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Regina King’s son Ian Jr committed suicide at 26

Regina King’s son Ian killed himself/Getty

Regina’s son commits suicide. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — Regina King’s son, Ian Alexander Jr., committed suicide just hours after celebrating his 26th birthday. “Our family is devastated at the deepest level by the loss of Ian,” Regina said in a statement. “He is such a bright light who cared so deeply about the happiness of others. Our family asks for respectful consideration during this private time. Thank you.” An insider said Ian suffered from mental health issues for years. Mom tried to help but there’s only so much she can do. “Regina loved that boy more than life itself,” said the source. “She’s devastated. We need to all pray for her.” Regina and Ian have matching tattoos that read “unconditional love.” When the actress turned 50 last year, Ian paid tribute on Instagram. “Happy birthday,” he wrote. “So extremely proud of you and inspired by your love, artistry, and gangsta! To be able to watch you take this lifetime by its neck and make it yours is something i will forever be grateful for.”

“But to have you as my mother is the greatest gift I could ask for,” Ian continued. “To be all that you are while always having the time to be there, love and support me unconditionally is truly remarkable. The whole marvel universe ain’t got sh*t on you, you’re the real superhero! Love you mom! This day and everyday YO DAY!!”

Update: Retired running back Larry Johnson, who played seven seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs, claims Regina sacrificed Ian to get the Cincinnati Bengals into the Super Bowl. Now we know why Patrick Mahomes threw the AFC title game. “Ha, ha, ha, I told you!” Larry said via Instagram Live. “The reason why I picked the Bengals to win is because Regina King sacrificed her son and she’s from Cincinnati. That’s how they pick ’em.”

Ian was Regina’s only child, whom she shared with record producer Ian Alexander Sr.

Ian Jr. was a musician and DJ who performed under the moniker “Desduné.”

Regina was recently offered a script to play a mother who lost her son.

Do you agree with Larry?

Is the NFL rigged?

Did Regina use Ian as a blood sacrifice?

Did she recently purchase a pair of red shoes?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. For black folks to know so much about the Illuminati, why don’t we use it to come up in life beside music and sports. While the rich get richer and we argue.

  2. A Woman just lost her Son to suicide and LJ is on Instagram laughing that’s disrespectful and uncalled for. Not okay that’s cold.

  3. Regina King is also on the Wells Fargo commercials and seeing how Wells Fargo is doing Wendy Williams rich ass make me think hard about taking my money out ASAP. The signs be right in front of your face

  4. She gets honored (walk of fame)…talks about not wanting to do a movie where son dies👀…
    This is messed up!

  5. No more supporting Hollywood and rappers/singers and sports..All rigged. No more movies

  6. Kinda makes me think of that movie Under the Silver Lake. Watch it!

  7. Regina king profitting off her son death how sick can you be and her greatest failure is her son death that’s why I never take care of a woman and have kids a prime example what’s the point she could have had something to do with Ian death that’s my opinion I won’t say she did it

  8. I’m not big on illuminati but people don’t realize, Regina is doing all these moves in Hollywood not because works hard but she’s apart of Scientology church. Look at her pictures with others when she greets them. Her gestures and etc are that of wickedness. Her son probably died because he was the only child and didn’t find purpose. Children that are the only child need support and family and etc. Sad he did that.

  9. Regina loved her son! I can’t see her sacrifice her son. She would die first

  10. People commit suicide. Live with mental illness, the rich and poor, the sad and happy it don’t matter. Why whenever a famous person relative die, y’all associate it with some weird Hollywood darkness. Shame on y’all

  11. I think this was a blood sacrafice. A blood sacrafice. These stars love no one . Only themselves. She was working since 227. Hollywood is run by demons. These stars do sell their soul for fame and fortune.

  12. In my opinion God is the key for our future cause we can have it all in the outside but if we don’t have Jesus Christ we don’t got nothing no hope no joy no happiness

  13. This world is a sick, sick and evil place. My spirit is telling me that it was a blood sacrifice. Jesus Christ!. These are definitely the last days, as the bible says. Hollywood is a dark, dark place and the people there, must find a way out of that place. Who loves who more? The son, or the mother?. Forget the mother, because she knew that he would die and because of her. And for what?. Money and fame?. May his beautiful soul rest in peace, because he loved her that much. And she betrayed his love, for the dark side.

  14. Regina: why were you hesitant to tske this movie? “i didnt realize …that is the reason why they offered me this movie. my son was going to be the real life version of the movie.”

