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Transgender shooter kills students & staff members

Audrey killed 3 kids & 3 adults/YouTube

Tranny shooter kills six. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NASHSVILLE — Body cam footage from Officer Rex Engelbert with the Nashville Police Department has been released and it shows the moments leading up to the quietus of transgender shooter Audrey Hale who killed six people at the Covenant School around 10 a.m. Monday morning. Audrey, 28, is a quondam student of the private Christian institution. The bloodthirsty tranny waltzed into the building with an assault rifle and opened fire — killing three 9-year-old children, a custodian, a substitute teacher, and the principal before the SWAT team smoked her ass. “Suspect down! Suspect down!” Engelbert yelled. Yes, the suspect is down and out. But the city of Nashville remains in mourning. “Our police officers have cried and are crying with Nashville and the world,” Police Chief John Drake told reporters. “I have cried and continue to cry and I have prayed for Nashville as well.” When asked to elucidate a motive, Chief Drake hinted Audrey’s parents are partially culpable.

“There’s some belief that there was some resentment for having to go to that school.” he said.

The massacre marked the 19th mass shooting at a school or university in just the past three months. Damn. Those close to Audrey said she went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs after her best friend — Sydney Shere` Sims — died in a car accident last August. Scuttlebutt has it they were lesbian lovers. “Audrey definitely admired Sydney,” said former classmate Samira Hardcastle.

They did more than admire.

They were munching carpet.

Audrey ran an art website that contains disturbing images from Stephen King’s 1980 horror film “The Shining.”

She practiced at a gun range leading up to the attack.

Audrey also sent her friend the following Instagram message: “I’m planning to die today. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!”

So there’s no question she lost her damn mind.

Watch Nashville PD give Audrey a dirt nap.

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  1. I am no perry Mason but transgender girl goes to christian school to kill people strongly suggests a motive to me.

  2. These officers need to go train the Uvalde Texas coward police officers !!!

  3. After the suspect was down, the 4 shots followed by “STOP MOVING, STOP MOVING!” was a bit weird…but given the circumstances I’ll allow it.

  4. Police did a fantastic job! Honest question here though. Could some deaths be avoided if teachers and staff are properly trained and armed? Why are we not doing this? It can be done safely and properly. In gun free zones only the bad guys have guns.

  5. @Patrick: How awful police force? They came in and did their job. Took out the perp quickly. Unfortunately they couldn’t get there sooner to save the 6

  6. her incomplete and insufficient worldview led her to kill others. what an idiot

  7. The gun laws need to be changed in america, how many more deaths in schools before something finally gets done

  8. @Liam Bartlett: This psycho didn’t get a gun legally, she (it) lied about her mental condition on her application! Guns don’t kill, disturbed people kill……! Stupid logic is to punish good people for what a disturbed criminal does, can’t make this stuff up!

  9. @Liam Bartlett: It’s not a gun problem. If it was a gun problem those cops wouldn’t have gone in with their guns blazing and shot that woman. It’s a mental illness problem.

  10. Now instead of pronouns, we can talk about her favorite verbs, was and were.

  11. The guns are not the problem. MENTAL ILLNESS AND “EMOTIONAL DISORDERS” are the problems here. No sane person can kill innocent children. Why can people with this emotional condition be allowed to purchase rifles? 100% of people with the same mental illnesses, just like this shooter and feel like they are in the wrong body, their minds are not right, because they all have severe mental illnesses. We must eradicate this movement in schools, libraries, children events, restrooms, locker rooms, female sports, and female spaces.

  12. So now the lgbtq community decides to go out and kill our kids, all for what? Because we don’t support their sexual orientation or identity. Goddamn

  13. Clearly, she had some artistic talents. EVIDENTLY, being forced to attend that CREEPY, “christ”-STAINED indoctrination camp of a “school” sent ‘er OVER the edge.

  14. So glad they killed that thing..Don’t care what it called it self sicko monster 😠

  15. Those officers are heroes. As a person who works in education, seeing them walk past joyful bulletin boards with weapons drawn is heartbreaking.

  16. The hardest part of this video is seeing a child’s or the staff workers body laying in the hallway. As a teacher myself, I’m scared. Prayers for the families

  17. i’m glad that the police had no fear and dealt with her in less then 5 minutes unfortunately uvalde police were cowards, may all those souls rest in peace 🙏

  18. SHE is a real piece of garbage, and thankfully, THEY killed HER before SHE could take more innocent lives.

  19. Wow. Why does everything the trans community do involve hurting children?

  20. Everyone stop calling her a he, she’s a she and for being a pos, she deserves not to be respected!!!

  21. Although the shooter is to be blamed, I hope school teachers spend more time teaching students “bullying others is a shame”, “bullies are weak, if you’re strong, you can love and forgive.”
    I hope school authorities constantly remind all students: “If anyone laugh at you, pick on you, let us know. We will protect you!”, “Never lose your kindness. No matter what happen to us in life, remain to be a good person. A good person does not harm anyone.” and “If we shrift to the evil side, we lose.”

    Trust me, that will give every young one a sense of security, and help them live through difficult times.

  22. HATE crime by a POS child murderer and leftist radicalized trans extremist. She also had a manifesto the mainstream media is avoiding to cover.

  23. The shooter has clearly had trouble with being transgender in this society, not being accepted even in school. So sad. Saying that someone “identify as transgender” is wrong. The correct meaning is “identify as a trans man” or “identify as a man”.
    It is sickening to hear that school shootings happens once a week as well.

  24. Church leadership should be held both criminally & financially accountable for gun violence as deleting Deuteronomy 13:1 from scripture & moving Deuteronomy 13:1 to end of Deuteronomy 12 as an unauthorized add on at end of chapter in the hopes no one will be able to see it shows unbelievably extreme, irresponsible & irrational arrogance to the extent church leadership thinks it is God and somehow has permission to add or delete scripture they think is unacceptable. The church has altered or deleted or added over 10,000 lines to scripture over the last 500 years. Unauthorized changes to scripture brings on the extreme curse of gun violence as change to scripture invites total anarchy & extreme gun violence.

  25. I’d like to see all of the officers names and pictures so that we can applaud them all for a team effort. 💯

  26. Audrey’s last words in her last text were, “I love you.” She is a monster and completely void of love. She has no idea what love is as she murdered 6 people. And shame on any person or community defending her due to her personal identification. She is a murderer and is now where she belongs. If she just wanted to die she could have done that herself but she was selfish and decided to kill people and destroy many families. A true narcissist to her core.

  27. Instead of sending trillions of dollars to Ukraine perhaps the govt could have funded security guards for each school.

  28. hunting unarmed defenseless children for no reason whatsoever. Why not just go murder kittens or puppies? Absolutely pathetic. If people want to kill themselves or create a situation that they know will ultimately lead to them dying than why take other down with them??? Those who somehow have this idea that they can bask in their own sadistic glory from the afterworld are completely delusional. If it’s 15 minutes of fame or notoriety you’re after you won’t be around to hear it, see it, feel it, experience it.

  29. What disgusts me is that somehow a trans can murder children and yet the tqia+ crowd still spins this like the world is going to murder them. No you disgusting freak you’re murdering children.

  30. This is just the beginning. As a country, we’re not handling this mental health crisis seriously. Instead law makers are feeding into their delusions. Small kids can’t fight back. These sickos don’t have the balls to attack grown people who’d shoot back.

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