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Was Gary Coleman killed?

Many believe Gary was murdered/Spill Today

Gary lived a hard knock life.

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HOLLYWOOD — “Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?” Spill Today released the documentary of Gary Coleman — the highest paid child actor of the ’70s and ’80s. Legendary comedians Bob Hope and Lucille Ball once hailed the diminutive thespian as the next big thing in comedy. But it never came to fruition because Gary struggled with drug addiction, legal issues and domestic problems. If you recall, the 4-foot-7 orphan was born with a congenital kidney defect that stunted his growth. Gary had his first kidney transplant at 2 years old and another at 17. When he caught his first big break on the family television sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes,” Gary raked in $100,000 per episode. But he f*cked up when he hired his adoptive parents as managers only to turn around and sue their asses for misappropriating his trust fund. See, Gary’s account was supposed to contain $18 million in savings. When he discovered there was only $220,000 left, Gary filed a lawsuit and won.

But he was awarded a measly 1.3 million.

A bankruptcy ensued in 1999.

Gary’s co-stars had major issues too. Todd Bridges (who portrayed Willis) allegedly shot a drug dealer in 1989. Ten years later, Dana Plato (who played Kimberly) was found dead inside her motor home from a prescription drug overdose. Dana’s quietus was ruled a suicide. Hell, Gary tried to do the same damn thang. He attempted suicide twice by overdosing on pills.

But Gary eventually got himself together and took a low-paying job as a Fox Hills Mall security guard. The new métier didn’t last. While shopping for a bulletproof vest, Gary was approached by a female fan — bus driver Tracy Fields — who asked for his autograph. When he declined, Tracy made fun of him. Rather than let it go, Gary punched her in the eye then pummeled her when she collapsed to the floor. He was jailed for battery and lost his security guard license.

Sadly, that wasn’t the only time Gary got into a scuffle with a woman. His wife, Shannon Price, had him arrested for domestic violence after they came to blows at their Utah home. Gary appeared on The Insider to confabulate the ordeal. But the interview took a dramatic turn for the worse when Attorney Lisa Bloom insinuated he started the fight.

“Why don’t you want to answer the question?” Lisa asked.

“You can go f*ck yourself!” Gary retorted.

“Is that the way you talk to your wife?” she countered.

If I have to!” he clapped back.

In May 2010, Gary tumbled down the basement stairs — striking his head and losing consciousness. Shannon found him and called 911. “I had my husband go make me some food downstairs,” the redhead told the operator. “He just got home. I heard this big bang. I went downstairs. Blood everywhere. Uh, I don’t know if he is okay.” The dispatcher implored Shannon to succor her husband until paramedics arrive. But she refused, saying, “I just can’t be here with the blood. I’m sorry. I can’t do it. I just can’t.”

Gary was bleeding from the back of his head and he was “bubbling at the mouth.”

During the call, you can hear Gary say, “Why did you push me?”

While hospitalized, Gary became comatose and was placed on a ventilator. Shannon pulled the plug a day later — arousing suspicion she had something to do with his demise. Gary was 42. “She pushed him down them stairs & didn’t want to go and save him,” a fan tweeted. “She thought she was going to get paid. But he changed his will and didn’t tell her. That’s what happened.”

That’s true.

Gary left the little money he had to a friend.

His wife didn’t get a dime.

Do you think Shannon killed Gary?

Watch the documentary and listen to the 911 call.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Gary Coleman seriously had a sad life. He was in poor health for most of his existence, used and abused by people close to him, and then type casted once Diff’rent Strokes ended in 1986. He looked really sick the last few months of his life. I personally feel like Shannon Price was just using him for his fame and fortune.

  2. His parents were horrible people. They used that kid for a paycheck, drained him dry then threw him out with not even enough to support himself! Truly despicable!

  3. His wife pushed him down the stairs you can hear him say why did u push me on the 911 call so he was murdered after the person who pushed him unplugged him

  4. Super sad, I thought they had some type of child actors protection through the actors union back then, he was so talented .


