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Was Gary Coleman killed?

Many believe Gary was murdered/Spill Today

Gary lived a hard knock life.

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HOLLYWOOD — “Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?” Spill Today released the documentary of Gary Coleman — the highest paid child actor of the ’70s and ’80s. Legendary comedians Bob Hope and Lucille Ball once hailed the diminutive thespian as the next big thing in comedy. But it never came to fruition because Gary struggled with drug addiction, legal issues and domestic problems. If you recall, the 4-foot-7 orphan was born with a congenital kidney defect that stunted his growth. Gary had his first kidney transplant at 2 years old and another at 17. When he caught his first big break on the family television sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes,” Gary raked in $100,000 per episode. But he f*cked up when he hired his adoptive parents as managers only to turn around and sue their asses for misappropriating his trust fund. See, Gary’s account was supposed to contain $18 million in savings. When he discovered there was only $220,000 left, Gary filed a lawsuit and won.

But he was awarded a measly 1.3 million.

A bankruptcy ensued in 1999.

Gary’s co-stars had major issues too. Todd Bridges (who portrayed Willis) allegedly shot a drug dealer in 1989. Ten years later, Dana Plato (who played Kimberly) was found dead inside her motor home from a prescription drug overdose. Dana’s quietus was ruled a suicide. Hell, Gary tried to do the same damn thang. He attempted suicide twice by overdosing on pills.

But Gary eventually got himself together and took a low-paying job as a Fox Hills Mall security guard. The new métier didn’t last. While shopping for a bulletproof vest, Gary was approached by a female fan — bus driver Tracy Fields — who asked for his autograph. When he declined, Tracy made fun of him. Rather than let it go, Gary punched her in the eye then pummeled her when she collapsed to the floor. He was jailed for battery and lost his security guard license.

Sadly, that wasn’t the only time Gary got into a scuffle with a woman. His wife, Shannon Price, had him arrested for domestic violence after they came to blows at their Utah home. Gary appeared on The Insider to confabulate the ordeal. But the interview took a dramatic turn for the worse when Attorney Lisa Bloom insinuated he started the fight.

“Why don’t you want to answer the question?” Lisa asked.

“You can go f*ck yourself!” Gary retorted.

“Is that the way you talk to your wife?” she countered.

If I have to!” he clapped back.

In May 2010, Gary tumbled down the basement stairs — striking his head and losing consciousness. Shannon found him and called 911. “I had my husband go make me some food downstairs,” the redhead told the operator. “He just got home. I heard this big bang. I went downstairs. Blood everywhere. Uh, I don’t know if he is okay.” The dispatcher implored Shannon to succor her husband until paramedics arrive. But she refused, saying, “I just can’t be here with the blood. I’m sorry. I can’t do it. I just can’t.”

Gary was bleeding from the back of his head and he was “bubbling at the mouth.”

During the call, you can hear Gary say, “Why did you push me?”

While hospitalized, Gary became comatose and was placed on a ventilator. Shannon pulled the plug a day later — arousing suspicion she had something to do with his demise. Gary was 42. “She pushed him down them stairs & didn’t want to go and save him,” a fan tweeted. “She thought she was going to get paid. But he changed his will and didn’t tell her. That’s what happened.”

That’s true.

Gary left the little money he had to a friend.

His wife didn’t get a dime.

Do you think Shannon killed Gary?

Watch the documentary and listen to the 911 call.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. One good reason to stay away from drugs. If they were doing drugs while the show was on the air they should have been required to go into drug rehab.

  2. I guess when parents pimp their kids to a bunchof hollywood pedo philes for fame and money bad things happen

  3. Dana was a drug addict and convicted criminal. No loss to the world whatsoever

  4. The whole cast of Different Strokes was cursed and Dana Plato was so young and she was in The Exorcist 2 Heretic with Linda Blair and she played Sandra and it looked like there was a sadness in her eyes and she was famous with Different Strokes and this show ran from 1978-1987 and Gary Coleman’s family took advantage of him and Todd Bridges ended up with problems with the law. Both Dana and Gary Coleman died. Dana Plato was so young when she was in different strokes and she died and her son killed himself. Gary Coleman died of a massive brain hemmorage.

  5. Hollywood ruined alot of childhood actors. Alot them grew up in harass reality of show business. Some them had handlers and were groomed. Most turn to drugs or other means. There wasnt much protection and
    were exploited . The lucky ones had either found a postive way of life or had help getting to the places they needed to be. Hollywood is a cease pool of monsters and darkness of humanity. So you need some form of normalcy or it will eat you up. Rip Dana ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. I had the hugest crush on Dana back in the 70s and 80s. It’s horrible how her life ended up.

