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Rock n roll star Tina Turner deceased, cancer killed her

Judge Joe Brown slams Tina Turner/YouTube

Tina Turner dead at 83. 

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ZURICH — “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!” Tina Turner, the distinctive rock ‘n’ roll legend who pioneered the shoulder bounce before winning 8 Grammy Awards, has migrated to that big concert arena in the sky. The “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” kicked the bucket Wednesday afternoon amid complications from intestinal cancer. She was 83. Tina (né Anna Mae Bullock) passed away peacefully at her mansion in Küsnacht near Zurich, Switzerland. Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, “Tina Turner is simply the best! She lived an iconic life!” Another person added, “Before Beyoncé, there was Tina Turner. She leaves behind an incredible legacy.” Sadly, those close to Tina saw this coming. That’s because the “Proud Mary” singer had been ailing for years. In addition to being diagnosed with cancer in 2016, Tina underwent a kidney transplant in 2017.

She was in so much pain, she sought euthanasia.

The Nutbush, Tennessee native began her métier in the ’50s as the lead vocalist of guitarist Ike Turner’s “Kings of Rhythm” band. The musical pair got hitched in 1962, had a couple of babies, then things took a dramatic turn for the worse. Ike got hooked on narcotics, his group incurred massive arrears and, as a corollary, poor Tina became a poster child for domestic violence.

After working alongside her maligned husband for two decades, Tina got a divorce in 1978 then went solo with nothin’ but her moniker. As a stipulation of their dissolution, Tina told the judge she didn’t want Ike’s mazuma or royalties — just his surname. Even though she sauntered out of court penurious, it turned out to be Tina’s most sagacious decision. The once demure mother of 4 transmuted her modus operandi which started with a gravity-defying spiky coiffure. Then she became a full-fledged Buddhist.

Then she did a complete 180 with her music.

Tina’s “Private Dancer” album took the world by storm in the ’80s and her “What’s Love Got to Do with It” song was so inspirational, she released a biopic under the same title. In 1988, Tina’s show in Rio de Janeiro drew 180,000 people — one of the largest concert audiences ever. And, in 2008, she performed at two sold-out shows in Kansas City to launch what would be her final concert tour.

Tina ended up marrying a white dude, 67-year-old music producer Erwin Bach; which made her a cougar.

Now that she’s gone, Zaddy inherits $250 million — not the black community.

Ain’t that a bitch?

“Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo!”

Judge Joe Brown, Ike’s best friend, called Tina a fraud and said she was abusive towards him and others.

Yet, bigwigs in Hollywood made her out to be the perfect angel.

“That’s why I don’t have any respect for that woman,” Judge Brown said during a panel confabulation.

“Because Hollywood sat there and tried to run a game on Ike.”

Judge Brown also called Tina a “sleezy heffa” before accusing her of pimpin’ hookers in Memphis.

Watch some of Ike & Tina’s greatest hits (no pun intended). 

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  1. She was walking on eggs shells around him ,& afraid to let him see she was scared of him ,he didn’t deserve this beautiful amazing lady , we love u Tina you’ve always been simply the best 🌹🌹❤️❤️

  2. @Lizz Robb: Sometimes you gotta do it
    Sometimes you gotta smack some sense into her.

  3. Sorry, but Tina pursued another woman’s husband knowing full well he had kids. I don’t feel sorry for her just like I don’t feel sorry for my dad’s mistress.

  4. This woman and her music shaped my life in more ways than I can express. If I can only only have legs like Tina Turner when I’m in my 60s and beyond. Got nothing but love for her! Rest well. ❤❤❤💃💃💃

  5. It hasn’t been a day since her passing and people find some way to create some controversial content based on Tina’s Turners life experiences. I know life goes on but it’s still f🤬cked up.

  6. Little known fact. Tina was in a long relationship and had a child with a member of the band before getting with Ike. Tina was also friends with Ike’s wife before Tina and Ike started messing around.

  7. Miss Klassy: Look at white man’s history and you say black men are abusive? Kick rocks

  8. Tina was an out of control diva who didn’t think a man should check her ass. So she went and got a spineless whiteboy she could run. Divesters are wicked spirited black bitches that want to rule men and know Black men AIN’T GOIN FOR IT so they go where they can pull that shxt. Plain and simple

  9. Tina married a white sucka at 70 something years old, she gave her best years and children to a black men. And she kept that nicca Ike last name until her death. Whyte boys lost………. wait a minute. Just in, Tina had a estimated net worth of 250 million when she died…… her husband gets it all………. Black boys lost.

