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Tyler Perry’s dating advice

Tyler Perry backs Pookie & Ray Ray/YouTube

Tyler gives bad dating advice. 

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows Madea’s alter ego, Tyler Perry, imploring desperate black chicks to settle for Pookie & Ray Ray to eschew desolation. HALLELUJER! It’s Perry’s assertion there’s a paucity of high value men. Therefore, single ladies would be sagacious to embrace consolation. “In our society right now, black women are making a lot more money — for the most part — than black men,” said the cross-dressing filmmaker during an appearance on Crystal Hayslett’s podcast. “So if you can find love… if that man works whatever job and is a good man, and he’s good to you… and does what he can… that’s ok. That’s not somebody who’s beneath you. That’s somebody who came to love you at your worth.” Perry also said there’s nothin’ wrong with women paying most of the bills and covering the mortgage as long as men contribute to the light bill.

Cool, sign me up for that.

Hell, I’d marry any of you chicks right now if all I gotta do is handle electricity.

In all seriousness, Perry is dead wrong. The median income for black men is $48,000 compared to $41,000 for black women. As a matter of fact, females (regardless of ethnicity) earn less than their male counterparts. That’s why women are fighting for equal rights. But if you’ve seen any of Perry’s movies, you know damn well his repertoire lacks veracity and realism. Secondly, he’s in no position to talk because he’s gay.

An alpha male would never exhort women to date down.

And thirdly, black women have coddled Pookie & Ray Ray for years and it’s getting ’em killed.

For that reason alone, Perry should encourage popsies to shoot for the stars.

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “This is where people hear what they want to hear. He did not say date a bum or Pookie & Ray Ray. He said if a man makes less it’s ok. That women need to get out of this train of thought that if she makes 100k a year and he makes 80k that’s not good enough. Instead of looking down at him, she should realize together they’re making 180k a year.”

Another chimed in with, “He ought to be ashamed! Telling black women to step down? Why won’t he tell black men to step up? Get the f*ck outta here. He’s cancelled. Not supporting any of his sh*t.”

A third viewer added, “Aren’t black men settling? Non-virgins, baby mamas to multiple men, overweight, fake hair, stank attitudes… aren’t men settling?”

Do you share Perry’s sentiment?

Should women settle for less?

Watch Perry yap his beak.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This dude is uninformed the average income for Black Men in America is 48k and the average income for a Black Woman in America is 41k. The average networth of a Black Man in America is 10.10k, the average networth of a Black Woman in America is 1.7k. Out of 40 million Black people in America approximately 180,000 Black people earn 6 figure incomes 71 thousand of them are Black Women , 110 thousand of them are Black Men.

  2. He telling the truth but the spell of adam and eve is among us aboriginal Indigenous people women are not subversive to their men they of aka black are a tool for satan to keep black man down government gives thing s jobs child support women on women etc 🤔 never ask why in the Bible it states that no god in your life your god is money !😢

  3. Why do these fools say this BS?? Look up womens earnings vs mens. And women are always behind. Especially sistas. Tyler Perry is worse with these fairy tales than Ophra was in the 80’s. SMMFH 🙄 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Modern women dont want to hear this. They 30+ with tons of kids and issues, waiting for their 7 ft 70 inch 🐓 with 800 credit making 12 figures a min man who will save them from us “dusty” men. Good luck to them

  5. For black women to settle, that would mean she has better options available to her and she is picking the worse. But black women dont have better options, they just dont like their current options.

    Whats even funnier is that the options of men that they are rejecting are actually superior to them.

  6. If he wants black women to settle, then let him direct and produce a very beautiful, stereotype free, nontoxic black love movies and release them into the community and the black diaspora. He should make movies painting the beautiful part of black women Hollywood so storbornly don’t want to show.
    If he can’t do that, then he is not for black people just like most black celebrities in the west aren’t for blacks.