  7. I’m tired of people feeling sorry for celebrities they made there own path s

  8. Rest in peace Gary & Dana! Such a sad story that continues to plague child actors! Who bring so much to the world! Hopefully they will all find happiness somewhere! Much more than they have brought to others!

  9. Rest In Peace Dana, Gary , Conrad and Charlotte Rae 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. His Parents are Greedy and Evil!!! Opportunists adopting a Sick child pays dividends off top. So Sad

  11. Your worst enemies are-your Own Family!! Its The Truth! Its even Biblical!! A Prophecy already done!! In most housholds!! In show biz!! Its Shameful! Its Show biz+ Hollywood drama! Who needs it!? Not Me!! I’m A Star! And Better! Without it!😇Peace!

  12. I appreciate Gary entertaning us for many years but i wished his last years would of been happier. Glad i was never a child celebrity and had somewhat of a normal childhood..

  13. I loved Gary, he was a very good actor. I hate how he was treated in life.

  14. Gary turned out to be quite a verbally abusive narcissistic little creep that only went after white women.

  15. Poor Gary…what people really forget was how uniquely talented he really was at a very young age. He had the comedic timing of a seasoned comedian when he was like six years old. It has to be seen to be believed.

  16. 100,000 dollars for each episode of different strokes and his adoptive parent’s stole it? Wow!!!

  17. Given Gary’s well known child part, and given how he grew up, he kinda reminds me of that baby in who framed Roger rabbit. Playing cute children while true colors as a celebrity show a very irritable being who is rough around the edges.

  18. Gary was very talented and had perfect timing on his lines! He was ahead of his time!!! The best child actor of his time

  19. Todd Bridges said once that Gary was having problems with his kidneys and he was throwing up every ten minutes but his parents demanded that he finished the days scene. Once Bridges was really sick with the flu and stayed home. The shows producers threatened his mom that he would be fired if he didnt’ show up and she said go ahead because he’s not coming. The studio sent a doctor over and agreed Todd was too sick. Todd said he had protection through his parents but Dana and Gary didn’t. in the 70’s and 80’s sitcom stars made great money but nothing like today, and they were treated like crap. Gary had no one protecting him.

  20. “Can you put pressure on his head?”
    How is that alone not manslaughter or some shit?

  21. Gary was such a bright person. What the fuck. Shitty people have great lives. i just don’t get it.

  22. He was treated poorly being robbed of everything until his demise everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves and should pay for it.

  23. White people of Hollywood would alwayz find a way to get RID of who they don’t like…Gary’s wife did actually kill him there’s no denying that.

  24. It always baffled me why Gary Coleman couldn’t find success during his adult life. He was a highly intelligent person and was so well spoken.

  25. Coleman certainly had a unique problem in being ‘Arnold’ and only that. He would only be able to do roles that were specifically a dwarf or really he’d have to be himself in a cameo kind of role. that reminds me of the dwarf guy from ‘Fantasy Island’, a mega-hit show, he’s mega-famous but after the series ended he’s basically stumped for work.

  26. Big props to Gary Coleman for being man enough to be a security guard at a time of need!
    A lot of people would rather suffer from embarrassment and their foolish pride before humbling themselves.

  27. He went from having $18 million to working mall security

    Damn thats sad

  28. i understand contracts are made sometimes based on desparation and circumstances and sometimes on pure ignorance but hollywood should have a provision an allowance to cater for clients such as these who have been swindled by managers agents and cooperations. dave chapel and many others have fallen victim to these bad contracts. and noone seems to be doing anything about it. unfair contracts should be seen void . how can you pay wonder woman 300k when the company went on to make several millions. pays should be adjusted to a certain figure when it hits big on the box office. its not business exploiting people. its slavery. every actor entertainer should have that option to gain a bit more after the show hits big. ofcoarse the argument would be what do we do if it makes a loss. then readjustment of salaries should come into effect. anyway thanks for reading thought i throw in my two cents here

  29. he sacrificed his childhood so we can have one…!!! thank you for the memories Gary!!!!

  30. I always said that Gary could have switched with micheal on good times show. He would of fitted right in with the evans family 😂

  31. Regardless” poor guy” Gary Coleman died unhappy & way too soon…….. No thanks to those monsters known as his parents 🤦🏽‍♂️

  32. I knew about Gary’s health problems, but wasn’t aware of violent outbursts.
    I loved Gary on “Different Strokes” and “The Jeffersons”. He was a talented actor and a comic side in his roles as well. Health problems can get frustrating and probably played a part in his violent outbursts. It is sad his life ended so soon. But, hopefully now he is at peace free from his sufferings.

  33. There’s no statute of limitations for murder, so I still hold a degree of hope that one day, we shall see justice done.

  34. Wow😮 What a sad life. Nobody really cared about this guy. God bless his Soul.

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