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Bull rider shot dead by his jealous girlfriend for flirtin’

Lashawn took Demetrius’ life/YouTube

Bull rider killed by girlfriend.

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SALT LAKE CITY — “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 27-year-old bull rider Demetrius Allen who was shot dead by his girlfriend, 22-year-old Lashawn Denise Bagley, because he gawked at another woman’s ass. The homicide transpired on September 12, 2022 at Lashawn’s apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to police reports, Demetrius — better known as “Ouncie Mitchell” — was in town to compete in the Utah State Fair and he stayed with Lashawn during his stop. After the fair, they went to a bar downtown. That’s where Demetrius ogled another popsy’s derrière in front of Lashawn. Then he upped the ante by flirting. Feeling disrespected, Lashawn pulled Demetrius to the side and an argument quickly ensued. Seconds later, Demetrius told Lashawn he was done with the relationship and they went back to her apartment so he could grab his personal belongings. He brought his new woman with him.

As soon as Demetrius attempted to egress the property, Lashawn pulled out a gun and opened fire — shooting him through her front door. Police found Demetrius sprawled out in front of Lashawn’s unit. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Family members are still in shock. “We were prepared for the arena,” said Demetrius’ aunt, Kamilah Mitchell.

“But for him to be taken from us by a gunshot, that was something we couldn’t imagine.”

Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, “When riding bulls are more safe than dating Keisha.” Another chimed in with, “This poor guy rode deadly bulls and survived only to be killed because of some bullsh*t.” A third person added, “Leave quietly! Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.🤦🏾‍♂️”

Speaking of leave quietly… Lawshawn moved back to her hometown in southeast Texas which explains why she wasn’t arrested until January 3, 2023. The trigger-happy virago was charged with murder and felony discharge of a firearm. She’s facing a million years in prison. Demetrius was one of the best performers at the rodeo. He made the list of Top 33 Bull Riders in the world.

Family members said Lashawn and Demetrius were on and off.

She was nothin’ more than a piece of ass.

Demetrius leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. She couldn’t deal with bein a chick in his rotation and seeing him flirt with another chick so she murdered him. Hope she gets 50 years at least. Another child without a father. Smh

  2. Take a tip from this elder, who has been around the block. If she raises her voice to talk over you. Run like your life depends on it. I know what I’m talking about. 👁👁

  3. I love BLACK MEN. There’s nothing or no one on God’s green earth like em…

  4. She found out someone else was getting some of that good D 🍆. Now no one can get it. I bet it was real good too. She messed it up for everyone now.

  5. He was a gorgeous man may he be in paradise aka heaven, and she is a evil jealous whore and will be punished by God

  6. I don’t understand why would he carry on with another woman in her presence. Get your stuff early that day and then meet with the woman that you were interested in! Seems like my man didn’t know what he was doing with the women tho..RIP ….seems like he was a truly a good dude

  7. This poor beautiful young girl’s life is over bc of a bandit!🧐🤦🏾‍♀️ He shouldn’t have tried to make her jealous!💯 He could have been respectful but he chose to be a play boy instead..💯 SMH Play stupid games, win silly prizes.

  8. Why tf would he have both his women in the same location?? Asking for drama

  9. So you’re telling me, not only was the relationship toxic. He flirted with another woman right in front of her, followed her to her car with said woman in tow. He then called a rideshare to take him and said woman to this woman’s house to harrass her and were shocked that she shot him? Imagine the embarrassment, name calling, and fear that she felt. Now they are at her door! I would have grabbed a gun, too. Why would two people follow her home? He could have called the police the next day and retrieved his property. Yet he chose to bring a random woman to her home to taunt her.

  10. Women like this are Jezebel Spirit’s and re miserable inside. Their mission to denigrate and destroy you because they enjoy sowing chaos.

  11. He was a bull rider. Look on him on the bull. Just imagine how he was hitting that pussy. He put it on her too bad. And 22. Basically 16yrs old. Dick crazy. And he has probably telling her wife bible scriptures. Got his life ended😢

  12. It’s crazy. Black men in America we were the original cowboys. Hollywood is who made them white.

  13. On and off relationships are extremely dangerous I know from experience smh … however there are bad people on both sides concerning black people (men&women alike) .. however it’s sad that this brother lost his life to a crazy person praying for his family

  14. I wouldn’t have went back by myself to the woman’s house. It would have been a few family members and the cops being present while I get my things..

  15. Didn’t he know how she felt about him? She should have had an understanding a long time ago that they wouldn’t be anything more than friends. Gotta be careful with peoples hearts. Especially today cause people are going macadamia nuts out here. RIP Ouncy🕊

  16. He was just too fine and she couldn’t handle the vision in her head of him FUCKING this New girl…. Instead of her😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. I’m sorry to hear this happen but y’all need to make sure that when you let these women go that you don’t invite another woman in the line of fire of these terroristic people that y’all hook up with thats men or women. You jump out of a relationship with one woman then jump right into another relationship just to make her mad and this woman killed him.

  18. To me, it sounds like she may have been secretly in love with him. Maybe they were cut buddies, then she developed feelings. Either way, if she was mad, they had an argument. At the club about another woman. The bull rider and his new heffer should have never shown up to her house. Especially if he and Lashawn had been intimate. You can’t play with people’s emotions. You never know how another person will respond 🙄. Rip Ouncie 🙏🏾

  19. Im glad my toxic ex gf dumped me. I was upset about it for years but now I realize she did me favor…

  20. Never ever sacrifice a bright future for a dysfunctional person. First assign of abuse you should either leave or get ready to leave. It’s a shame this was the end result.

  21. I was in the same position as this man and I ended it the moment things started to get chaotic. I met someone better and somehow my Ex started show up at random places and went so far as to go after my 13yr old niece. So I let the police and justice system handle this. You don’t need to be in a toxic relationship to be happy.

  22. Growing up my dad taught me and my brothers that the “WORST” woman to get involved with is a CRAZY woman!-Sexually she can send you into another dimension but cross her and it’s like playing with a wild pit-bull! And somehow I think that’s what happened here.

  23. I’m just curious why he wasn’t married to the baby’s mom but was instead at some crazy girl’s apartment

  24. Fellas, let this be a lesson to be very mindful about who you laying up with and who’s feelings you’re out here playing with. The insecurities of this lady robbed a man of his life and a daughter of her father. Very sad.

  25. She is probably going to claim he was abusive, do a little crying on stand and ask for the lightest possible sentence.

  26. She’ll pay one way or the other! Probably got mad because dude said enough is enough I’m done for real and was leaving her for good and she let her evilness decide! People if it’s not going to work out in these relationships STOP going back it’s not worth losing your life! My condolences 💐 to his loved ones

  27. I won’t say he deserved it but I will say he brung it upon himself You don’t play with nobody feelings & he was using that young lady for sex I’m also sure he had the funds & resources for his own hotel stay while in town for the competition Why would you stay with some woman fck on her while you stay with her Go out to a date with her & try fckn on another lady while you’re out to date with woman you staying with Sorry but that was just stupid & dumb of him

  28. People up here bashing this young man but you can read the whole story on the net including text messages between them. He did not bring another woman around her, she brought the women along, it was her her friend. In the text exchange he texted her asking why she was tripping when she told him she had a man and he didn’t trip. He saw them as friends. The only one playing with her feelings that night was Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. Alcohol should be banned, it’s more dangerous than weed . That’s why it’s called spirits and not the good kind.

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