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Hotel manager is killed on Thanksgiving by crazy ex

Raven killed in front of her child/Viral Crimes

Baby daddy kills baby mama.

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MINNEAPOLIS — Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 27-year-old Raven Gant who was shot dead by her baby daddy, 41-year-old Randall Watkins, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired Thanksgiving Day 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Raven had already moved out of Randall’s house. But he called and asked her to come get the rest of her clothes, holiday season be damned. When Raven showed up, Randall shot her multiple times in front of their 2-year-old daughter. The jilted simp was arrested, charged and convicted of murder. He’s serving 40 years in the penitentiary. Their baby, J.J., remembers what happened. She’s the one who led police to Raven’s body. “It’s so vivid in her mind, she talks about it with other kids,” Raven’s father told the court. “It just comes up: ‘My Daddy killed my Mom’.  She sees an ambulance – she thinks her Mom is in an ambulance.  She sees police, she’s just terrified, terrified by it.  This is what you did – to a Baby!”

Randall abused Raven constantly.

But family members didn’t find out until she died.

“I had no idea all of that was going on because of the lengths that my sister [went] through to protect this man,” said her brother, Rhonald Gant.

Prior to killing Raven, Randall shot her father in the back.

But he didn’t press charges.

Had he done so, Raven would still be alive.

Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “Her father has to be special needs. I know damn well his slow ass didn’t let that man shoot him in the back and not press charges to get that monster locked up?! If he would shoot him, I don’t know how he ever thought that thing wouldn’t shoot the daughter he was already abusing!”

Another person added, “The moment he shot her father she should have been out. The clothes weren’t worth going back to get. Sometimes when you leave, you have to leave and leave everything behind. To me, she chose death. She chose to keep going back. If he shot your father he would have no problem killing you. The daddy should have told and that could have possibly put him in jail, preventing him from killing her.” 

Raven was an account manager at Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel.

Randall is an idiot.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Her father should have pressed charges. How are you gonna handle it when he shot you in the back? That was a perfect opportunity to put him where he belonged. She wouldn’t have lost her mother or father she could have visited her idiot father in prison.

  2. He was born a deadbeat and he’ll die a deadbeat. A true waste of space, life, and useless to society. These ugly and disgustingly pathetic men taking the lives of beautiful, innocent, and intelligent women/mothers is becoming too common.

  3. This generation is so demonic it’s sad the mother of your child bro? Then infront of your own child smh disgusting

  4. I used to be Raven, but I left and never looked back. He would have killed me an my son. I didn’t want this for me. No man has the right to abuse you, none.

  5. Y go to his house bring police with u especially with signs like that

  6. Why does the black community protect these abusers and criminals? The police should have been called in early. The father gets shot and thinks its not a good idea to call the police??? That is utter foolishness.

  7. How did a beautiful YOUNG woman end up with him….a coward is a coward by any other name.




  9. Why are these young, productive, successful and beautiful women with these dusty deadly dudes?

  10. I wouldn’t have never went to his house by myself she should’ve took the police young ladies think please
    God bless RIP sweet heart

  11. I’ve seen several stories where the men are much older than the young ladies they hurt. These type of men get with younger women for control. Once they realize they can’t control them, their sick minds take things to an unthinkable level!🥺🤬

  12. This is so sad how he brutally murdered her in front of their own child!!! SMH!!! He didn’t care about anybody, but himself & he took her away from their child!!! He took his child’s mothers life over BS & selfishness that wasn’t worth it!!! I hope she haunts him daily & it drives him crazy!!! Now their child doesn’t have a mother or a father because of his stupid & careless actions!!!

  13. FELLAS: I know our beautiful woman can say & do some things to gas ⛽️ 🔥 light you but if it get that bad that you feel you wanna get physical…then LEAVE😫!!

  14. Just REMEMBER THIS, all you WOKE DOPES: She CHOSE HIM!!!!!!!! Again and again, and AGAIN!!!!!

  15. Most of these women being killed are doing well in life. Where and how do they meet these certified losers?

  16. Women will fuck killers, have babies with killers and we are surprised when the woman is killed… stop being so fast to fuck someone

  17. Yeah they crazy ain’t no way I’ma be getting abused and u shoot my dad.. u ain’t getting away with that nor would I ever come back. Clothes.. nah buy some new ones.. He would’ve been got knocked off the earth!

  18. Another Narcissist that needs to never get outta jail. She was a possession and not a person to him. A narcissist will try to justify their crimes and play the victim. Narcissist are soulless entities that live in human bodies and are parasites in society.They are like roaches that infest the earth they are a spiritual plague that wants to destroy humanity just because humans contain something that they dont. We have a soul.

  19. being pretty and fine made dude snap said if i cant have it nobody will that simple yall like them thugs not nerds or brothers with brains

  20. That man look bad for 41, raccoon eyes and all. He was probably a heavy drinker, he will get to sober up in prison

  21. That’s her fault I’m extremely sorry to say but wat she thought n she didn’t tell nobody he already beatting u left u went back for clothes knowing it wasn’t going to be just get it and leave he been ain’t let u leave y did she go back I don’t understand she knew it was gonna b drama idk this dum asf

  22. We are in the last of the last days it’s gonna take a God to stop all the hate and killing in the world the only true God Jehovah. It’s only gonna get worse revelations 12:12 tell why there is so much violence and hate in this world.

  23. Yeah, sorry but the entire family should feel some guilt. His ass could have been in prison some time ago if they had contacted the police. Smh

  24. Damn she shoulda taken her Pops n brother w her but F dat where was the Police to Protect n Serve!! Mpls po po ain’t never been sh*t even b4 George Floyd Rest in.Power sir!!

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