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Hip-Hop producer J-Wright killed aspiring young singer

Justin killed Wilanna at mom’s crib/YouTube

Songwriter murders girlfriend. 

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 34-year-old music producer Justin Wright who was thrown in the slammer after he smoked his girlfriend, 20-year-old Wilanna Bibbs, on Mother’s Day. The femicide transpired on May 9, 2021 in Davenport, Iowa. Justin, known as J-Wright in the music industry, is the founder of Camp Entertainment. His company collaborated with several big name rap artists in a lineup that includes Timbaland, Bow Wow, Kash Doll and DJ Khalid. J-Wright was also mentored by R. Kelly. Wilanna was an aspiring singer from Durham, North Carolina. Instead of making her rich and famous, J-Wright physically abused Wilanna then shot her dead when she broke up with him. The multi-platinum songwriter was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Wilanna’s family approbated his comeuppance.

“This came out how we wanted it to come out,” said Cassandra Bibbs, Wilanna’s mother, during her victim impact statement.

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “Everything R. Kelly touches turns to sh*t.😢😢” Another chimed in with, “She didn’t deserve to die but she wasn’t innocent. She was doing evil things. She went behind her best friend’s back and slept with J-Wright knowing she was being abused by him. The best friend got a baby by him and she went viral on TikTok talking about the abuse.”

A third viewer added, “HE GOT SENTENCED TO LIFE. THANK GOD!” 

J-Wright and Wilanna lived in Atlanta.

But they were visiting his family in Iowa when the killing occurred.

J-Wright’s mom claims he suffers from mental illness.

The producer has 26 felonies on his record.

Wilanna’s family said J-Wright killed her over $70.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Is this the young lady who started dating her best friends ex? If so he was very violent with her friend as well.

  2. Don’t be with someone for what they can do for you money or fame wise because they will hold it against you and they think they own your career especially if you try to leave them because now they feel they put you in higher position so they need feel entitled and used that’s why fall in love with someone who loves you for you not for what they can do for you

  3. ladies we need to stop accepting everything and anything from men. They show the signs very early on…

  4. This story sad but u have to be mindful that karma always comes back around. I don’t believe this girl deserved what happened to her but she did meet him through his baby’s mother whom was her best friend and I’m sure she told her what type of man he was.

  5. He sounded like a pure FOOL in the first place!!! He basically warned her that he was crazy

  6. She had to know he had other girls but she wanted to believe she was the only one as these girls always do. Nobody can help them including their own family once she decides that she is in love with him. A raper will never be a faithful man and she had to know that.

  7. At age 20 Willana was way too Young and Inexperienced to Recognize the Warning signs of an abusive MALE. I Bet Money R. Kelly Groomed this Guy in More Than Just Music??? These Tragedies are Happening way too often to Young Black Women. Far too Many of these Women WHO LACK LIFE Experience are Stepping into these So-Called Relationships with Their EYES CLOSED. Trusting and Accepting MALES at Face Value. MALES They Absolutely Know NOTHING about. Parents Whatever IT Takes START at an Early age. Educate and Protect Your Daughters. Make them Aware of the Predators OUT there. We’re Loosing way to Many Young Women. IF Possible STAY the HELL away from the Influence of SOCIAL MEDIA. 😩😢😭

  8. When someone TELLS YOU who they are. . BELIEVE THEM. She knew he wasn’t a good man…and couldn’t be trusted. She was totally ok with it. Sometimes you get what you signed up for….with no DO OVERS.

  9. He was trying to get closer to R-Kelly. He’ll be transferring to him soon 😩

  10. He look like he has no life in his eyes SMH 🤦‍♀️ coward took this beautiful girl life these men need to stop playing God God will judge these narcisstic sociopathic psychopath men who kill these woman that want nothing further more to do with them !!!!

  11. This man was beating on this girl former friend who was his baby mother she left him and got away and met willana and started living life befriended her then started co parenting with Justin n Wilana and Justin started to date and he started doing the same to her she just ended up dying at the hands of this sick ass man it’s all sad he’s been a monster the mom is lying

  12. Welp..he’s, “light skinned with dark skinned tendencies” going to prison where they LOVE THEM SOME LIGHT SKIN- AND HE’S GONNA NEED THEM, “dark skinned tendencies” TO KEEP THOSE BOOTY BANDITS AT BAY. It’s an everyday struggle bruda, Good luck.

  13. Im going thru something similar , is really hard to walk away .. i lost everything i live with my bf and now that i have no where to live i have to deal with toxic life . But i actually have a plan i just hope it goes how i dreamed of .. fucking hate guys who are toxic and love to put there hands on woman ! We need to stop fight back !!

  14. He ain’t shittttt but also them women knew what type of man he was and stayed…

  15. 😳”WOW”The though process just to get sum vaginas?🥴..”SMDH”..
    These loser’s&simps”🤣👎🏾👎🏾

  16. Muthaf*ckas gotta stop crashin out bout females🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ they not that important

  17. Dude was a whole clown!! And at this point he can’t blame no one but himself. And his mother I heard was an enabler! She was made aware of her son’s’ disgusting behavior and instead she helped this man kidnap the child. So he’s where he needs to be.

  18. Women seriously need father figures. Because they look for validation in Pookies and Ray Rays

  19. He took her out and now he’s in jail where he prefers to be because he can openly sleep with other males.

  20. Since he like fighting..he going to get his wish. They love to fight in the the State Penitentiary

  21. Why the fuk did she get with him knowing he has a history of violence 😩 Black women I’m losing sympathy for yall and I hate that.

  22. If he was “mentored” as a teenager by R. Kelly…. that was a huge problem in itself. He was toxic, not “mentally ill!”
    As a mother, I KNOW my child’s faults, and it starts as children. (They don’t all of a sudden start hitting their girlfriend. Stop it before it festers.) I won’t make excuses for them. I’ve always taken DV seriously. And if I see it, I will do something about it. It’s absolutely incredible to me when a mother who obviously knows their son is an abuser will not intercede in his disgusting behavior. And will then make excuses about it! 😡😡 Some “women/mothers need to do better! That dangerous cycle has to stop!! And if y’all don’t want to see your toxic sons go to jail for life, then DO BETTER.

  23. This dickhead should have been in prison well before he killed this girl, the ex best friend.

  24. It’s amazing how black women get with the wrong guys and stay with them. Then when sh$t hits the fan their the victim.

  25. Dude was full of red flags. Why do women date these kinds of guys? You can look at him and tell the type of guy he is. I had a friend to was dating a guy. I asked her to show me a photo. I looked at him and immediately said, “He looks like he’s up to no good. He’s the type to knock a girl up and leave her.”

    She replied “You can’t say that about him. You don’t know.”

    Guess what happened? Everything I predicted came true. Her life was miserable and she’s forever changed. Women need to develop higher taste and more wholesome values for themselves. Then they will naturally crave a more wholesome man.

  26. He’s wrong for what he did but there’s more to the story that being told on here… This is very one-sided… And does not mention any of the parts she played into this situation.

  27. These men never act like that to other men, they only act aggressive to women. Bet he’s not such a hard ass in prison.

  28. Well… at least he kept it real. The little ladies 🚺 are just addicted to thugs. 😶

  29. So she knew what type of dude she was getting..well better choose tho..luckily the first woman got away. Thats good he got life

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