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Tyler Perry wants single women to settle for less

Tyler Perry backs Pookie & Ray Ray/YouTube

Tyler gives bad dating advice. 

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows Madea’s alter ego, Tyler Perry, imploring desperate black chicks to settle for Pookie & Ray Ray to eschew desolation. HALLELUJER! It’s Perry’s assertion there’s a paucity of high value men. Therefore, single ladies would be sagacious to embrace consolation. “In our society right now, black women are making a lot more money — for the most part — than black men,” said the cross-dressing filmmaker during an appearance on Crystal Hayslett’s podcast. “So if you can find love… if that man works whatever job and is a good man, and he’s good to you… and does what he can… that’s ok. That’s not somebody who’s beneath you. That’s somebody who came to love you at your worth.” Perry also said there’s nothin’ wrong with women paying most of the bills and covering the mortgage as long as men contribute to the light bill.

Cool, sign me up for that.

Hell, I’d marry any of you chicks right now if all I gotta do is handle electricity.

In all seriousness, Perry is dead wrong. The median income for black men is $48,000 compared to $41,000 for black women. As a matter of fact, females (regardless of ethnicity) earn less than their male counterparts. That’s why women are fighting for equal rights. But if you’ve seen any of Perry’s movies, you know damn well his repertoire lacks veracity and realism. Secondly, he’s in no position to talk because he’s gay.

An alpha male would never exhort women to date down.

And thirdly, black women have coddled Pookie & Ray Ray for years and it’s getting ’em killed.

For that reason alone, Perry should encourage popsies to shoot for the stars.

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “This is where people hear what they want to hear. He did not say date a bum or Pookie & Ray Ray. He said if a man makes less it’s ok. That women need to get out of this train of thought that if she makes 100k a year and he makes 80k that’s not good enough. Instead of looking down at him, she should realize together they’re making 180k a year.”

Another chimed in with, “He ought to be ashamed! Telling black women to step down? Why won’t he tell black men to step up? Get the f*ck outta here. He’s cancelled. Not supporting any of his sh*t.”

A third viewer added, “Aren’t black men settling? Non-virgins, baby mamas to multiple men, overweight, fake hair, stank attitudes… aren’t men settling?”

Do you share Perry’s sentiment?

Should women settle for less?

Watch Perry yap his beak.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Why don’t black men bother to earn more? They’re so weak. Step up for f’s sake. Women are doing MEN’s work. Tyler Perry’s literally asking them to be with hobosexuals rather than black men actually trying to achieve something. Insane.

  2. Americans are unique in finding love first and then marriage. Most other countries have arranged marriages where love is not the most important thing. You learn to love each other through the marriage. Those men have to be able to provide for their wife and future family. Sometimes you fall on hard times and the woman has to manage the financial responsibilities. But, no woman prefers to marry a man that can’t provide just like no man prefers a wife that refuses sex or is unattractive to you. I really don’t think he literally meant only the light bill. Men should at some point be able to take care of his family financially. What woman no matter the race would want a husband and father of her children only being able to pay the very minimal of expenses? No race of women are asked to do that. A light bill guy should find a light bill woman and they can live happily together.

  3. Why do black women have to step down? Shit if you a man step up we get tired of doing everything.

  4. Y’all say your a christian but the bible teaches a man must provide and the burden of provision is on the man not the woman. So if she does make more he still has to he able to pay all necessity for his family
    I TIMOTHY 5:8
    8 But if any provide not for his own , and specially for those of his own house , he hath denied the faith , and is worse than an infidel . note

  5. Blk men are beyond ridiculous at this point. Yall are only for yourselves and not the uplifting of blk community. Any blk man who is ok with a woman paying more is a weirdo. Yall can’t say you’re the leaders pushing that twisted logic. Youre basically saying blk men can’t do better. I can’t take you seriously. How are you for blk male empowerment wanting him to be dominated by a woman….that math doesn’t even make sense.