  7. Damn, the brothers working in the drive-through at Wendy’s gotta be feeling a certain way right now…

  8. Man after all the damage perry has done to the black man’s image in his movies smh I can’t even take this serious

  9. Tyler Perry , as he always does , undermined and insulted bm. He literally said “hey bw. If u want to marry a bm this is what you’re likely going to have to work with if he has no intention of improving himself”. I literally do not understand how bm took that as TP advocating for them

  10. When a man starts to earn 100,000 or more …he will be shopping around for a better looking, younger, non-blk woman and move out of the hood.

  11. We women want you to obey, care for, and provide for us. You can NEVER be a leader of a woman because we CREATE you. All of you come out of our womb and out of our pus*y.

    Look at a Bee Hive system. The honey WORKER bees ALL obediently serve, provide, and protect the QUEEN BEE. That’s the perfect Matriarchy and that’s how Mother Nature meant for you to earn your keep as males.

  12. I think playing Madea has him thinking he’s a black female. I’m tired of everybody telling black women what we should accept. We are capable of thinking and making our own choices.

  13. I admire Tyler Perry’s business acumen, but he is so out of pocket for this.

    There is a difference between patriarchy and toxic patriarchy where men try to dominate, control, abuse, oppress, and silence women.

    Asking a man to operate in what should be his natural state which is to work and be productive and provide and protect for his family and those he loves is not toxic patriarchy. That’s healthy patriarchy.

    Two income households are fine, but it is never okay for a woman to be the absolute breadwinner and a man to just be paying a light bill long-term. If they are going through a situation where he lost his job, and he is trying to find another one, that’s okay. If he is ill or something, that’s okay, but for a woman to purposely select a man who can only pay her light bill is just ridiculous.

    Men are entirely insufferable when they have not figured out a career or occupation and some type of financially stable plan. Women often end up in abusive situations with these types of men, and it’s not necessarily physical. They are just verbally abusive and always trying to put her down or take her down a couple of notches. And, if they are not abusive, then they’re just like spoiled children who look to her to solve everything. The women still end up bearing the weight of child care, home care, and everything else because we are naturally domestic. She then grows to resent him.

    It doesn’t mean that the man has to make millions of dollars, but you’re not going to sit up here and tell me that it is normal for a man to just live off of a woman. That is weak and entirely NOT masculine.

    I am tired of people lecturing women about what masculinity is. Masculinity is not about being a jerk or rude or sleeping with 50 different women and telling a woman to accept it even though you’re supposed to be in a committed relationship with said woman.

    A REAL masculine man provides for his family which may include being a part of a two-income household and protects by showing love and providing stability. How are you going to love and provide stability to a family where you can only afford to pay the light bill?

    It’s not that women don’t understand masculinity. It’s that men don’t understand how to be whole and complete individuals. They may have a great personality but be bummy financially. They may make a lot of money but be jerks because they think they’re better than everyone else and try to control or abuse their women instead of loving them. How about being a good person which includes stepping up to the plate financially and supporting your family. Again, I reiterate for all the triggered people that this might include him participating in it to income household. I am not just talking about a woman sitting at home on a fluffy pillow and being taken care of. That’s fine also, but many many Americans have two income households. It seems that black women are always the ones who are told to accept one income or to be okay with making $80,000 or $90,000 a year while your man makes $35,000 a year. It’s ridiculous and hogwash.

  14. Listen. I’m a mixed black man and I’ve long been over dating black women. They are absolutely the least desirable of all races of women. Somehow, black women don’t understand that they are at the bottom of the totem pole, at the back of line, and no other race of men are actually interested in dating or marrying them. Let them die alone, sooner or later they will realize the world doesn’t give a shit about them

  15. Boggles my mind that BOTH black men and women sit on social media pointing fingers at each other yet most people hardly saw any positive relationship role models growing up, which contributes to the dysfunctional mindset of most.

    No one is in any position to give advice ’cause most of us need therapy FIRST. Two broken people will never truly be happy in a relationship. Take accountability, stop pointing fingers and get some therapy.

