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Black chick let her white boyfriend call her n*gger

Black chick laments disgracing herself/TikTok

Sis let Zaddy call her a n*gger.

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ATLANTA — When swirling goes terribly wrong. A viral TikTok video shows a braided black chick admitting she let a white dude call her a “n*gger” during copulation as a derogatory form of role-play. Yep, dude ejaculated in her coochie while calling her the N-word. She even called him “Massa.” Black people worldwide are absolutely pissed. “When I was still in high school, I was so desperate for male validation and attention I used to have a thing with this [white] boy and he used to call me the N-word and I just let him,” she confessed. “Not only did he call me the N-word, but he wanted me to call him my master as a term of endearment and I did. He’d be like, ‘What’s up my little [n*gger]?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Hey master.’ Unsurprisingly, it turned out he never liked me and I was just an inside joke between his friends.” Damn. Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Because she allowed a White man to call her a racist word, she deserves whatever bullsh*t comes her way. She slipped through the cracks and hit her head! What you allow is exactly what will continue! She’s goofy as f*ck for this!”

Another chimed in with, “Black women love men who don’t love them. That’s why they’re obsessed with Pookie & Ray Ray. You can’t make this sh*t up. Smh.”

A third viewer added, “Black women: ‘I won’t be submissive. I won’t do laundry. I won’t cook and clean… unless it’s for Zaddy👀.'”

What’s my take? It’s not unusual for couples (regardless of race) to partake in a little role-play during sex. If done right, it’s hot ‘n’ sexy. Hell, me and my ex-girlfriend (who’s white) brought our plantation dramatis personae to life on many occasions. I portrayed Mandingo and she starred as Missy. I waxed that ass every time she came to my hut then sent her back to the Big House with Massa. Now, we never said “n*gger” and we sure as hell didn’t use whips and shackles. But we had a lot of fun with slavery.

That’s how my phallus got his moniker, Mandingo.

I guess what I’m trying to say is babygirl took it too far.

Now she’s a punchline.

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I had lunch with a college friend a while back. She was in a Typical Dom/Sub relationship.

    Her phone rang. She answered:

    “Oh, hi Master.” (Hard “er”) “Nothing much, just having lunch with my friend, DC”

    She said it so casually I had to ask her if that’s what I heard.

    Those relationships are not for the neurotypical. Those in them feel very protected

    Also, she was very Caucasian.

  2. Cave-dweller had her do all types of disturbing things too. That’s the part she left out.

  3. @lastsam: Of course! He called her every name in the book, she still worshipped him and called him master until he left her but it’s no telling what he made her do in the bedroom.

  4. Some things shouldn’t be said especially on social media. She should’ve kept that to herself. Smh

  5. Be proud of who you are , when it comes down to it , white people will stick together , we as Black people need to remember that , & Love who you are

  6. Lets be honest, the thing is, when you date outside the Black, chances are that you are introduced to a better, more organised, respectable and well established culture, which can improve your life, making it easier and less stressful, this is part of the attraction of interacial dating.
    The looks of the person don’t matter as much, Black dudes will hookup with a fat old Becky, but still have a better, less stressful relationship than he would with a beautifull sistah. Same with bw and Ir dating, they’ll date a standard non black dude who barely has any money, but she’ll mostly feel happier and her life more stable due to how she’s treated and lives… Obviously not always, but in general.

    None of us are to blame, its mostly down to our inherited disfunctional culture, which many are trying to escape from, its complete garbage, it promotes, negativity, stupidity, sexual immorality, disunity, jealousy, failure, violence, laziness, dependancy on other races and victimization… If we revised black culture, everything would quickly change, especially how we view and treated each other.

  7. 💯If those sistahs ain’t having any success dating on either side, then the problem is them. I love my people, albeit right, wrong, or indifferent ♥️ We’ve been brainwashed into believing that their ice is colder and they’ve successfully designed it to work that way. Agree, we have got to wake up. ✌🏽

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