself and sister are fully prepared for her life too come to an end much sooner all because of beatings she was dealt…

  4. Relationships these days are becoming more and more toxic by the hour and by the minute. It’s almost becoming a bonus just to just stay single and alone to oneself.

  5. Leaving these fools is so dangerous 🤦🏽‍♀️… sad story 😔

  6. I’m assuming this “fiance” was another overly emotional “boy” raised by his mama.

  7. Sad he not only was cheating and got another women pregnant. He killed her… smh what a cold hearted guy…

  8. Jesus! I’m sick of seeing so many Beautiful Queens being murdered by their so-called “Man”. These demonic cowards don’t deserve to live. The Women are truly in denial, ignoring faults of these cowards just for the sake of having someone. Ladies, Sistahs…please Stop letting things slide. As soon as you detect crazy, or know he’s Not Your Equal..Bounce! Things only get worse the longer you play with him. I pray the baby survives and remains healthy.

  9. Dispicable coward… He cheated yet he goes on to commit such a heinous crime against her! My gosh!!!! I hope her child survives.

  10. Our young men and young ladies need to be educated on coping skills, respect of self, accountability, and expectations in a relationship! Some aren’t being taught at home!!

  11. @bobpuddyy: You supported those four kids. So did I. Now we will pay millions to prosecute and house that feral killer.

  12. Can you imagine once the baby grows up and finds out he was brought into this wild world via his moms dead body. That’s wild on itself. Praying 🤲🏽

  13. He’s 32 and look older than me and I’m approaching 50 in a few years wth

  14. Stay single for life , and you will be happier. I don’t have to share my retirement with anybody.

  15. What’s sad is how these dudes do show their true colors all while females are hating each other and doing heavy witchcraft to make these men settle down with them. It hurts how many women are “pick me’s” wanting a man so bad that they are willing to destroy each other for a man that don’t want them and prolly be on the DL anyways.

  16. I’m glad I’m childless at 22 I’ll never give a man children ever like ever

  17. He probably was jealous of her success..sounds like he did not have a car..and he was living with her…he didn’t love her as much as she loved him…they been together 6 years he should have married her…she ignored the red flags the 1st time he laid hands on her she shouldve starting planning her escape out the relationship..sometimes love is in heaven Kyla..praying for family and the baby 🙏🙏

  18. why do black women give the highest honor to a man (having their child) without getting married first. Its insane to me how many single mothers there are within the black community, kids arent meant to be raised in a broken home.


  20. Black women make up only 7% of the population in Minnesota but are the victims of 40% of all domestic assaults. It’s almost like far too many black men are violent criminals.

  21. Damn y’all still want to buy s*** from Amazon they be killing people okay let’s be honest Amazon has been hiring people with no background check no questions asked so when you get an Amazon employees your door you don’t know who in the hell is nothing so be careful people be very careful this is some serious s*** all over the whole country who knows God welding it won’t be using the next one shot and death think about it folks think about ordering from Amazon be very careful I’m window Douglas big time Thug news

  22. Man who killed her found out she was cheating with her other baby daddy and the kid may not be his and he lost control at work.. she had a man at work and a man at home

  23. Another baby on the way. And he still had a problem with her ending things. How much more is someone expected to take?

  24. So, he had two pregnant women that were having his baby. Another crazy pill by a man with a gun. This woman had no Idea what was going on until days before she was due. Now the guy is going to be in prison and not see his children. Two women were hooked. Again, who is feeding this guy the crazy pill. His reaction is to shoot. Makes no sense to me.

  25. My sons used to work for Amazon fulfillment and they would tell me stories of all the mess that went on there and that people would hookup with each other all the time. It’s plausible this impish man slept with multiple women due to the sheer numbers of people that work in these warehouses.

    This is another heartbreaking loss. Prayers for baby and Kyla’s family. 🙏🏽

  26. STOP DATING DOWN BLACK WOMEN. What other race of women do y’all see dating down??????? Why do we feel the need to date LOSERS that depend on us?

  27. Manslaughter?? Wtf? It should be 2ND DEGREE M*RDER charges!! Manslaughter means a death happened because of your actions but “WITHOUT intent”. That is not what happened. He purposely aimed at her and fired “WITH intent”.

  28. Manslaughter?!!!! Can us black women ever get justice the right way!!!? This is clearly first degree! What is up with these justice departments!!!???

  29. our people out here playing games, not treating life seriously, creating children haphazardly,.. kids did not ask to be born into these nightmare situations where their chances to lead a normal, productive, happy life,.. is slim to none.

  30. Well the other woman who is pregnant by him can kiss 💋 that fool goodbye . Your baby will be raised around bob wired fences and phone calls from a correctional facility.



  32. This is why a lot of people are single nowadays. Love Gets u Killed Being Fake Gets u praised. We are truly living in the UpSide Down

  33. Tupac was right we living in an era where the men hate the ladies that make the babies

  34. I just wanted to say her baby did not make it, and they had to let him go peacefully with his mommy sadly.

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