  10. @🎀 Miss Klassy 🎀: Tina Turner was a good woman treated badly by ONE BLACK MAN — Later, she found happiness with a White man — TINA NEVER SPOKE ILL OF ALL BLACK MEN — SHE NEVER SPEWED ANTI BLACK MALE HATRED — How dare these divesting bed wenches try to claim Tina Turner — Tina NEVER argues for divesting from ALL Black men —

  11. I couldn’t blame Tina Turner for giving up on black men. I did too. Every Black man I was with was either worthless or violent. Sometimes both. I began dating White men and found them to be totally different. Never had to be concerned about any of them being violent. They are more educated, worldly, and respectful. You want to complain about her husband? He gave her one of his own kidneys to prolong her life. How many black men are going to do that? She said Switzerland made her happy and she loved their culture. She was a Buddhist. She came a long way from the cotton fields. She was no longer interested in ninjas.

  12. Tina Turner was Young and Naive growing up. And Ike was a beta male Druggie and yes she was abused,sexual assaulted which was seriously heartbreaking and disturbing but at the same time. She didnt not get with a white man all because of his race she got with different cultures because she believes in diversity and thats what got her further and maintain her mainstream Success overseas during that time of her career after the chaotic divorce from ike Turner. and the truth is Tina learned how to let go and put it in Gods hands and she kept it real and you never hear anything bad and negative that was coming out of her mouth about bm because she knew better and didnt see the point to be ignorant and bitter all because of one bad apple. And the truth is she had class and sense enough not to have any hate in her heart because she has a strong connection with God and moved on with her life and that is something that we all can learn from and doing better on that part Real Talk but other than that Rest in Peace to The Queen of Rock and Roll and may her everlasting Joy of her Legacy touched and move so Many Souls and Spirits in the Right Direction. Much Love!

  13. I have no issues with Tina Turner. Didn’t know she was even married to a white man when she died. R.I.P to Tina the legend.

  14. 😂😂😂 judge Joe Brown did an interview exposing Tina Turner for being an abusive person.

  15. @La La B: Tina turner was a liar please go look up her real story you wouldn’t believe it

  16. The things black women look for in whit men are not the same that they look for in black men. If a black man had the exact same qualities as the white man she was with he would be labeled corny.

  17. Tina Turner kind of turned her back not only on the black community, but she turned her back even on her family her own sons..

    Ike Turner did everything for her, he made her a singer, gave her a singing career, put her out front. And gave her his name..

    but that’s a different subject we can talk about that some other time…

    We’ve all seen stories about white men abusing their black girlfriends and wives, we’ve all talked about that white football player beating up his black Instagram model girlfriend.
    We all talked about the white dude from North Carolina who wiped out his whole family who killed his black girlfriend and their children…

    And I don’t really care about the divestitures, as far as I’m concerned they are not in our community anymore, I want them out and I want them completely gone..

    They have nothing to say to the community. They are gone. They no longer represent our community, and they are no longer part of our heritage…

  18. @Santana: This man gave her a kidney and prolonged her life. They were together for decades he deserved the money.

  19. Chet Hanks beat up his black girlfriend, but BW don’t say anything about that. 🤔


  21. Tina pimped out black women, she fought men including Ike, she abused her own kids (one of them committed suicide because she wouldn’t help with his medical bills), both of her sons were estranged from her… She also insulted Elton John by calling him fat, Little Richard couldn’t stand her, Judge Joe Brown couldn’t stand her… Allegedly she shot Randy Jackson ( Michael Jackson’s brother). Most of what we saw in that movie was a lie. I loved Tina as an artist but she was not a good human being.

  22. Lol same old BS but don’t no other race or culture want black women. If they did a lot more would be married.

  23. Tina abandoned her family. That’s selfishness. She abandoned her blackness. She lived a life of elitist but nevertheless she was a talent.

