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Cold Case: Killer strangled teenager with her own bra

Nadine can finally rest in peace/Leah Gordone

Nadine finally has closure. 

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NEW YORK — Took 30 years. But they finally got his black ass. Jerry Lewis, 58, was thrown in the slammer for the Cold Case murder of 15-year-old Nadine Slade. The femicide transpired on May 7, 1992 at an apartment complex in Queens, New York. Jerry and Nadine were neighbors. According to police reports, Jerry made Nadine strip butt-naked then strangled her to death with her own bra. Nadine’s mom discovered the body in a hallway bathroom they shared with Jerry. The serial sadist was taken into police custody on May 1, 2023 after forensic scientists conducted a DNA test linking him to the crime. “We’re just glad he got caught,” Nadine’s brother told the Daily News. Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said Jerry’s DNA showed up in CODIS, a national database maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Turns out, Nadine scratched Jerry during their scuffle and investigators examined the DNA underneath her fingernail clippings to find the perfect match.

Had Nadine not fought back, Jerry would’ve got away with murder. Now he’s facing 25 years in the penitentiary. “Any mother’s worst nightmare is to survive a child,” Katz said. “To lose a child in such a horrific way causes unimaginable pain. Not knowing who committed the crime compounds the suffering. In the end, we hope to achieve justice for Nadine and bring closure and some measure of solace to her bereaved mother.”

Jerry has a lengthy history of abusing women.

As previously mentioned, took 30 years to get him.

But we finally have closure.

Nadine R.I.P.

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  1. Horrible that happened to her 😢 I feel like if it was a shared bathroom obviously the whole neighborhood had access 😕 All these years he terrorized others

  2. Why TF it take 30 years to figure out, the suspect would be the only male that shared the restroom with the victim?

  3. Wow this is horrible. Man he did not have to do this to this baby. Parents nightmare

  4. Do you wanna know what kills me about this whole situation when I was 14 years old I was sexually assaulted and nobody believed to me and I thought back and I got my justice you want to know what it’s really sad that these older men go around raping women, raping young girls, or attacking them, killing them. It’s a sick sadistic thing like he should not be able to breathe human air. I’m sorry.

  5. It’s no telling what she could’ve become. I’m so happy DNA is catching up to these perverted predators. You can run but you can’t hide.

  6. The Bible says, “Put no trust in man.” Stranger danger, especially in the living conditions of sharing bathroom. She should have been monitored because her innocence couldn’t have detected danger lurking around her. RIP Sweet Angel.

  7. This case sounds like the NYPD did not care about this baby. Who had access to the bathroom and what was their alibi??

  8. Terribly sad and so disgusting, glad her family got justice. RIPARADISE QUEEN 🙏🏽

  9. Sad. Black women are sacrificed with no remorse and very little mainstream publicity. Black pastors ignore it completely.

  10. Fire Squad/ Public Stoning is all I’ll say about this!!!!
    Yeah Nadine, you got your JUSTICE baby SLEEP ON IN PEACE NOW🙏🤎🖤😢

  11. He had gotten comfortable thinking he would never get caught! Lived a full life, how many others? Thank God for DNA..😢

  12. TMH is always in control.
    So glad this Lil princess left something behind to allow this cold case to be solve.
    DNA is necessary. But so is catching evil spirited demons like this one. Another cold case solved for melanated ppl.🥰

  13. Good this family has closure and justice for Nadine. This is a EVIL and WICKED World

  14. @j girl: Most BM aren’t this guy, nor the bad boys many BW prefer. Save your BM bashing for people who haven’t been paying attention, clown🙂!

  15. These men are sadistic. Strangled her with her own bra? I’m saddened but glad that the truth is being revealed about what these men are doing to us.

  16. Damn, I was 12 years old when this murder happened, I’m glad she’s finally getting justice 30 years later.

  17. It shouldn’t have took this long they had her fingernails scraping that should have been tested at least a decade ago

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