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Grizzlies guard Ja Morant ridiculed for false flaggin’

Ja Morant’s career on the line/YouTube

Morant labeled a fraud.

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MEMPHIS — When making a rap video goes terribly wrong. Ja Morant, star point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, was suspended… again… after he flashed a gun on social media. The video surfaced Saturday night, prompting team officials to ban the 23-year-old baller from all team activities. Instagram Live footage shows Morant brandishing a 9mm semi-automatic while driving and spewing lyrics to a rap song. Sadly, this ain’t the first time he’s been jettisoned for firearm possession. If you recall, Morant was suspended 8 games in March for pulling out a gat in a Denver strip club. NBA commissioner Adam Silver called his deportment “irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous” then forced him to undergo counseling. But Morant may have bigger fish to fry this time. That’s because another video surfaced that shows him throwin’ up gang signs during a basketball game, much to the chagrin of Rollin’ 60s Neighborhood Crips member Bricc Baby.

If you recall, prior to the start of the season, Morant signed a lucrative 5-year contract extension worth $194 million. Bricc called him a rich boy impersonating a gangster. In other words, Morant is false flaggin.’ “He ain’t f*cking with the Gangland like that. You throwin’ them ends up. That’s gone cost you,” Bricc vented during a chinwag with Cam Capone News.

“Whatcha wanna do? Pay the Crips for the rest of your life? N*gga, you ain’t even from this sh*t. Start being real with yourself. You’re a basketball player. Set up a meeting for me and Ja Morant since he wanna be a Crip. I bet he don’t never show up. You ain’t got no felonies. You ain’t grow up f*cking sh*t up. Do you really wanna be a part of this with $200 million?”

TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“When you’re making [two] hundred million dollars to play sports, your life changes,” he said.

“There’s certain rules and regulations you have to live by, plain and simple. You’re not a thug. You’re not a criminal. You’re not a crook. You’re a guy making two hundred million dollars to dribble a stupid basketball. You hit the lottery.”

ESPN’s JJ Redick had an interesting take on the incident. When Chris “Mad Dog” Russo recommended a 40-game suspension for Morant, Redick said that’s way too punitive because Morant didn’t break any laws. “I’m not condoning the behavior. I’m not saying there should be no punishment. There should be consequences. You are the face of the league. You are representing the NBA. You are a role model to young kids. All of that. I don’t think [getting suspended for] half the season is the right answer,” Redick said.

“Why are we trying to lay down the hammer on a 23-year-old who didn’t break a law!? Explain that to me!”

Barkley called Redick a “freaking idiot” for defending Morant.

Do you share a homogeneous sentiment?

Watch Bricc, Barkley and Redick give their 2 cents.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Ja AND HIS FRIENDS need to mature. Not hating the kid or his friends over this, cuz they still young..but they all need to realize the key to maturity is the ability to overcome making ‘impulsive’ decisions” (to look cool). Ja also needs to question himself…in a world where so much gun violence occurs..does he really want to come across as someone who condones that?? Idts. As an older dude who was young and stupid once, I hope they all overcome this ‘youngness’ and stupidity be4 it costs a great talent his career.

  2. Pissing off the NBA should be the least of Ja’s concerns. Pissing off actual gangsters who don’t make millions of dollars every year and watch as your privileged, rich, entitled ass mocks, insults, and tries to imitate them…those should be Ja’s concerns, now.


  4. “Bricc Baby”? F you! F all that gangbangin sht! F the whole negative lifestyle! Unproductive foolishness!

  5. Throwing up 60s but kicking it with bloods that’s a dead man walking ja better chill

  6. This is the best real talk from a gang member. I believe all these young kids today need to hear this message. There’s so many fake wanna be gangster just trying to be hard.

