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Tyreek’s wife seeking half, marriage on shaky ground

Tyreek & Keeta are having problems/YouTube

Tyreek’s wife crying foul. 

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MIAMI — In this week’s episode of “Love’s A Bitch,” Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill is under fire after he “smashed” an unlit cigar in Keeta Vaccaro’s countenance because she wouldn’t sign a postnuptial agreement. The incident transpired during a domestic dispute on January 30, 2024. That’s also the same day a judge dismissed Tyreek’s divorce petition. Keeta told investigators her hubby “smashed” the cigar in her face and cussed her out when she refused to sign the postnuptial agreement he put in front of her. The unemployed Instagram model also said she felt “bullied, threatened and verbally abused.” Keeta thought Tyreek was ready to pull an Ike Turner. She even braced herself for an ass-whoopin.’ But it never materialized. Tyreek said he merely “flicked” the cigar before denying it actually stuck her. No arrest was made because Keeta didn’t have any visible scars or bruises. “Due to conflicting stories and no evidence that a crime had occurred, no arrest was made,” the incident report states.

It should be noted Tyreek, 30, has made more than $93 million since coming into the NFL and — if he finishes his current contract with the Dolphins, which runs through 2026 — he’ll earn $183 million. And that doesn’t include his endorsements and real estate investments. Keeta said she won’t sign the agreement because, in the event of a dissolution, she won’t get a dime. It’s been a helluva year for Tyreek. If you recall, Instagram model Sophie Hall filed a lawsuit against him last month — accusing the speedster of breaking her leg during a football drill.

Tyreek’s mansion somehow caught fire and burned to the ground.

And three women filed Maury-esque paternity suits against him, claiming he’s the father of their rugrats.

Do you feel sorry for Tyreek?

Should he start using condoms?

Watch the report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Don’t make no more babies…..divorce and take the L like people are advising…. Cause if he does not pull out now …. It will only get worse

  2. You’re a sucker if you get married without a prenup…. I’m broke and I wouldn’t get married, I might not have cash but I have assets that I’m definitely not splitting with anyone. Fuck around and lose a house….

  3. Once you get money – if shes not in love with you, keep her on a string! And all men know when a woman is in love w him…

  4. Man if he was a regular man he wouldn’t even have access to this woman

  5. His dumb ass was lusting over her. She was smash and dash material from the jump.

  6. Wrap it up, wrap it up gentlemen. Stop having babies with these 304s, please?

  7. Tyreek has anger issues. He needs to get help because one day when he’s not playing football 🏈 anymore. If not while he’s playing. He’s gonna end up in jail.

  8. He got the big head and forgot that she wouldn’t have talked to him if he wasn’t a football player or rich!

  9. These brothers will never learn Tyreek got that bag💰💰💰 from Miami hooked up with the gold digger who outsmarted him😹, trust me, chick like that or miles ahead of you, and if you need to have that money, they will have nothing to do with you you’ll find out will you pay child support for their lavish lifestyles of your back, these brothers gotta stop thinking with the second head it always cost you in a long run💯🤔

  10. Brittany Renner said athletes were dumb. You may not like her but she didn’t lie.🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. Flee fornication and avoid lust!!! Men and women there’s a payment for sin. Repent!!! Don’t allow your flesh to rule you!

  12. He actually thought she’d sign a postnup?😂 That goes completely against modern woman logic.

  13. He didn’t vet her at all and why in what world would a man in his position expect any woman to sign a postnup agreement make her sign a PREnup in front of multiple witnesses who can say she wasn’t under duress

  14. Those women never loved him they just want that money. Do y’all think he could get these women if he worked a regular job?

  15. I don’t have any empathy for him . He should’ve know better . If you are a man in 2024 and you get married , you deserve everything that’s coming your way . Don’t blame the thief for trying to steal . That’s what they’re supposed to do .

  16. Reek married a chick frankly that’s out of his league, he’s an immature manlet (ye he runs fast) but this chick is a straight up stallion. You can see how uncomfortable he is around her cuz she makes him feel insecure.

  17. Easy fix. She doesn’t want to sign a postnup, transfer all your assers into your moms name and into trusts. There is a time table all this works on. Unless her name is on the titles and bank accounts, you good bro. The alimony will be bird feed after only 2 months.

  18. What to do if you’re a multi-millionaire athlete: freeze your sperm, get a vasectomy, use frozen sperm if you find the one you want to have a family with. You can afford it and it’s a lot cheaper than having 10 kids and paying child support and no woman can claim you’re the father.

  19. IG “model” and wife don’t go together so Tyreek was asking for it sadly.

  20. Thats why you need use your brain before putting a Ring on a Woman 😂

  21. That’s why Tyreek Hill home was set on fire his wife did it. It makes sense now.

  22. @InquiringMind: He picked her for her looks. She picked him for his ability to provide for her and her future children. Oldest motive in the world to marry.

  23. There’s no reason for an athlete with that much money getting married there’s no need…you can get everything you want without the paperwork… smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. his wife is Kenny Vacarro sister, he played safety for the saints and the titans thats how they met not on IG

  25. He was stupid for getting married in the first place. Why grant the government and some stranger judge additional authority over your hard earned finances? For whose benefit? Both parents raising a child under the same roof has zero to do with signing a contract with the state. Saying it does, is openly acknowledging that women require a state enforced financial guarantee to remain loyal.

  26. She DON’T love him, NEVER loved him, NOT GOING to love him.
    Man thinking with the wrong head.
    PROTECT your assets or at least your ass.
    He should not have gotten married because she is going to fight for that bag that she believes she deserves just for spreading her legs.

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