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Janelle Monáe’s new video ‘Lipstick Lover’ hella lesbo

Janelle Monáe goes buck wild/YouTube

Janelle Monáe gets freaky. 

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HOLLYWOOD — It’s probably safe to assume Janelle Monáe has completely given up on men. That’s because in her new reggae-flavored music video “Lipstick Lover,” the 37-year-old Kansas City native serenaded a woman’s derrière before posing topless on a mattress satiated with vibrators and dildos. As a matter of fact, Janelle (ex-girlfriend of actress Tessa Thompson) is encircled by voluptuous asses the entire video. The queer oasis even shows her puffin’ a cigar while adjacent to a vixen’s rump shaker. It’s every man’s… um, and lesbian’s dream. “I like lipstick on my neck,” the lyrics go. Speaking of topless, you can definitely tell Janelle got her boobs done. They’re humongous. Looks like two coconuts embedded across her embonpoint. She got her sitzfleisch enhanced too. Janelle’s mom descried the video and shared a bootylicious opinion with her baby girl via FaceTime.

“Oh… that’s cool! Only thing, though, are you gon’ be able to show that new booty all the time on, uh… YouTube?” Mama Monáe said, referring to her daughter’s BBL. “Yeah, they said we could,” Janelle replied. “Well, it would be nice if you had a man’s butt up there,” Mama Monáe joked. “It’s just that we know y’all versatile — it could be a man or a woman.”

Eye candy optics aside, Mama Monáe is forecasting multi-platinum success. “It’s a nice song. If people don’t get hysterical about the booty so bad, if they just listen to the lyrics and the song, you gon’ go triple,” she said. “I’m gonna go triple what?” Janelle replied, to which Mama Monáe elucidated: “Triple on it. Triple, uh…. triple golden.”

“I love you, mama,” Janelle responded with a laugh.

Last week, Janelle flashed her chichis at a party celebrating her song’s release.

The new album is called “The Age of Pleasure.”

Watch clips of “Lipstick Lover.” 

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  1. Hahahaahha , this is what happens when you give your soul to satan ,
    Let’s wait and and see where we are heading with these type of images for our kids to see .
    Usa the poison of the world….
    Capitalism, : sex , money , …….and so …

  2. Wicked and degrading shit. This doesn’t do nothing but fuck up the younger generation seeing this and thinking it’s ok. Buggginnnnnnnnn. America is trash

  3. ❤❤ewwwww weeeeee I need to meet Janelle with the quickness!! With her little fine sexy self!!!!!!!! May God continue to bless her and gift the good Lord 🙏🙏🙏 blessed her with!!!! Continue to be organic you my sista!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m a straight man, but this video is so everything that for a moment I felt like a lesbian… 😂

  5. Really great for the children, what’s next exposed genitals 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Women: We want emancipation and not to be seen as sexual toys.
    Also women: Let`s make an almost porn music video where we portray ourselves as sexual toys.

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