  7. Charles Barkley is a straight up Uncle Tom. He always putting his own kind down.

  8. @glenn snell: 😂😂😂 he one of them is what you fail to realize, he also grew up privileged and his people sent him to college so what’s his excuse.. since he trying kick knowledge to someone else, if he was serious he talk to the kids in the hood before he speak on a successful nba player

  9. This brutha bricc speaking facts ja Morant stay ur ass home like he said ja is not about that life

  10. Break his contract and fire him. What is he going to do, cry Racist???? These black folks need to learn white man own basketball and football. They are the Creator of this sport without them your got no job🎯🎯. People like me work so hard just to make close to 80,000 a year when this fool makle 200million a year to do stupid stuff like this 🤦🏽‍♂️. Ban him from the NBA ASAP.

  11. Turn to Jesus people he died for your sins. Repent of what the New testament describes as sin. Believe the gospel get baptized and obey the teachings of Jesus. The gospel and the teachings of Jesus are documented in Matthew Mark Luke and John. Jesus is the only way to be saved God bless you all. If you have faith in Jesus through your faith you will live life with him as your example.

  12. Mr. Barkley, why is the white man is in charge of hosting basketball topics???

  13. Here I was thinking that real G’s move in silence and violence. All this yappin and yakkin

  14. Bricc Baby is another police ass nigga like Charleston white dicc baby like cowboy said dicc baby

  15. I BET YOU HE DONT NEVER SHOW UP…Nah but its on some friendly shit…lol

  16. Why can’t a black man, just be a black man. But he gotta be a dumb nigga too

    – Kwame Brown, 2023

    Kwame Brown needs to be on here to give some real takes on the Ja situation

  17. Wannabe be gangster watching way too many Biggie Smalls movies or something. Cmon! You have a way better life than that! Grew up in a well to do middle class family in the burbs. Lol

  18. Would it of been better if he was listening to proud to be an American and wearing a MAGA hat? Not condoning just asking

  19. Bricc droppin knowledge to this youngster .. he wont meet up he dont really live that life he a fiction gangster wit a 200 million dollar contract

  20. Alot of people think JA not about that life when in fact he is. Bricc need to stay in his lane before JA morant get itchy fingered

  21. I ain’t the biggest Charles Barkley fan personally, but he is absolutely 1000% correct about this

  22. This Ja Morant topic has exposed just how some people really don’t understand the second amendment on a deeper level

  23. “I bet chu he don’t never show upk😡” nigga face got so serious 😂

  24. Don’t ever trust a demon when he say “It’s on some friendly shit 😂”

  25. Grown ass man telling another man he cant make hand signals hahaha he sounds 11 years old

  26. I’m sitting on my toilet… just stood up to give Barkley a slow clapping standing ovation for that patch of important info….Chuck a real one.

  27. I agree with JJ on this one. The second video is Ja in his car. It’s incredibly dumb, but not a crime. If the league suspends him for 40 games what’s next? What’s the punishment for people that actually break the law? Someone gets busted for a DUI. No fatalities, no accidents, just blows a 0.1 at a checkpoint. Is that an 80 game suspension? A player gets in a scuffle at a club and throws a haymaker. Is that an 80 game suspension? A lifetime ban? The time to suspend Ja was after the club incident. That’s a public place. That’s a 100% legit public safety issue.

  28. Same shit I said if those were his real homies, they would have gotten in his ass for doing dumb shit messing up your career

  29. Imagine a nigga with 40 mil a year allowing niggas to jump him in 😂

  30. Ja is blessed w/all this talent, blessed to have a wonderful CONTRACT. Very few have an opportunity like this, to maintain extraordinary wealth for his kids. I hope that he doesn’t mess it all up. There are tons of stories out there of people own millions of dollars; only to be (flat broke) in the end. Their kids losing all the doors open to them; becuz’ their money earner’ blew all their wealth away.

  31. You niggas disgust me, all ds chirpin got me thinkin y’all jus scared to shoot em. Hey, y’all can’t even chop 🪓 that nigga shooting hand off to send a message? All you gangbangers listening? Do something, coz the Mexicans n Brazilians lookin at you same way y’all look at Morant. Fuck you

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