  6. I agree no man should just pay a light bill. However, women do not have unrealistic standards. He doesn’t have to have 6 and 7 figures to be a good man. He can be a hard working blue collar man and support you well.

  7. Tyler Perry, stop telling Black Women to settle for less than the best that We deserve; settling & making do with what We can get. If a man is paying a bill or two but belittling, demeaning, and abusing you in the process; that’s not a fair trade.

    Help & support uplifts & ushers Sistahs to Our high places through Love layered in positivity! Hurt & pain lowers, diminishes, blocks, and redirects the flow of positive energy.

    Men should stop perpetuating misogyny & egocentric attitudes; defining Women & constantly telling Us what We should be, what We should do, how We should feel, etc. We don’t need a man to give Us relationship advice. BROTHERS…be better lovers, help mates, protectors, providers, team builders, fathers and friends. Sistahs do not need you Brothers to be Our bosses, managers, or massas. Women are not sharecroppers, house & field slaves, or the weaker gender. We are building dreams & better lives; for Ourselves, Our Families, Our Communities. A Woman’s place is anywhere She determines it to be. ENOUGH SAID!

  8. Money matters, and a man who cannot provide is not in his rightful place. Women have to take care of themselves and be independent because the black men are not in their rightful place. Also, if these women are the sole breadwinner, who is gonna support the family when she can’t? Can she depend on her husband, who works at McDonald’s? Why can’t he get some training so that he can bring home money too or go to college. Sorry, black men need to step up their game on so many levels. Sister, keep making your bread and realize that the Gods made all kinds of men in this world. Do you boo!

  9. You all got to understand. Men who WORK probably do make more money than women. Department of Labor not counting all the men NOT working lol. There are no stats for that. All they know if there is a BM in the industry he’s getting paid but most AINT in the industry.

  10. I’m laughing my ass off. This is proof that women don’t really care about equality. They really only want to get an advantage, then they know they can justify anything with the wrongs of men from past generations.

  11. 80% of black households are without fathers in them that’s the point he is making!

  12. Interesting how black women have to accept their men basically resenting her for being their breadwinner. Tyler Perry has money so this conversation is irrelevant to him. Instead, black men should either deal with their feelings of being inadequate or make more money than us.

  13. @Crystal Okonkwo: BM on average make $42,000 a year and BW on average make $36,000 a year. The average American makes less than $50,000 a year. You can easily look this up. Who’s really the inadequate ones, especially when you add on the fact that BW have the most student loan debt and consumer debt? Go sit down somewhere, smh.

  14. If a woman can go to school, get a good job, make a good salary, claw her way to even better positions with even more money… or hustle and build a business where they get that bag….and all this in a patriarchal, sexist society, then why can’t a man do the same? Especially with patriarchy on his side.
    Simply put, a man that can only afford to pay the light bill should be working on his finances…not out here trying to date. ISWIS.

  15. Tyler is right. Some BM have very high incomes but there are more women than men. It’s more millionaire black women.

  16. As a woman, but not a black woman, but a woman.I don’t want that kind of man. Men and women have roles, whether people like to admit it or not. But what do I know? I’ve only been married for 22 years.

  17. I’m a ‘straight ‘black man, and am amazed by the perpetual propaganda, geared toward convincing successful, accomplished black women, that they should settle for less, date down, and not be concerned with a man’s financial stability, or ability to provide. 🤷🏾‍♂️. Now Billionaires’ like Tyler Perry, are telling black women, to not desire billionaires like himself, but just be content , if he can only pay the light bill ? You can’t make this stuff up ! 😂😁🤭🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾

  18. Why are women so upset? They are already taking care of men. He just said that now it is okay to admit you are taking care of a man. There are so many BW that pay a man’s bills (child support included).