  6. Gary’s adopted parents were parasites. They were only there for the money. And that red-headed ex-wife. I think she did have something to do with his death. The sad thing is that Gary had all the wrong people around him.

  7. A lot of his difficulties were brought on by his own internal unhappiness and inner turmoil over his kidney disease. He tried to blame everyone, which no one was really to blame.

  8. He litterally says why did you push me? And says why several times like she was not freaking out or even cared he was hurt.

  9. Even if she’s not guilty she’s a terrible person, idc how much it pains me if a random person on the street falls and hits their head I’m helping let along my wife or husband in this case

  10. From being a talented actor earning one hundred thousand per episode to having to work security.

  11. See Blackman when will you learn stop massing with those snowbunnies they only want your money

  12. @Justin Miller: Stop the cap. All BW🙋🏿‍♀️ want is our money . Keep it a buck. 💯
    BW literally have thousands of female rap and R&B songs talking about all they want is our money.

  13. God Bless You Gary Coleman!!!!!!! I hope you are doing lots better on the other side of the veil with no more suffering and pain. I will see you at the second coming of Jesus Christ brother, when the Millenium begins!!! Take care man!!! I bet you will be full grown Adult height when Millenium comes since you will have a new immortal body through Christ’s atonement.

  14. The Star whackers got him. She was a handler and a rotten one at that! 42 is a satanic date together with 27. Elivis Presely. Robert Kenedy, Isaac Kaapy all 42 and they got the timing slightly wrong with John Lennon, Paul Walker, Chris Penn, Gus Grisson but behind their deaths never the less


  16. Dude if my partner was pouring blood , regardless of me not liking to see any of that I would make 100% make sure I’m there for them . Not make any excuse

  17. I don’t care what anybody says she pushed him she’s to calm for one, anyone who loves someone and finds them looking like that would be hysterical. Honestly, her call sounds rehearsed and nobody has it that together in an emergency especially when it’s regarding someone you are supposed to be in love with, and that girl is ugly as fuck she wants to be a model? Then she refuses to help him. She should be locked up. What the fuck

  18. She’s screaming at him like he’s a dog! 😢She’s disgusted by blood! She should’ve had him in her arms ❤ She has no remorse sounds really cruel 😢karma will get her

  19. Wow they were so mean to that man. Poor Gary. I watched an interview where he got up and walked out.

  20. I still can’t believe she got away with this you can clearly hear him ask her why she pushed him smh

  21. This bitch looks like the evil skinny aunt from James And The Giant Peach 🍑

  22. His wife and his parents are going straight to the pits of hell

  23. Poor Gary Coleman miss u Arnold I kno you’re wit Mr Drummond and your big sis Kimberly waiting for Willis your older bro bro

  24. It’s ok y’all karma got her look it up the judge ruled against her to take Gary’s money he left behind it went to a female friend of his,she lost the house too and had to rent from her dad.

  25. Blk men STAY AWAY FROM THESE WHITE WOMEN!!! Same shhhh that just happened to the blk guy that was stabbed by the white girlfriend to death and ow she’s living her best life.

  26. dont marry these bitches…… fuk em and move on

  27. She’s more compassionate for the dog…what you get for dating a spoiled white woman.

  28. So let me get this straight crooked cops and Shannon. You don’t like blood to even be in the same room as coleman. But managed to know he hit the back of his head, because you lifted his head to see the wound. You are a god damned lie. And so is the crooked cops who refused to investigate, and allowed his women to file for abuse.

  29. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but what kind of wife refuses to help her husband?? If he did say that, why in the heck wasn’t this investigated?

  30. This evil bitch killed him! You can hear him say,why did you push me? I’d love to be alone in a room with her. Let her try to push me & see what happens! I’d beat her badly!! She didnt wanna do anything the operator said to help him

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