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Zaddy deletes black chick, lived in RV with her corpse

Chris lived with Megan’s dead body/Black Girl Unlost

Zaddy kills cosmetology student. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

IDAHO FALLS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Chris Foiles, a 42-year-old white man, was thrown in the slammer after he killed his black girlfriend, 34-year-old Megan Stedman, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired inside Megan’s motorhome on December 22, 2023 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. According to police reports, Megan — a victim of domestic violence — told Chris she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she wanted out of the relationship. A bout of contretemps ensued. As the quarrel intensified, Chris grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Megan multiple times in the neck and torso. Thinking she was dead, Chris attempted to leave. But, when he heard her moving, he stabbed her some more. Chris lived with Megan’s corpse for almost a month. I bet that RV smelled like sh*t and piss.

Law enforcement officials received a tip on January 12, 2024 and moved in for an arrest.

Realizing he was busted, Chris exited the motorhome and told officers: “I am Chris Foiles, I killed my girlfriend. She is in the RV.”

What’s sad is Chris has a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s and Megan dated him anyway. The woman beater was locked up several times for assault and battery, and that included a stint in jail for domestic violence against Megan last November. Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Ecclesiasticus 12:10 — Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.” Another chimed in with, “Zaddy out here doing what Zaddy does best, unaliving his black kweens.”

A third viewer added, “I hate she was subjected to this raggedy looking trailer park man🤢🤮🤢 RIP beautiful black girl ♥️🙏🏾💛💕😔.”

Megan attended cosmetology school with aspirations of opening her own nail salon.

Chris is an unemployed bum with no goals or ambition.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. How did they meet she was way to beautiful for him he’s a loser

  2. She seems to have downgraded with him. She wss beautiful & had a shine about her. He carries a dark aura.

  3. Women please don’t drop your standards matter what make sure that man is a provider, protector and have lots going for them before giving them a chance …men who have a lot going for themselves don’t throw away their life this easily …it may happen but not like the guys who have nothing to live for other than the large number of courts cases they have to attend

  4. She ain’t had no business being with that man. A definite mismatch.

  5. Buddy literally lived in the beat up RV from “Christmas Vacation.” He literally could barely manage himself…

  6. My Ex was Whyte as well and a full Narcissist that only had black ex’s and mixed kids and I will Never date whyte or black again, got same experience w black ones that were supposedly good men. A Whyte Narcissist is a lil worse his because his KkkULoR helps him more in a RaYsiZT world yep cop situation happened in my situation. I learned of Narcissism when I was in a relationship w the whyte man and helped me get over dealing w this spirit in any toxic man and truly Love me for real. WHYTE EX was my last relationship.

  7. I noticed lately black women are strongly swirling with white men. A lot of you acts as if you got dementia be careful of the KKK boys out there. Your life doesn’t mean nothing to them. Those are the grandchildren of the slave masters same blood same DNA same Race. What do you expect????!

  8. Women know they love losers, they always go to the guys they think they can fix but, they never like to date good men. We are ones who gets humiliated &, laughed at just because we’re nice…

  9. Don’t ever let them get you out isolated or in an area where there is no one around.

  10. Wait a minute, not White Zaddy😢😑

    Its not about skin color its about character! White doesn’t always mean right just like black doesn’t automatically mean dusty, pookie, ray ray! Stop this narrative!

  11. It’s very unfortunate for these women who choose to divest and end up loosing their lives. Its also unfortunate for black women who are toe tagged by blackmen at an extremely high rate. We are the most unprotected.

  12. Wow she dated him? This is getting out of hand. Dude look dirty and shady. Prayers for her family but he look like he would do something foul. Some sistas swear other race of men are better.

  13. This is a tragic 😢
    Ain’t no telling 😭 what ALL he did to her while she was deceased in the days that he road around with her body!
    R I P my Queen 👑🕊️.

  14. How did this guy meet the laundry list of requirements? Was he six foot, six figures and six inches? These women give a pass to white man and then spit in a black man’s face.

  15. DV is high in yt households—yt women don’t call the cops on their yt men–they keep that dv undercover

  16. Our sistas with these WM is off the chain they don’t have standards anymore BM we never really had standards we think with our small head lol but the women always kinda had standards not anymore

  17. Grass is only greener ona other side when you don’t water yo own grass…. R.I.P to the young lady 🕊️

  18. “Girl get you a white man and live in your femininity. Why go 50/50 with black men. Girl leave that struggle love and get you a white Zaddy” 😫😆

  19. DV is a misdemeanor 😂 the law sees a man harming a woman at the same level as running a red light. No wonder they banned abortion; the law hates women.

  20. Makes me thankful that I’m still alive after my husband tried to kill me.

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