  24. Dick police. Grow up already. Like I’m supposed to give a shit who someone else is piping down.

  25. Tina Turner didn’t go from Ike To that white boy, she got away from Ike Turner in the mid 70’s and the divorce was finale in 1978 and she got with the white boy in 1983..ppl always paint Black men as the most violent men on earth..when the high majority of violent men, when it comes to being violent to their wives/gf’s/women are white..white men straight up murder their wives/gf’s way more than Black men..serial killers are mainly white and their targets are mainly white females and age doesn’t matter but that is ignored..especially by Black ppl..Blacks are some of the main ppl that are mad at Ike Turner to this day all because of that movie, What’s Love Got To Do With It. Tina and Ike fought each other..she got a divorce in the 70’s..the movie came out in the 90’s and the world had this fake outrage towards Ike Turner..well, she got with a white boy..he stuck in there and now he is the winner of Tina’s $250,000,000..A Black Woman Born and Raised In The Racist South..Made It Big And Left Millions Of Dollars To A white Dude who will most likely get with a white woman soon and he will leave Tina Turner’s Black earned money to a white woman..and that white woman will get with another white dude..So Tina Turner went through all of that just to make white ppl rich.

  26. She was straight ratchet and promoted a ghetto lifestyle until she went Hollywood and married her Zaddy, not a foul word since.

  27. Tina Tuner was a very abiding woman towards Ike and others. Even Judge Joe brown will tell you this. She used that “Ike always abused me” as a crutch to become famous. Without Ike, she wouldn’t have had all those hits which most he had written


  29. The “Tina” movie was a perfect example of how the racist whyte, liberals will go out of their way to use black women to paint the black male as the epitome of all things degenerate and evil. So much so that they had to fabricate a rape scene to push this agenda and make a retired, violent, self hating female pimp look like a victim.

    Was Ike Turner an Angel?… No. But TT was anything but a victim. She herself and many others who knew her prior testified to this.

    Meanwhile they can make an entire autobiography about Elvis and make absolutely no mention of him getting with Pricilla whilst she was only 13 years old.

  30. There were two personalities Annie Mae Bullock/ Tina Turner and believe you me you did not want to be on Tina Turner s*** list Tina was no angel

  31. Leave it to the most corrupt, perverted industry to turn the abuser, Tima Turner into the hero. I can’t even watch Hollywood crap anymore. The last people I need preaching to me thru messaging is that industry and everyone who sells their soul to be a part of it.

  32. Don’t be deceived and kid yourself. Tina
    Turner started in the church, and left God and his church for Satan’s fame and fortune. She was sleeping with the devil for 60 years.
    It is written, come out from among them, what has fellowship light with darkness, Christ with Belial.
    God is not mocked. Tina Turner shook her half naked booty on stage well into her senior years. There was no
    conviction, and her conscience was seared like a hot iron. Don’t kid yourself, she’s in eternal hell and regretting the very day that she was born.

  33. Judge ye not judge Brown..the same measure you judge so shall you be judge….None is perfect but the father in heaven. I really believe that this woman went through hell with this man…everyone has their own conclusion so let god be the judge

  34. I never liked Joe Brown. Ike was a woman abuser and he’s acting like he was a saint. He is irritating and not worth listening to.

  35. I’m glad Judge Joe Brown got the balls to tell the truth. I didnt too much care for Tina Turner or her music so I could care less but I’m glad somebody finally rode with the late great Ike Turner and shed some better light on his character. 👏🏿👏🏿💪🏿

  36. I’m surprised at Judge Joe Brown. He has a right to his opinion but that doesn’t make it right. I don’t respect any man that Abuse women, especially Physically Abuse. If she was that bad he should have left her rather than beat her. Why bring this out now. Should have brought this out when he was accused of being an Abuser. She helped a lot of women who were being abused.


  38. I can tell Ike Turner wasn’t a respectful and outstanding man just based on what this Judge Brown is saying that came out of Ike Turner’s mouth if that’s truthful. Also pretty sad that this man talks so badly about women, I’m glad I never had to appear in court for anything, especially in front of this Judge Brown. Why is it that black people are are the worse talking on black and brown, always putting the black race down? No one is a angel, we’re not born perfect. But, you have to admit Tina Turner did good for herself & her boys after leaving Ike. Anyway, they’re both dead now. RIP Tina Turner you lived a long life after all in a beautiful place.

  39. Judge, with all due respect, all abusers seem normal to the outside. And if Tina was aggravated and nasty, it’s because of how she was being mistreated at home. Ike is probably burning in hell if he never repented for what she reported.

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