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Wack singer and his wife fatally ‘shoot’ each other

Jessic & Shannon deleted each other/Viral Crimes

Singer and wife died in gunfight. 

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FORT WORTH — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents of Fort Worth, Texas are in mourning after singer Jessic Lacy and his wife, 39-year-old Shannon Lacy, shot and killed each other during a domestic dispute. The gunfight transpired at their residence around 7 p.m. on June 1, 2022. According to multiple reports, Jessic and Shannon got into a big argument over money and infidelity. As the quarrel intensified, the estranged couple pulled out their gats and opened fire — striking each other multiple times. Jessic, 30, called 911 and told the operator he and his wife got into a shootout. When officers arrived, they found Shannon deceased from gunshot wounds to the head. Jessic was still alive after suffering gunshot wounds to the torso. He was transported to the hospital where he died 10 days later. Shannon leaves behind 3 kids.

Jessic was their stepfather.

In addition to raising children, Shannon worked two jobs to make ends meet while Jessic (who was unemployed) worked on his music. He also made Shannon rub his crusty feet after she got off work. Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “Dude had a singing career and chose a woman with 3 children???” Another chimed in with, “She should’ve focused on her 3 kids instead of a man.😢” A third person added, “WTF? She works 2 jobs? He was supposed to be rubbing HER FEET! Oh hell naw!”

Jessic and Shannon appeared to be the perfect couple on social media.

But it was all a big lie.

They despised each other so much, they walked around with loaded handguns.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. 39 year old woman marries a 30 year old child. Ok. Sorry, but that’s so far apart, they don’t even think the same. They don’t have the same viewpoints, same raising. It was destined to fail from the start.

  2. He was demanding and childish…. He wanted to be pampered and cared for like a big baby that he is…… I just can’t…. Poor woman he did not treat her like a queen…. Poor children are now motherless 😢

  3. I believe he shot her and then tired to stage it. But instead of going for the arm or leg, which would’ve made it look obviously self inflicted, he went for the torso. Probably knows someone who got shot in the stomach and survived. God was like, “Actually…”

  4. Da fact he kept saying “ain tryna kill her” was a red flag fa me 👏🏾😮‍💨🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. He comes off as an incel. He just married her to not continue being one🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. He sound like he fruity smh women, stop being desperate! Don’t settle for none like this

  7. She was his desperate sugar mama and he was a kept grown child! When I saw she bought a grown ass man an Xbox, I was just disgusted!


  9. Ladies if he doesn’t have a job you shouldn’t be dating him. If he has been to jail you should not be dating him. If he sags his pants off his ass you shouldn’t be dating him. If he has multiple baby mommas you shouldn’t be dating him. I know you won’t listen but hey I tried 🤣

  10. My guess is that he was cheating and she found out. He just wanted a mama and not a wife.

  11. Red flag #1: Simp marries baby momma of three.🤮 Continues to go down hill from there.

  12. Damn, that’s crazy they shot each other…. Ain’t no telling what type of turmoil they had going on for them to draw down on each other. All that glitters ain’t gold smh those poor babies 😢

  13. Should have focused on his music and leave older woman with a bunch of kids alone. He definitely wrong for ending her life and should have walked away. Kid’s got no mom now.

  14. I’m not with no man posting our relationship online and he was doing to much for me and second I don’t need a man to be a step father to my kids they have a father it’s okay to have a relationship with the kids because we together but he pull out a phone every two seconds it’s like damn you don’t do anything in your marriage without a phone 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 and these people who posted everything about their relationship just doesn’t sit right with me and the courthouse marriage doesn’t seem right when you see them

  15. My Spidey senses would have kicked in by the second time he said”I’m not trying to kill my “wife”👀 That alone would have spooked me 😞

  16. This is why I don’t glorify any relationships online even from people I know of- went to school with etc. or anyone’s relationship. You never EVER know what is happening behind those so call happy post and videos. Even those you see in person, even your friends in relationships- they don’t tell you everything. What you don’t know can BLOW you AWAY. ‼️ This is so sad. Condolences to both of their families. We as a people been through so much. I know this happens in other cultures but we are already a broken people. From slavery trauma to today’s trauma, something is wrong.

  17. 39 year old woman marries a 30 year old child. Ok. Sorry, but that gap is so far apart, they don’t even think the same. They don’t have the same viewpoints, same raising. It was destined to fail from the start.

    If a 30 year old male wants an X box, he is not a man and never will be. He’s just afraid to kill the little boy inside and grow the up.

  18. What did he do for her, besides shower her with words of affirmation? This video only talks about what she did for him. Such a sad story. I am so scared to date in this day and age, especially having children it’s hard to trust anybody. Poor babies 😢 I feel so bad for them.

  19. As a person who is on social media i can really see how this could be when you’re are like how could this be when they seem in love. From my experience I have experience so called couples acting like they are so in love and their husbands/ man would be trying to get at me and it’s really sad. To sum it up people put on for social media and living a whole different life.

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