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U.S. Navy recruit brutally ‘beaten’ by her frenemies

Tiera’s body found in a ditch/Black Girl Unlost

Single mom jumped at nightclub.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

AUSTIN, Texas — “They smile in your face. All the time, they want to take your place. The backstabbers.” The adventures of Pookiesha & Ray Ray continue. Law enforcement officials are investigating after 25-year-old Tiera Strand was ambushed by a group of frenemies and beaten to a bloody pulp (à la Shanquella Robinson). The homicide transpired around 2:30 a.m. on April 16th at the “Mooseknuckle Pub” in Austin, Texas. According to police reports, Tiera and the backstabbers started a bout of fisticuffs inside the bar before the brawl spilled onto the street. Five days later, Tiera’s corpse was found in a ditch 70 miles away in Bell County. The frenemies returned Tiera’s belongings to her mom. But didn’t say what really happened. They claimed Tiera walked down the road. Police have yet to identify suspects and — as customary — nobody wants to snitch.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One commenter wrote, “Oh my gosh! JEALOUSY AND ENVY is dangerous. Them fake frenemies need to be held accountable. Those evil devil bitches!” Another chimed in with, It’s always the ones who’s CLOSE to you… R.I.P.🕊” A third person added, “Them TRICKS were definitely not her friends. They probably were in on her being jumped and murdered. This is another SHANQUELLA Robinson case. Step on all COCKROACHES. Get rid of evil.”

Tiera, a single mom of a 6-year-old daughter, was about to join the United States Navy.

Insiders believe she was set up.

What’s my take?

In 1964, Malcolm X said, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.”

Today, Blog King says, “The most disrespected person in America is the American woman.”

Telling you dawg, nobody likes American women. They’re globally execrated and it’s all over the internet. The Passport Bros are traveling overseas to find wives because they loathe American women and Western culture in general. Fresh & Fit’s Myron Gaines and Manosphere vloggers alike disseminate daily podcasts besmirching the reputation of American women. What’s sad is American women hate American women too. There’s American women on YouTube imploring bachelors to eschew marrying American women because they don’t deserve conjugal rights. Then there’s the absence of sisterhood. See, American women fight and bicker, harbor resentment, then contact men to confabulate their problems because they can’t call each other.

I’m serious. The women in my family and female friends in particular sometimes call me complaining about their enemies or issues they’re having at work and I can’t relate because, as a man, I don’t have those problems. I want to relate because I love these women. But I can’t because, for starters, I never bring work home. What happens at the job, stays at the job. When I’m home, that’s my personal time to spend alone or with people I care about.

And, secondly, I don’t participate in rivalries and hold grudges. Life’s too short for that sh*t.

Again, American women are universally despised.

Not sure why.

But they are.

I raise the aforementioned points because, like Shanquella, Tiera got her ass kicked by a posse of frenemies and not one person intervened. There wasn’t a Good Samaritan in sight and it was a public venue. Instead, people — especially men — would rather pull out their phones and record the pummeling ’cause it’s more gratifying to watch American women suffer. Even if it’s true Tiera stumbled down the street after the melee, you mean to tell me not one man was chivalrous enough to pull over to ensure she was ok?

American women constantly express their desire to get married.

But my response is, “To who?”

Because nobody’s lookin’ to get seriously involved with American women right now, including American women.

It’s a predicament only they can ameliorate.

As for Tiera?

The Austin Police Department Homicide Unit has launched a joint investigation with the Bell County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Department.

If you have any information, please contact Austin PD at 512-472-8477 or Bell County at 254-933-5442.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. 😢Lord Jesus This is a extremely sad situation someone knows exactly what happened it’s something fishy about this story these so called friends is telling about she just walked away 🤔

  2. A Shanqulla, Story!😢🥲 Lord, have mercy 🥺 🙏 to her family. ❤️

  3. Listen be very careful who you call friend. You could very well be embracing an enemy.

  4. The murder of innocent beautiful lady Tiera Strand is giving Us all Deja Vu Vibes, of innocent beautiful lady Shanquella Robinson murder, the only differences are Borders!¡! USA and Mexico don’t give a Damn about Compassion, Righteousness, Justice, Lives, etcetera of AFRICAN BLACK PEOPLE.

  5. I feel a man did it …80 miles away ..she may have started walking….Austin??!..hmm

  6. Will they get away with it like Cabo 6?? Street justice needs to be more of a THING!

  7. It seems like every time someone is blessed with something, someone always tries to find ways to snatch it away… It’s incredibly sad. Be careful who you trust (and that includes family members), and pretty much stay to yourself or surround yourself with someone or a few people you know have good intentions and are willing to lift you up.

