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Rise and Fall of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn sabotaged by men she trusted/YouTube

Lauryn Hill went through hell. 

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NEW YORK — Lauryn Hill finally revealed who sabotaged her métier and, surprisingly, it’s two individuals she trusted the most — “Fugees” cohorts Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel. The bombshell was dropped in recently released documentary by Misstee. Lauryn was only 13 years old when she first hooked up with the group and Wyclef tried to get in her bed even though he was 20. The age difference definitely qualifies as statutory rape. Luckily for Lauryn, Pras intervened before she could spread her legs. But, when Lauryn got older, she had dalliances with Wyclef despite the fact he was married to fashion designer Marie Claudinette. Realizing he would never divorce his wife, Lauryn got into a relationship with Bob Marley’s son — Rohan Marley (who was also married) — and they would go on to have 5 kids together. But during Lauryn’s first pregnancy, Wyclef assumed the baby was his. When Lauryn told him the neonate belonged to Rohan, Wyclef blew a gasket and treated her like sh*t.

Lauryn subsequently blamed Pras for not safeguarding her from the industry.

Just like that, there was trouble in Fugee paradise.

As tension grew, Lauryn would ultimately egress the group for greener pastures. In 1998, she released her debut solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and it was a smashing success — earning 5 Grammy Awards. But the “Doo Wop” singer was sued for not giving proper credit and she ain’t been the same since. Lauryn’s downfall was inevitable when she joined religious cult leader Brother Anthony. The 48-year-old artist shaved her head, fired her management team and her next album flopped big-time.

“I had a tape of [Brother Anthony’s] teachings,” Pras told Rolling Stone.

“It was some real cult sh*t.”

Because she failed to file tax returns for 5 years, Lauryn served 3 years in a federal penitentiary for tax evasion. U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said she failed to report $2.3 million in income. What’s sad is Lauryn had ample opportunities to earn more mazuma to pay her damn bills. If you recall, Lauryn shunned several endorsement deals because companies wanted to remunerate her — not the Fugees. Pepsi wanted to put her in a television commercial but she turned it down, saying, “Without them I’m not doing it.”

Turns out, Lauryn was loyal to a fault.

She should’ve said “f*ck them n*ggas” and got the bag.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. The moral of the story is, don’t be loyal to black men. They are not known to be loyal to black women.

  2. I think things took a turn when she met that Marley boy took on the Rasta faith and started having her children

  3. She got the good sex and got lazy. She don’t want the GREATNESS anymore.
    That’s all folks??
    She could use other writers to get her back on top. She don’t want it no more.

  4. She left the industry! She wasnt gonna sell her soul for fame! Her career didnt go down hill! She wasn’t going to get used as a puppet by the industry.. she wasnt going to give up her life to fatten up them ppls pockets! She was smart! Big ups to her for not giving up her life for fame.. they wanted her so bad but she tuned her back on it all! Morals

  5. Lauryn Hill didn’t disappear after her first album because she followed it up with the masterpiece “MTV Unplugged No. 2.0” with only her acoustic guitar. Don’t forget “Guarding the Gates” from the “Queen & Slim” soundtrack.

  6. Please consider the long-term psychological effects of being groomed and introduced to sexual activities at a very young age and the diverse ways in which different people cope. Then consider the psychological disposition of a musical genius that isn’t comfortable with the rules and expectations of a corrupt industry. She has been taken advantage of by many and is spiritually battling to be free. I get it.😢

  7. They turned her into a baby factory. She got no time to sing. She changing diapers. Making foo foo

  8. So Wyclef felt betrayed because his girlfriend got pregnant by another man??!!😂😂Dude, you’re MARRIED and you have the gall to feel betrayed?? What about YOUR WIFE???!!!

  9. Man, SHE messed up her Career, SHE chose to mess with a married man and go back and forth with Wyclef and Rohan Marley. SHE started her relationship with Rohan Cheating. SHE was trying to Steal the intellectual Property of other writers. SHE is a Thief. AND SHE is unprofessional, booking studio time and not showing up, arriving at shows 1hr late. Nah man SHE is the problem! Stop Blaming Rohan and Wyclef and everyone else. Smh

  10. Lauryn Hill is the example of what the “Status Quo” and racist social engineers are afraid of
    1. Her beauty
    2. Her spirit
    3. Her unwillingness to be controlled
    By the Media
    4.. Her Influence to make Black Women
    More spiritually beautiful rather
    than Beautiful sex objects.
    5. Refusal to worship the Devil’s.
    Greed and bullshit.
    We should all have such mental

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