  19. Him saying black women make most of the money is a lie. This just more propaganda to inflate the female ego.

  20. This is why I got a divorce. I am a woman. He didnt want to work so he had to go.

  21. Stop saying settling!! And stop focusing on financial wealth to be happy! I don’t hear anything about love and respect in a relationship! When you chase a guy for financial reasons, you’re never going to be happy! Don’t look for love with his wallet. Look at the character of the man!! That unconditional love!

  22. That shit ain’t fine!!! Niggas will never tell an Asian or Latina woman that shit! Black Queens it’s not fine! If I was his mother I’d be disgusted!

  23. If Jesus himself came down and told them to settle, they’d become atheists even though they were praising him the Sunday before.

  24. So, a man, who loves to portray a woman on tv and movies, is telling biological women what they should expect from a man? He doesn’t even like women!

  25. According to the US Labor and statistics the average Black man makes 50,000 a yr and the average Black woman makes 46,000 a yr.

  26. I wish these simp a$$ boys quit pushing the narrative that BW make more than BM? The stats don’t lie but these simps and their supporters do‼️

  27. This is why modern day American women will die alone and are being replaced by other woman from other countries. Women believe they can do everything a man can do but never does what a man can do. Best way to wipe out a culture is keep them from reproducing. Sad that women are so easily manipulated and are supposed to be smarter than men. Keep making wrong choices in men they get pregnant by or choose to lay with. Ib can keep going but my point is most of these modern day females are doomed to fail and die alone.

  28. Fewer people are getting married because there are less economic men. Men can marry men now. That’s why it was written like that. Also why try to scare women by saying dying alone.? There are no guarantees in life. Men can kill their spouse. Adult children can kill their parents. You can be taking care of an adult child for the rest of your life. Point being there were some decent parents who still end up alone because their kids overdosed on drugs or whatever. Stop trying to scare women about dying alone! It is better to be alone than to be in bad company.

  29. Bro he’s pushing an agenda. Ain’t NO race of women who would take a man that could ONLY pay a dam electric bill 😂 Fr. The worst thing a f00lish black man can do, is patronise black women and make us all look stupid with a low IQ !! I hate how these demonic “celebrities” think they’re the mouth piece for the everyday man !

  30. Tyler is just saying marry for love not money. And what I think he is also speaking from is his mother’s relationship with his father. His father happened to be the breadwinner. And his mother was beat constantly by his dad/her husband.

    Don’t miss the message. Tyler is saying just find a good man that loves you. Don’t worry about money because good black men with their ish together is hard to come by. This is what I pulled from his message.

  31. The shallow, short sighted ladies think the money’s important until they realize that all those intangible qualities mean way more. Some of these chicks lowkey don’t really want a high earning partner, cuz that would shift the “power dynamic” and bruise their egos. Ignorance and indignation are a real thing fellas.

  32. He’s not wrong. There are no valuable black men in America. If you choose to be with a black male you have no choice but to lower your standards. A black man can only offer a woman one thing and that’s giving her a child (and leaving her a single parent). If you want something more you need to seek other race of men. He’s not wrong.

  33. I got with my man when he was a PIZZA DELIVERY DRIVER. He’s been the single earner in our household for about 13 years now. I loved him when he was a pizza delivery driver! Now that our daughter is grown I’m gonna be getting a part time job to help my king support the household. Lemme pay the light bill baby. LOL No one is perfect.

  34. Tyler wasn’t being literal with the man solely paying the light bill. He’s saying that if the man’s income is substantially lower than his woman’s income, he should financially contribute what he can afford.
    I heard one woman suggest that if he only pays the light bill, why even have him around… Uh, companionship, PROTECTION, partnership, building communities… Those things ARE valuable!

  35. These women know absolutely that Tyler Perry didn’t just mean the light bill. These types of women are just trying to justify their belief in a man needs to pay for everything. These women will forever be alone or moving from man to man as soon as the money don’t add up. Now they mad at him for speaking reality, not a damn movie script

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