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Chicago cop killed during a robbery by miscreant teens

Areanah Preston shot dead/YouTube

Chicago cop killed by teens. 

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CHICAGO — They don’t have to defund police in the Windy City ’cause hoodlums are killing ’em one by one. Four teenagers were thrown in the slammer following the shooting death of Chicago Police Officer Areanah Preston. The homicide transpired around 2 a.m. Saturday, May 6th during a robbery in front of Areanah’s home near 81st & Blackstone. The miscreants — ages 16 to 18 — shot the Nubian beauty multiple times in the torso then fled the scene with her gun and badge. Another cop arrived minutes later and found Areanah sprawled out in the front yard. “The officer picked her up, put her in the back of his car, and immediately brought her to U of C hospital where she succumbed to her injuries early this morning,” Interim Police Supt. Eric Carter told reporters. Detectives received a tip on the whereabouts of the suspects.

They were hiding out at a residence in the 7600 block of South Bishop in Auburn Gresham.

“Come out with your hands up!” the SWAT negotiator yelled.

The cop killers were taken into custody Sunday night after a 6-hour standoff.

Areanah’s gun and badge were recovered.

A 19-year-old male was later brought in as a person of interest.

Social media reaction insinuated Areanah was set up and the teens were remunerated as hitmen.

One commenter wrote, “Shots to the upper chest was a Hit. She knew something! Someone wanted her Quiet!” Another chimed in with, “Just go through her phone and interview every Black dude she let smash.” A third person added, “Definitely a hit. They took her badge and gun to give the conspirator proof that the job was done.”

Areanah, a 3-year veteran of the police force, had just finished her shift when she was murdered. The 24-year-old wunderkind was scheduled to graduate this Saturday, May 13th with a Masters of Jurisprudence from Loyola University’s School of Law. Babygirl was on her way to becoming a District Attorney. The community is understandably pissed. “There are some who say that our police officers are not worthy of our respect,” said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “There are some who say we should not be supporting and funding our police department. I would urge any person who holds that view to reflect on moments like this.”

South Shore resident Luvenia Fields, age 73, took Areanah’s death really hard.

“Why would you bother somebody, a beautiful young lady trying to get her Masters?” she bemoaned.

“It’s not worth it. Go back to school, get an education, do something besides shooting and killing. It hurts, it bleeds my heart.”

Because she was killed in the line of duty, Areanah’s family is entitled to additional benefits.

But nobody gives a damn about mazuma right now.

Heaven just gained a new police officer.

“She’s a very good sweetheart,” said Areanah’s aunt, Norma Mhoon.

“A very nice person: educated, intelligent in every way, striving for her master’s, her goals and everything. She was just doing such a great job. And this happened to her. It’s unbelievable.”

As she was being shot, Areanah fired back three times.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. I believe she knew her killer or stalker it’s ,or possibly it’s someone who was jealous or just didn’t like cops

  2. What a tragedy 😢. My son is a police officer, and I hope I NEVER get that knocked on my door.

  3. She was a beautiful star!! I do not know what the hell is going on this world where evilness and hatred runs rampant.


  5. THE CHICAGO MAYOR IS TIRED! You can see it in her eyes & hair. Chicago stressing her tf out

  6. This goes to show that having a gun doesn’t necessarily protect a person from becoming a victim of violent crime.

  7. Somebody had set her up for whatever reasoning to do something so evil like that… Rip to areanah preston 🕊🕊🕊… I hope her family and friends get the answer of why the person did it so Areanah preston get justice 🕊🕊🕊

  8. OVERFUND the police build more prisons and lock these animals up!! My heart goes out to the family.

  9. Sounds like
    She knew something and they came for
    Her Chicago is ran by demons

  10. Brothers and sisters, please give your lives to Christ Jesus. This world is not safe, the only safety or protection is in the Lord. These are evil days..

    The Lord is coming soon. Let’s get right as things will get worse. Pray for mercy. Remain blessed!


  12. Sounds like another sucker for love murder some weak az lame couldn’t take not being with her anymore sounds like another clown with a father around to show him how to move on and get another one but not only was she beautiful she was cop that’s good because I know one thing for sure they want stop until they solve her murder I wish more black women life and death had more of a top priority because y’all black males didn’t seem to get it without them we are extinct

  13. This was truly sad to watch. Truly personal. They stole her Badge and Gun. Shot multiple times in a Chest. They were sending out a Message. Beautuful, Bright, seem so fun and full of life. Justice shall prevail IN JESUS NAME! Prayers to the Family.

  14. Please, let’s not forget the approximately 1950 black Americans who have been murdered, in Chicago, since George Floyd was killed. Add about 2 murders for each day.
    95% were killed by other black Americans.

    Now, with the election of Johnson, we can expect another 3000 murders, a vast majority of which will be black Americans, over the next 4 years.

  15. I am glad there was an arrest in her murder .
    And that the preditors that killed her will spend the rest of their lives in a cage where they belong .
    Chicago needs to bring the death penalty back because these five preditors would be perfect candidates for the
    death penalty.
    To the family and friends of the slan police officer.
    My God be with you all in this difficult time in your lives God bless you all.
    To the police officer thank you for your service rest in peace.

  16. Five predators that will now spend the rest of their life in a cage were they belong .
    I am sure they will have it better in prison .
    Now they don’t have to go out and shoot and kill people.
    They no longer have to go out and rob people .
    Now they can sit in their cage, watch TV all day, and wish they could all be out of prison so they can continue to shoot and kill people and rob them.
    Better they are all in prison because none of them would have never amounted to anything other than what they are .

  17. The only time American was great was when they 🏃🏿‍♂️ were h@nging from 🌳AKA MISSISSIPPI WIND CHIMES

  18. I have a feeling it was a dusty who did this. Jealousy is a sickness 😷

  19. I’d be willing to bet that not one of those teens will even do 10 years in prison.


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