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Pookie kills teen girlfriend after masticating shoulder

Lashonda was shot in the head/Twisted Crimes

Pookie kills ex-girlfriend. 

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DAYTON, Ohio — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 17-year-old Lashonda Childs who was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Trendell Goodwin, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired on October 3, 2018 in Dayton, Ohio. Even though Lashonda had a restraining order against Trendell, she and her new boyfriend showed up at his house with hopes of kicking his ass. But Trendall came out with a gun and pointed it at the boyfriend’s head. Lashonda called 911. “This dude got a gun pointed to my boyfriend’s head,” she told the dispatcher. “I’ve got a restraining order on him. The police told me to call when I see him. I gave you the address. Can’t you just send somebody out there? I’m scared. He’s got a gun. I can’t talk … I can’t talk. I’m in a bad situation.” Lashonda and the boyfriend got back into the car. But as soon as they tried to drive off, Trendell fired several shots into the vehicle — striking Lashonda in the head.

The boyfriend drove her to Grandview Medical Center where she died from her injuries.

Trendell was arrested, charged and convicted of murder.

He’s sentenced to 18 years in prison.

“My daughter died from gun violence. This is a tragedy,” said Nina Childs, Lashonda’s mom. “He received a sentence of 18-years-to-life. He still has some life left to live. His family and others can still see him and talk to him. My daughter no longer has a voice that we can hear. Hopefully, he gets everything that is due to him.”

Sadly, running afoul of the law is nothin’ new to Trendell. Since 2011, he was jailed 15 times for various offenses, including murder. In February 2018, Trendell was locked up for biting Lashonda’s shoulder and punching her in the face. In September 2018, he shot up Lashonda’s home. To compound matters, Trendell lied about his age. He told Lashonda he’s 20 when he’s damn near 30.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “This girl should’ve been focused on school, not a man. Too bad she didn’t leave when he lied about his age. Why didn’t mom intervene? All involved could have avoided this had they done at least one thing differently. I’m not victim-blaming. I’m just saying all actions have reactions.” Another viewer added, “Shawty wanted a thug and she got a thug.” 

Trendell made a daily habit of physically assaulting Lashonda.

She shared disturbing details of the abuse on Facebook.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Women who constantly put themselves with these types of men like this woman did deserve NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER YOU’RE A GROWN ADULT WOMAN TAKING BACK SOMEONE WHO SHOT IN YOUR PLACE AND IS VIOLENT MAKE IT MAKE SENSE

  2. She chose a dude out on bond for murder? Laughable to say the least.

    RIP Shawty.

  3. All you black women out here you all want to date a thug.then when the relationship doesn’t work out and you want to leave then you will see what happens to you…these black men out here crazy as hell….

  4. @Michael Edwards: She’s not a “Grown Adult Woman” she’s a teenager dumbass

  5. How did this Lunatic get out multiple times and w/out Gps monitoring. Crazy!

  6. 18 years? The families need to start suing these judges for making stupid decisions

  7. Damn he was a b*tch ass nothing of a man. You just know he wouldn’t ever fight a real man. Hope he’s getting it in prison.

  8. All I see is FINE Black women with low SMV dudes like THIS,here I am actually handsome, masculine, stocky-buff,can fight,shoot,and fuk…get ignored and avoided by 99% of BLACK chicks 🐦 I see in public. It isn’t even over…it never even began🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯😒

  9. I cannot understand with the life of me, how he was able to even be out of jail with the amount of crime he was doing it was like he was getting a pat on the back. He had no fear of the law or consequences. I cannot believe they allowed this man to get away with getting out of jail over and over again and assaulting this woman. This is very sad.

  10. Even if he told her he was 20 years old she still shouldn’t have been with him….wow

  11. So basically, she got the energy that she put out. Smh So young with so much going for herself… we gotta do better. He’s a whole pedo! He had no business being around her!

  12. Neither of their actions were good. That wasn’t mature for neither of them to not only become violent but run to social media. All the toxicity cost her to lose her life and it cost his freedom. Both then abused one another. Also why did her parents allow her to continue this relationship with him knowing his real age and the abuse towards each other. She was a whole minor . Everybody involved is the blame from her parents to the justice system allowing the same bs knowing majority of the time cases like that are bound to make a turn for the worst. Don’t expect to act a foul and think that there’s not any negative consequences idc idc. What is this world coming to🙄

  13. She provoked him by coming to that man with your NEW MAN..TO FIGHT HIM…..KARMA

  14. Damn man she was trying so hard to get away from his crazy ass….poor baby didn’t get to see 18 he a bitch asz nikka for that.

  15. It’s best to never ever start dealing with a dusty that has nothing to lose. Because when you get tired of the abuse, the poverty, the struggle-love, the arguing, the cheating, etc. and you want to leave they will k*ll you. Date men who are established and have something going for themselves. Even though honestly they are dangerous these days too. 🤷🏾‍♀️ This dude looks dusty and diseased. And if a guy is calling you 70 times a day he’s certainly unemployed and has too much time on his hands.

  16. She was so busy trying to save her new boyfriend from getting shot, she forgot to save herself! 😱

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