  8. Be careful in Austin. My little cousin was taken out down there.

  9. Aint no way my friend gets jumped & i stand there & do nothin never it sounds lyke another kenika genkins as well shaquella robinson situation may they all rest in peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  10. Sounds like another Shanquella Robinson scenario. Unbelievable how jealousy can get deadly. With friends like these, who needs enemies 😢

  11. U gotta know who your FRIENDS are. Females do this all the time. Mostly because of jealousy. Dudes don’t do this. If 1 fight we all fight!!💯

  12. I think we jump the gun with sometimes… Ik .. unpopular opnion. But there are so many cases of people making dumb decisions that would make one look guilty bc of circumstances but what if these ladies arent guilty of anytning but being bad friends? Justice needs to be served…dont get me wrong. But social media causes peoole to become the judge and juror deciding people’s fate with little to no evidence fr….

  13. This is why most my life I been a loner I’m 42 and I tell everyone my only friends now are my daughter’s that I could trust with my life I rather have no friends and not have to worry about the jealousy that lies behind ones motives. Rip baby girl

  14. A mom shouldn’t be out in the streets bejng ratchet. Moms keeps your ahh at home with the kids you created and when you do go, act the like the lady and mother your supposed to be and not be out there fighting Ann’s being ratchet. Let this be a cautionary tale. Not saying she deserves it because that’s what y’all will say but my point is when you have kids things and behaviors should change

  15. I’m so glad I do not have friends. I came into this world alone and I don’t mind being a loner. I’m good!

  16. My little sister was a victim and was preyed on by “Fake Friends!” She was just 28 years old when she passed in 2017/19/02

  17. Jealous people always give clues about their jealousy. Once they do leave them alone and cut all connections with them! My mom taught me very young that a jealous person is a very dangerous person! They will ALWAYS let you know they envy you. Pay attention to the people in your circle!

  18. I almost became a case like this and Shanquella Robinson. If my sister didn’t call me at work to remind that we were going Christmas shopping. A group of females befriended me asking if I would like to hang out with them. The vibes I got from them weren’t good. After I told them I had something to do, they immediately asked another co-worker. Monday morning, my supervisor was packing up her desk. I asked what happened to her? She couldn’t tell me. Three years later, I ran into one of my former co-worker and asked about our former co-worker. All he stated was, she has never been the same since that night. My heart felled right in the pit of my stomach. When I tell you, God was watching over me. He was. People used to talked about why I was a loner because of stories like this. I hate to see BW being killed all the time. I hope my story doesn’t take away from this story but my heart hurts for this young lady’s family. I’m praying for justice for her and others.

  19. No way this young lady should be prematurely off the earth. Those so called friends set her up. It seems she had career plan that was beyond them. When you are a goal driven person, it’s wise to leave the old pack and never return. Many secretly resent you for it. They won’t attack you but will put you in position to be attacked. Let the truth be revealed.

  20. Only a killer will return the deceased persons belongings to the victims mother. Just like they did shanquella.

  21. The so called friends know exactly what happened to her because they put her where she was found. The fight outside took her life and the cowards dumped her out of fear and the mastermind of the bunch convinced the other one to return the items to the mom and make a bogus lie so that she wouldn’t think they were involved but know that what is done in the dark will come to light. I am calling on angel michael and my heavenly father to stir up the weakest link and give her no rest until she speaks the full truth. Justce will prevail because no one will have peace until this child of God’s murder is solved. To those hiding behind your lies you silence will haunt you endlessly in your dreams and your reality will become a repeated cycle of your lack, jealousy and the lies you spoke. My God sits high and looks down low he sees all. Repent of your guilt or die in your silence.

  22. Ladies. Stop hanging out with other ppl to feel accepted. The only person that you should worry about acceptance from is yourself! Fuck other women’s opinions. I’m tired of hearing about the kenneka, shanquella and selenas around the world. Men aren’t the only ones that have red flags.

  23. FUQ Ole “Racist AUSTIN TX” That’s NOT THE PLACE FOR BLACK’S AT ALL ” HOPe they SUE THE BAR that kicked Tierra out instead of calling the police & protect her smh FUQ the 🫎 Moose buckle BAR 🍻 on 6th Street FUQ em

  24. Why didn’t they help her. That’s crazy. Cold blooded cowardly
    b$?%hes! This was definitely a set up, because it sounds fishy. Sounds like a Shanquella case!!!

  25. It’s always the friends 🤦🏿‍♂️ that’s why my friends circle has been the same for almost 24 years

  26. I feel like she got into it with her friends cause they didn’t help her when the girls jumped her so her own friends beat n killed her, that’s how I feel

  27. All those people standing around and nobody is trying to help. She might of survived if poople would just step in. A bunch of evil doers.

  28. This Is Crazy 😧 Black women ARE SO VERY EVIL & WICKED; Just Fighting and Killing Each Other, For Why???????? TRULY Concerning 😟

  29. Them girls planned that, they had her go out with them and told the cops where they were. Weak asf she was too small for anybody to jump her RIP Tiara

  30. I remember getting jumped after sneaking out the house to get a blunt while my mother and cousin slept. A stranger in a truck saw me and picked me up. I will always remember his concern I was disoriented AF. I got home and mama and little Cuszo was woke!! I was hurt, in trouble, and embarrassed Ughh 😩Choices

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