  16. 1st off no woman of any race out earns the men of said race! So the whole narrative don’t have legs to stand on…

  17. Tyler Perry wants to be the first black woman to drink coffee. The 180⁰ Madea. From crazy black woman to simpsational on the same screen. Selling bullets and bandages in the same gender war. I wonder what his boyfriend thinks of that…

  18. When a man allows you to provide for him he doesn’t love you.. I don’t know why it’s so hard for women who end up in these kind of debates to say that.. Tyler Perry wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a debate with me .. and I’m poor 🎯🎯

  19. Light bill? If that’s the best a man can do, then his best will never be enough.

  20. Listen, we are the only ones that are constantly sold struggle love. I refuse. I would rather be alone than deal with it. Period.

  21. These creatures are OBSESSED with CONTROLLING BLACK WOMEN’S EXISTENCE AND LIFE EXPERIENCE. Just disgusting. And isn’t Tyler Perry a Gay Man who doesn’t even do women like that???

  22. I prefer to have a husband that loves me AND provides, am I not allowed to have both?

  23. So I’m not going with the status quo and be the frustrated black woman about Tyler Perry’s statement..let’s face facts overall the black community is poor the lowest on the totem pole…even the black woman…and this is based on facts and reality…black women have educated ourselves to make more money and based on statistics the most in student loan debt…in this country we ask our men, no let me say we demand our men do the impossible and nevertheless statistics show that within the workplace we face obstacles and the impossible as we attempt to climb the corporate ladder or struggle as we go on an entrepreneurial journey…while i worked on my dissertation statistics support that we fair no better in the boardroom nor the c suite…we get more money because the degrees we obtained help us acquire that but yet we also acquired student loan debt too…we need to face facts and not the dreams of our reality…what we see in the media is black men entertainers or athletes who get money do leave black women but the facts support most black men marry black women…this game of who brings what is dividing us and this angry back and forth diatribe is destroying us…if we listen to truth of what his statement said let’s face reality and give each other a chance…no one is saying take a back seat…you have a choice but yet he’s saying as we take chances like putting ourselves in debt to talk about how much money we make or they take chances when acquiring fame/money and “leaving us” let’s be empathetic about our entire community as a whole…this in some ways bashing each other is eating our community alive and causing us to fall farther apart…we have choices if you don’t want to compromise and insist on finding a black man to meet your standards then wait and wait as long as being single is okay for you or navigate to the other side but at the same time we need to face the economic truth about our community…this is my opinion and may be unpopular but my opinion

  24. Why are gay men speaking on straight relationships 😐 ive NEVER NEVER seen straight men speak on gay celeb news or relationships 🤔

  25. I want him to tell that to a white woman and then I might get behind him.

  26. You help a black man up, he’ll leave you after he makes it and move on with his dream girl. They literally do that all the time. Black men are super ungrateful and lack the self sacrificing spirit. They’re always looking for ways to be free to do anything they want, have fun and bliss. They don’t want anything to hold them down….. how can someone live like that??
    We live in a world where every decision can have a very scary outcome… yet black men just want bliss.

  27. He’s a bastard! Why isn’t he publicly encouraging successful BM to wife up BW in an effort to raise the community/generational black wealth?

  28. If black men had any self esteem, they’d be the ones cooking Tyler Perry for his remarks.

  29. But what man worth anything would feel comfortable with just paying the light bill every month? Tyler Perry obviously didn’t feel comfortable being that man and now he’s a millionaire, yet he’s telling women to accept a man who doesn’t mind being a lackey.

  30. I wish tf I would settle for a man who can only pay a light bill. If my 16yo son can support his sneaker habit with his little job, grown men should be doing better! This is what y’all are teaching your daughters????? If you are, then you’re setting her up to be with an insufferable angry abuser. Y’all sit on youtube all day telling women that men aren’t comfortable/happy when they’re broke, then tell us we need to settle for them. Y’all also love to tell women to “choose better”, but when we do then it’s “y’all are ignorant and entitled, you don’t deserve better”. So pathetic…

  31. Its crazy that people are triggered over the “light bill” comment. I honestly dont think that should be taken literally. People have the tendency to miss the forest by focusing on a single tree. Perry is clearly saying, if a woman earns more than her man, but he contributes where he can, makes her happy, and holds down the house in other ways, it should be enough, and its crazy that, that’s considered “struggle love”. Once a couple has “enough” money, anything more than that is extra. Its wild to see people earning 6 figures looking at someone earning slightly lower than 6 figures and thinking, “you dont earn enough to talk to me”.

