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Pregnant police officer was murdered by thug boyfriend

Pookie went on a killing spree/Leah Gordone

Pookie murdered two exes. 

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NEW YORK — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Timothy Taylor, 35, was thrown in the slammer after he butchered his gravid girlfriend, 37-year-old Theresa Gregg, then turned around and killed his ex-wife, 44-year-old Tishawn Folkes-Taylor, because they broke up with him. The double-femicide and infanticide transpired in New York. Theresa was a police officer with Department of Homeless Services. She was fatally stabbed in her Williamsburg apartment on May 13th. Theresa’s 14-year-old twin daughters found her sprawled out on the bedroom floor and administered CPR. Theresa was 3 months preggo. Tishawn was murdered in her Schenectady residence two weeks later even though she had a restraining order against Timothy. Her two children, ages 6 and 10, witnessed the killing. After offering a reward and receiving tips, U.S. Marshals arrested Timothy in Philadelphia on June 2nd. He was chillin’ in a bar, guzzling liquor, when they handcuffed him.

“Our thoughts are with the children who suffered through this horrific domestic violence, and hope they find some semblance of peace and closure in Taylor’s arrest,” U.S. Marshal Eric Gartner told reporters. Timothy — a convicted felon — has a history of maltreating women. Tishawn divorced his ass in 2021 after he tried to choke her to death. Social media reaction was melancholic.

One commenter wrote, “Zero regard for the children. Zero. To take their mother away, and worse still, in front of them, is nothing short of child abuse.” Another chimed in with, “Wait…. Why is a police officer dating a felon anyway??? Like…. What the hell is going on???” A third person added, “He took 3 lives. Both women and the unborn child. This man shouldn’t be allowed to breathe.”

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  1. Leave them emotionally raised , wannabe hard , fake gangsta , knucklehead excon dropout dudes alone 😡

  2. LMAOOO Yoo why was she with this jail bait dude?? Choose better men ladies. Sheesh.

  3. You can tell by his physical appearance he is was completely off! Doctors say when ears are pushed back like that and the nose is like that along with a bigger head sitting on those type of shoulders, he could’ve had some type of deformity in his genes

  4. This is a classic story of a demon on a rampage. He unalived his girlfriend senselessly & while on that rampage decided to go do the same to his wife smh. This monster should’ve been jailed from choking Tishawn & this would’ve never happened. 😢 my heart goes out to those poor children who not only witnessed these murders, but now have to live without their moms💔

  5. What’s with all these black men out here killing like it’s a walk in the park….toxic and hopeless for the race….only filling up the prisons owned by rich white billionaires….damn dumb dumbs

  6. It is rare that killers of women don’t show signs of their mental and emotional issues before it happens. Neighbors say he had mood swings. Too many women are just happy to get a man that they don’t check his background. What type of relationship does he have with his family? What kind of friends does he have? Does he have a history of abusing past girlfriends? Does he have a stable employment history?

  7. Why would this woman get pregnant for this man? He did not marry you most likely did not want to marry you most likely you had already seen things in this guy you didn’t like …. When are women going to realize a man that has nothing to lose is a dangerous man

  8. Notice how these killers always kill the women in front of the children or when the children are present. They are determined to traumatize the children so that trauma becomes intergenerational. You know this is on demon time. Stay safe ladies, this is Black femicide and Black infanticide. Do not let these men move in with you without a ring and hire an investigator before it becomes serious.

  9. It’s always a cluck a$$ nigga ruining someone successful woman’s life Shìt is so sad

  10. I don’t think people understand that these “males” enjoy being in jail. They are not capable of providing for themselves. Once he decided to take out the girlfriend, he knew he was a prime suspect and it was just a matter of time. The second situation was just him doing what he’d fantasized about while in prison. He will now live out his days comfortably on the taxpayers dime. He has no other business to finish. The state needs to execute him. Ladies please center yourselves instead of a male. You don’t have to be attached to one to have value. It’s not worth your life. I don’t care what so called friends and family say. A prisoner has no moral foundation and can only be a danger to you.

  11. It’s safe to say being single is best. These dudes are losing they mind. Unstable we just need to be mom’s. Rest in peace two Beautiful Queens 😢🙏🏾🙏🏾💔

  12. God rest those women but how are you a cop and know what your boyfriend previously did and stay with him

  13. Great job US Marshalls for arresting this evil devil monster. The most dangerous among society are black males

  14. If you having girl problems, I feel bad for you son….. theres many ways to deal with it, but stabbing aint one!💯

  15. Sick human they are so effeminate only a women should react by emotions. These men get their feelings hurt because the women no longer want them and they kill the women. Most women cry when their feelings get hurt and they have another woman they can run to and vent to. But these super fake thugs scare to cry because they think they are going to look at as soft so what they do is react by shooting another person. As I said that’s how they handle their emotions. As a man you supposed to think logically and not emotionally. These men think that killing is masculine but it’s not. You don’t get points from not controlling and not having discipline. if your hurt as a man you should be able to sit down and reason on the consequences of your actions instead of reacting to those negative thoughts.

  16. When you date or marry ” thugs,” you date or marry “death!” That is a cautionary tale for all women, especially women of color! SHAME! smh!😰

  17. If you are in a violent relationship you Must Go Where the perpetrator cannot find you. Tell 1 person you trust preferably someone he (or she) doesn’t know , maybe a co worker and GO to a shelter because they are better equipped to protect you and if the shelter is full find another call police and please advise the school you are removing your children for safety reasons and no more and tell your employee you must flee your home and that you must take time off until everything is safe for your family. Stop thinking that a Protective Order is going to Save you. You. Need One But That’s Not Enough So You Must Basically Hide and you’re going to start over but you will later have a safe home and you and your kids will be safe as long as you’re careful with information.



  20. It’s sad because he suffers from “Little Dick” syndrome and unfortunately sometimes this is the result 😢 poor Timmy

  21. Atleast he’s not shooting up schools and Malls. His Women might of deserved it.

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