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Pookie kills honor student ’cause she outshined him

Czavi’er Hill killed by jealous bum/Viral Crimes

Pookie snaps, kills everybody. 

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NORFOLK — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Cola Beale IV, 30, will spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars after he murdered his girlfriend, 31-year-old Czavi’er Hill, because he was jealous of her success. The femicide transpired on March 22, 2022 at Czavi’er’s residence in Norfolk, Virginia. According to police reports, Cola — a convicted felon registered as a sex offender — snapped after Czavi’er’s mom kept calling the house to complain about him being slothful and unemployed. So he pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Czavi’er in the head. Then he set her townhouse on fire and fled like a little bitch. Three days later, Cola pad a visit to his adopted father, 73-year-old Clifton Baxter, in Virginia Beach to get a $1,000 loan. But when Clifton refused to give up the cash, Cola shot him in the head and purloined $20,000 from his safe.

Cola’s cousin, Downing McLean, was an accomplice in Clifton’s murder. Three days later, they got into an argument about who to kill next — prompting Cola to shoot Downing in the face. When he didn’t immediately fall down, Cola shot him again in the back. The killing spree left 3 dead within a six-day span. Cola was arrested and charged with three counts of murder.

During interrogation, Cola said he didn’t intend to murder Czavi’er.

He wanted to kill her dog instead.

But Czavi’er gave him no choice.

She sacrificed her own life to save the dog.

Big mistake.

A canine’s life is not more valuable than a human’s.

“I had the breaking point when her mom kept calling and she was crying like, ‘So what is he going to do?” Cola recounted.

“Where did you shoot her?” the interrogator asked.

“I shot her in the head,” he replied.

“So when I put the dog in the room, I was about to set the dog on fire and she told me, ‘No, don’t do nothing to the dog. You can take me and do whatever you want to do to me instead and let him live,’ so I did that.”

The dog died in the fire.

What’s sad is Czavi’er had no damn business being with a loser like Cola. She was an honor student who received a full-ride scholarship to Norfolk State University. She was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She had a Master’s Degree in Human Services and she was pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications. Babygirl had it going on.

She was also a motivational speaker with her own YouTube channel.

Cola, on the other hand, is a felonious bum with a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s.

The pedophile served 5 years in prison for armed robbery and served another year for raping a young girl under the age of 13 — forcing him to register as a sex offender.

Cola’s dad also served time for killing his wife.

So violent crime runs in the family.

Czavi’er knew about Cola’s past but didn’t give a damn.

She was simply desperate to have a man.

Ladies, choose better.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “He is so wicked I don’t even believe his reason for killing her. He just wants her parents to live with the guilt of thinking they caused it. He killed her out of jealousy.” 

Another chimed in with, Ladies, please stop dating these types of men. He has a long criminal record and she still gave him a chance. The courts failed to keep this psychopath behind bars, several lives lost including the poor dog because of this.😢” 

A third viewer added, “Sistas love thugs and jailbirds.”

Is it time to conduct a medical examination on American women to find out why they’re enamored with Pookie & Ray Ray?

Watch the explosive documentary which includes Cola’s interrogation.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If you have a good and healthy relationship with your parents, and they do not like the person you’re dating, I would take that into HIGH consideration. My parents have probably saved me from years of heartache, because When they did not like somebody and I did not listen to them, I found out exactly why they were bad for me later down the line. They saw it before me!

  2. Side note: The bw is known for having the highest standards when it comes to mate selection let that sink in

  3. She was different from the usual women stories posted on here, no twerking videos or dressing like a slut she was a regular smart successful woman.

  4. This is sooo sad what a beautiful woman and very sweet smart what a lovely loss and that demon didn’t deserve to even be in her company wow rip beautiful soul 😢

  5. At this stage …ladies in America need to be studied, the way u ppl fall in love with these criminal is very strange. Sick of all these killings of beautiful young ladies. Stop and raise ur standards seriously. A sex offender? OMG. RIP

  6. He was gonna set the dog on fire because he was mad. Ridiculous behavior.

  7. How are you mad at a dog??? That is mental illness at best. Nobody owes you anything as a grown man, so what is going on here???? Excuses after excuses and a bunch of nonsense!!!++

  8. Same old story. Woman chooses felon instead of a guy with a future. These guys are dangerous.😮😮😮😮😮

  9. A “man” who can’t take pressure is not a man at all in my opinion.
    If he couldn’t take the pressure from her parents wanting to know what he was bringing to the table and it made him really upset that he wanted to kill her dog that was already a red flag right there if you ask me, ladies including myself when a boy shows you who they are believe them and run as fast as you can.

  10. It’s so sad that black women can’t even have a decent quality black man.I-know a lot of black women like this as a black man I see black men preying on black women success as if they didn’t have an opportunity to do the same.👑

  11. If he’s a sex offender and already has a long rap sheet. Why was he out on the streets? America is way too soft on criminals, then blame the tool they used to commit their next offense. It makes zero sense to me. Also, why are they killing each other? Then call me a sellout and a coon for refusing to want to live or hang around communities as such.

  12. Hell he blabbing! That’s always a tell tell sign for any female to do a abracadabra. He can’t produce or conduct a straight conversation(he all over the place) and he’s greed af. Ole selfish mf & what make him entitled? His conversation absolutely disgusted me. I know they going to have fun knocking out his teeth first since he like to talk so damn much. It’s no explanation for his actions.

  13. This is why I don’t take advice from any of these gurus or influencers because they often aren’t good judges of character, or are living a lie.

  14. This is what 100% pure jealousy looks like. He was jealous of his girl’s success, jealous of his step fathers hard work and stability. Jealous of his cousin. I don’t believe for any part of that that his cousin behaved that way. This man- child went on a killing spree of everyone he was intimidated by. Smh.

  15. I had a Demon just like him attach to me after my father’s death, during a very vulnerable moment. All the warning signs were there, I had nightmares that he would harm me or my kid. He attacked me butt naked in the shower, in the middle of the night. went out back, cut the power and phone. He came back there days later. I didn’t argue, I already had my plan in place to leave. He left one day, and I moved out completely two towns over. He called my phone 127 times, leaving disturbing messages. I alerted the police in the new town. Ladies KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. ESCAPE WITH YOUR LIFE! NEVER CONFRONT, OR ARGUE WITH THEM.

  16. He didn’t have a business or shit going on in his life and hitched himself to a woman who had goals and aspirations. I’m sure when her parents questioned him about it, that hurt his feelings and looked for her to bad talk her parents with him and she probably said something like, “wellll how are you going to provide?” He knew he wasn’t shit and snapped.

    Because if he had a business and was doing so well, why would her parents feel the need to bring it up? They probably asked because she was confiding in her parents about it. What a loser. Killed 3 people he “loved” because they made him face the reality of his worthless life.


  18. Sounds like his girl may have been sleeping with his cousin … I could be wrong but ….

  19. Why would any woman lay down and have a baby with that bugged eye psychopath is beyond me

  20. she didn’t deserve to be unalived but she should’ve used common sense and discernment. A registered sx offender with a long criminal record what’s attractive about that??? Religion trumped common sense.

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