    Also, i dont understand why these women are upset, if you dont want the guy, leave him be. Tyler Perry clearly said, good luck keeping your list. Maintain your priorities and let the chips fall where they may.

  32. Off topic but on topic: BLACK PEOPLE ARE COOKED. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  33. I am very progressive and a high earner…and I will not ever again date a man that makes less. You men need to grow up and be men. Other than being providers what are you really? Step into your masculine destiny and stop wanting extensions of your mothers instead of a wives.

  34. My mother, ex wife, mother in law, and several other black women have scared me for life. I no longer want to be in any type of committed relationship with a black woman. There is just too much trauma in my subconscious mind associated with black women. I plan on just dating white women for the rest of my life.

  35. I’ve heard men say they don’t want a woman if they don’t match what they have. The women must have their own car, money and home/apartment. This coming from 50 yr old men. The 20 yr old guys said he wouldn’t marry someone with a lot of student loan debt. Btw, he is currently living with his girlfriend in HER apartment. As a mother of a 29 yr old son, I’ve advise that he date in his 20’s and start thinking about seriously looking for a longterm mate in his 30’s. I suggested that he consider a woman who is working on a career like he is doing. Also, look for someone who is kind and carries her self like a lady. Most importantly, please be respectful to each other.

  36. Black women statistically have less of a wage gap between themselves and their husbands compared to every other race of women in the US.

    There are also a higher percentage of married Black women breadwinners than there are of any other race of married women bread winners in the US.

    Black women are the second largest percentage of women (behind Latina Women) married to men that are without a 4 year undergrad degree or higher.

    80% of high earning black men (of 6 figures or more) are married to black women. Compared to other groups of high earning men marrying women of the same race, black men have the LOWEST valued percentages with other races of men equaling At least 97%.

    THESE ARE ALL REAL RESEARCHABLE STATS. So you see, black women often times aren’t dating and marrying for money sooo idk. IDK why everyone thinks we’re crazy goldiggers when the stats show were literally not. In fact we are the least likely race of women to do so.

  37. Most countries dont have a concept that if a man makes less than you, then you should just accept that he loves you. People date within their worth. Whether that be status education or net worth. If someone isn’t with those three standards, then the likelihood of it working won’t work. Now it happens for women a lot msrrying a rich man but men WANT to be providers and head of home. You can’t be head of home and also make less. You have to choose one.

  38. It’s not that black women need to settle, black women need to stop having unrealistic, unhealthy standards.

  39. It’s almost scary how nobody realizes we only speak like this about black women specifically. When it come to us and our behaviors or attitudes there’s a collective demand to fix it or the fear mongering starts. Flip the hat to black men and no demands for changes to made like with your BW counterparts. Instead continue pushing the blame and responsibility to BW. Your standards are the problem and you need to just shut up and settle.

    I’m soooo sick of the 6 figure rhetoric, outside of social media I never hear women in real life speak like that. Our biggest fear is looking stupid out here with a cheating dog of a man. Most women Ik are independent taking care of themselves so a man doing anything would only be a bonus. Most women Ik don’t even like asking men for money or help because they hold it over your head like they own you afterwards. The biased conversation la about black women have got to stop!

  40. Now how Miss Tyler Perry gonna give advice to women about relationships😫😫😫😅😂🤣🤣🤣

  41. We cannot and Im stressing CANNOT be asking women to be nurturers, caretakers of kids household and family members and also expect them to pay most of the bills. They are humans not mules.

  42. Black woman gonna end up single or Gay!! If they don’t stop being delusional!! 😮

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