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Scorned wife kills bisexual husband on Facebook Live

Kadejah killed Jeremy on Facebook Live/YouTube

Wife kills cheating husband. 

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COLUMBUS, Miss — The adventures of Pookiesha & Ray Ray continue. Kadejah Brown, 28, was thrown in the slammer after she murdered her husband — Jeremy Brown — on Facebook Live in front of their four kids and grandmother. Kadejah also revealed Jeremy was bisexual. The homicide transpired Saturday morning around 7:30 a.m. at the Greentree Apartments in Columbus, Mississippi. Facebook Live footage shows Jeremy packing his sh*t, getting ready for work as he and Kadejah had contretemps. “This is your family,” she said. “You’re supposed to be here.” When the fed-up husband threatened to egress the marriage, Kadejah started punching him. “Get your hands off me,” Jeremy yelled. “Get your mothaf*ckin’ hands off me!” Seconds later, Kadejah pulled out a gun and opened fire — taking Jeremy’s life in the process.

The trigger-happy damsel was arrested and charged with murder.

Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “This bitch done killed her baby daddy on Facebook Live in front of his kids and grandmother and all he was doing was trying to leave and go to work. Just terrible, smh. Bitch better get life in prison.”

Another chimed in with, “Stop marrying these hoes.”

A third observer added, “He knew what he was getting himself into when he met her and still chose to marry her and have children. No sympathy from me. There were huge red flags all over the place and he still made the wrong choice.”

Lowndes County Sheriff Eddie Hawkins told reporters Jeremy and Kadejah had been arguing all night. She caught her husband cheating with men and women and harbored trepidation he was about to reside with one of ’em. Jeremy sent this message to someone named Jessica Reeder on Facebook: “Hey sexy, how you been? Call Me.” Kadejah read the post and blew a gasket.

The scorned spouse told investigators she didn’t mean to kill her husband of 7 years.

Kadejah said she brandished the gun to scare Jeremy and it accidentally went off.

Even though the couple had a history of domestic violence, the shooting caused public outcry from the LGBT community.

Watch the deadly incident.

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@therealdoubledeemuva Mississippi woman Kadejah Brown has been charged with murder after altercation with her husband Jeremy Brown on Facebook live. #heyplayas #kadejahbrown #Mississippi ♬ original sound – TheRealDoubledeemuva

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  1. So this woman decided to kill her husband and make her kids fatherless? Wow

  2. Her mother instigated this whole situation. She hyped her daughter up! She deserves jail time too! This is just horrible!

  3. Why are people always performing for the camera. Everyone is now an a actor/actress/rapper etc

  4. Never trust a person who constantly has to put your relationship in social media

  5. I’m starting to realize these internet couples are not what they appear to be. It seems as if these are the couples you gotta be leary of as they’re not as what they seem. RIP. This was such a senseless murder and her mom should go down with her!

  6. I mean if my husband was cheating with a man I’ll be upset too but I’m sorry it went this far tho

  7. These women are 9/10 times the reason the father isnt in the home. This is NOT rare, usually the man finally snaps, then goes to prison for hitting her and she gets to look like an abuse victim.

  8. She’s clearly an abuser and a narcissist I don’t want to go to jail not get my kids out of here they can’t watch this they can’t see anything else I don’t want to go to jail you should have been saying oh my God my kids my kids you just took somebody’s life that was their father they’re now traumatized for the rest of their lives waking up in cold sweats screaming probably not even going to be okay with loud noises around normal things like fireworks pop sounds horn beeps I could go on and on. And every time they hear that sound they’re going to see in their mind flashbacks or what they witnessed that day

  9. When being a STRONG boss bish goes all wrong! Evil vile witch! If someone tells you they will kill you…… BELIEVE THEM!

  10. Talking all that shit about what he hasn’t been doing well guess what, you ain’t gonna be able to do shit for them either. Dumb ass!

  11. I haven’t heard her say not one time in this video about him being with a man.. maybe I missed it.. sounds like she didn’t want him to leave her

  12. does the motive matter? this womans a murderer and her mom was complicit. her mom should get jail time too. let this be a lesson. these women are fucked up. keep your dick to yourself. children by the wrong one will destroy you.

  13. As a mother & WIFE….why is SHE not fixing breakfast for her husband & family on a Saturday morning before he goes to work. Instead, she on Facebook while HER mom cooking. What was she doing besides walking around the entire time killing her husband mentally until she killed him physically. Sincerely, don’t understand the dynamics here??? Prayers for all.

  14. Why her azz can’t cook but can go Live Bull💩❗Her and her mom was full of drama very negative type people don’t want him to leave when he just trying to walk out the door she had her plan and she pulled the trigger ❗ She should be in jail she was trying to get him to argue with her or fight her her mom needs to STFU ❗She added to the drama which pumped up the daughter She a coward❗ Shooting him as he tries to leave Rip Jeremy 🕊️The children are destroyed mentally and the mom urges it on the saying she was sorry she should be charged and sit her time out❗The gun went off because she wanted it too ❗Her mother do Not need to raise the children they need to be away from her too❗This is a Lifetime of mental problems for the children so sad

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