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LJ said Jay-Z & Beyoncé performed Satanic rituals

LJ put Jay-Z & Beyoncé on blast/Culture Spill

Larry Johnson slams Jay-Z. 

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NEW YORK — Hell hath no fury like a gay lover scorned. Culture Spill released the documentary of former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson who put his life on the line when he exposed the truth about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Illuminati rituals. If you recall, Larry and Jay-Z used to be tighter than hair weave. They partied together. They lived together. And Larry threw up Jay-Z’s Roc Nation “Diamond Cutter” sign during every touchdown celebration. But after Larry damn near asphyxiated a woman in Vegas, Jay-Z cut him off. Now we’ve learned Larry suffers from CTE, anxiety and depression. To say he’s hit rock-bottom would be a vast understatement. When asked to give his opinion on the Satanic deportment of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Larry didn’t mince words. “It’s obvious they’re being controlled by Satanism,” he said. “I’m not really scared to say that… We all know Luciferians, Freemasons and all occult knowledge that was drugged up from Egypt have now surfaced itself in American society.”

“Obviously, they’re not serving the same, most-high God that I am,” Larry continued. “And that’s what makes us enemies. I stand for a completely different doctrine, a completely different nation, and a completely different truth than he does.” Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “That’s what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.” Another chimed in with, “They never sing or talk about God.” A third viewer added, “Larry is damn crazy. I see why Jay-Z got rid of him & Beyoncé got rid of that crazy bitch Ashley Everett. They both crazy!”

Scuttlebutt has it Larry and Gay-Z were knockin’ boots.

After all, it’s completely unnecessary for two heterosexual millionaires to share a condo.

Is Beyoncé responsible for their cessation?

Should Larry move on and find another lover?

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. He made valid points about Jay Z and his evil alliances with the Jews that own him, but when he made a point about Egypt being a source of evilness in Roc A Wear and Jay Z he went off the rails. He’s ignorant to the real truth

  2. Somebody is Gay cant hide from God🙏the Devil will lose🤧🤧🥵🤧😊

  3. This is how celebrities transfer their demons. Be careful who you sleep and share your energy with 💯💯💯💯

  4. Larry is telling the truth. Joan Rivers said Michelle Obama is a guy (before she died). They are all crooked.

  5. @Khamadi: Obama called “Michele” Michael on multiple occasions. I have never mistakenly called a girlfriend or my wife by a man’s name. Lots of elites are Trans.

  6. It really doesn’t matter if they had sex together that’s their business

  7. Larry Johnson use to do the triangle sign that Jay Z & Beyonce do! But now he’s seen the light! Is it that easy to just change your mind & switch?🤔

  8. So basically he was dating Jay Z and fell out cause he got married to Beyonce.

  9. Jay-z drops his closest friends as soon as they face crisis, look at him and Kanye, they used to be so close and now they are practically strangers.

  10. @Hazel: People recognized that jay-z drops his closest friends when they face crisis. Does anyone recognized that these friends don’t seem to face crisis until after they are befriended by him (jay-z)? coincidence🤔

  11. Him and Jay shared a place then Jay cussed him out for kissing fantasia then once Jay z and Beyonce got married he spirals out of control…lashing out in anger…..Was him and Jay-Z dating??

  12. I remember this couple. Man, Johnson is a full bia spitting on women here in kansas city

  13. Jay-z and Larry were lovers… Just like Will Smith and Duane Martin–(Tisha Campbell husband) , were lovers..

  14. He was soooooooo phucking him… why would 2 grown old ass rich dudes be roommates? This dude HATED females. He was acting out because his boo (Jay-Z) got married.

  15. Thats crazy how the whole “CTE” disorder is ONLY found out AFTER death!!….All these researchers and meds out here and being made, and they STILL can’t help control iisshh or help people while they are still here!!??!! 🤔🤔👀👀😩😩…. Something ain’t mathing right 2 ME!!!!
    Also, I wonder how long Larry and Mya dated and if he ever put his hands on her!!??!! 🥴🥴

  16. So yall wanna say Jay gay but will refuse to believe Nas, DMX, Biggie Smalls, 50 cent gay tho😅😅😅😅 they all enter the business the same way whether yall wanna believe it or not let that sink in..who gaf is Jay Z gay or not that is his bidnezz his music still sold and gave me great days… each of them ppl yall wanna say Jay carried gotta stop blaming Jay for they down fall an start takin accountability for they own lives.. each of them ppl that did Jay wrong over the years as well as him doin them dirty i dont blame him for doggin them out n carrying them in the end he made bidness moves that benefited him smart man..

  17. Larry needed to keep his damn hands to himself and jay-z always Fucks over his friends instead of helping them.

  18. How come rich black people always got to be worshiping Satan if they become billionaires this is the only ethnic groupgroup that feels and think this way you know white people got black people out here thinking we not supposed to get wealth just look at South Africa white people still run South Africa facts man we need to really wake up you listening to this joker really you know it’s the same dude who don’t believe that George Floyd died because of the cop put his knee on in that and he also don’t believe the brother Mike Brown from Ferguson was innocent neither or Tavon Martin I swear to God we picked some of the most stupidest African Americans to listen to

  19. It makes sense, because back in the day, Jay Z was just your, run of the mill, average rapper lol. He didn’t get famous, until he brainwashed Beyonce into being with him. Him being with Beyonce made him, because Destiny’s Child was waayyy more of a household name than Jay Z

  20. Many people are now realizing that their idols were Demons all along and it wasn’t just a show they were putting on

  21. Gay-Z isn’t even a good rapper and NEVER had a hit album, ever….one good song, big pimpin, and thats it…he never hustled on the block but raps about all that but never did it….he blew up out of no where and clearly sold his soul because he has no talent

  22. Ive always wondered who was that fine man from Fantasias video. What a waste. 😢


  24. That’s why beyonce and jay z gets what they want. They are the illuminati king and queen.

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