  15. 😔”I Can’t ‘BEGIN!’ To Know Nor Gather Up Understand For This*’DEEP!’*Pain That ☆’Regina King’☆ (Who ‘REVELS!’ In *’OUR!’ Black Community As Such ‘A POSITIVE ‘BEAUTIFUL!!!’ STRONG, ‘OUTSTANDING!’ TALANTED SISTAH & ROLE MODEL!!💯👏👏From Days Of ‘YOUNG!’/227) Is OMG! ‘TRULY~SUFFERING!’ Thru At This ‘VERY!’ Unthinkable ‘Devastating’ & Emotionally Sadden Time For *’ANY!’ MOTHER, Let Alone A Person Who ‘UPLIFTS!’ The ‘SPOTLIGHT!’ As One Of Hollywood’s Most ‘FINEST’ Well Respected Actresses, Taking This Sad Happening Now In Her Own LIFE!!! My ‘Sincerest!’ Condolences & Heartfelt Sympathy Goes Out To You Dear & Your Loving Supportive Family. May The ‘MANY!’ Prayers🙏That Are Being Sent Your Way, Give You Some Sense Of Strength❤LOVE & That ‘TRUE SUPPORT!’ That Will Somehow~Some DAY! Get You Back On Track To A Place Of ‘REAL’ Much Needed ‘Calming & Normalcy’ (And Regina, Take ‘AS MUCH TIME!’ As You Need To Simply Gather Yourself & “HEAL!”) Yesss, Despite *’THE FOREVER!’ Missing Link ‘FEELING!’ In Your Heart & Deep Down In Your SOUL! Just ‘KNOW!’ That Your ‘LOVING~SON!’ Will ALWAYS! Be There Standing By Your Side!🤝*”GOD🙌BLESS”* ✌Peace, BB☆

  16. Too many RED FLAGS! SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT! SMH. NOW, WATCH HER “RE-COME BACK UP” SHE BOUT TO TAKE OFF OFF. THE NEW MOVIE SHE IS BEING CAST AS Shirley Chisholm! Netflix movie was about a mother that lost her son. For the love of money, fame & fortune! Ppl will WET UP THEY OWN.

  17. Ian Alexander Jr. was a musician and a DJ and a college graduate. The media says he committed suicide at 26 but it is not stated what was the cause of his suicide. I don’t believe he committed suicide. (If) Regina King sold her soul I am truly disappointed. I followed her acting career since since she was a teenager on the hit sitcom 227.
    Her sons passing seems very fishy to me.

  18. Stop this foolishness. Regina loved her son. It is evident. You ARE reaching to get clicks and views. Shame on you Blog King. Find a better use of your time instead of spreading hurtful misinformation. People like YOU ARE DANGEROUS.

  19. She is from Cincinnati. Them Cincinnati Bengals won in 32 yrs! She ain’t saying shit! Nah, some shit in the game.

  20. Hollywood is full of evil and bloodthirsty devils and pedophiles.There’s a price to pay for fame. Every gift the devil gives has a price tag on it. Being famous appears to be so glamorous. How could something that requires losing one’s soul and loved ones be glamorous? Just sad.

  21. satanic sacrifices have been going on every since biblical times, read book of Jeremiah. Did not satan in the book of Matthew’s try to trick Jesus with the same schemes, he showed him the world and offered it to him if he would worship him and he’s still doing it today.

  22. She was born in Cincinnati Ohio. The Bengals came out of nowhere to be in the Superbowl.

  23. Truth is none of us know for sure what they are dealing with in they’re daily lives none of us know what her son was battling even though Hollywood is known for that evil and weird stuff we don’t know exactly if this was a sacrifice and I myself wouldn’t think that as the first reason he passed away. Maybe he was suffering in some way Regina King may not have sacaficed him people let’s not continue to speak on things we don’t actually know about

  24. Awww….🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 my heart and prayers to Miss. Regina King and her entire family and friends. I have a 26 year old, he was born a month before her Son. We as Mothers, Families, especially Black families, must look for the signs and even if no signs of depression, suicidal tendencies or mental health issues are present, do a check in constantly. Our young black men live with unimaginable pressures so we must give them a soft, honest, open place to land, vent and be themselves. May Ian RIP and stay in the Arms of Our Father. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  25. Larry Johnson just gave the scariest example of CTE we will have ever seen.

  26. You never know what’s going on in someone mind, i deals with depression, anxiety 😥 and it’s a serious illness. it’s tough for me just to make it through the day. GOD is holding me up. when I’m depressed, i try hard to find something to do to make me happy. i call it my happy place.

  27. Suicide that was a sacrifice. She everywhere now. Her career took off. Gotta sacrifice something in hollywood.

  28. She was popping up in commercials all of sudden ,, I knew she did something,,,

  29. I think the most selfish thing u could do is commit suicide. Ive contemplated it cause Ive been in dark places before but I could never hurt my mom like that so I fought out of those dark places. Please fight u guys…u can do it!!! I fought and God blessed me with a baby that I never knew I could have. If I would have taken my life I would not have experienced that unconditional love King talks about. Pouring my love into whoever needs it.😘❤❤

  30. Stop sacrificing these kids .. we know how the devil works. He was fighting demons to bad he didn’t invoke the blood of Jesus Christ

  31. When the big wig illuminatis have something on you wanna know something you did they can take your life Or put you in jail. Or they may want a sacrifice with an offer of greater fame and another child! They have these celebrities by the balls and nipples! Bill Cosby sacrificed his Son! Then he kept trying to buy NBC…. 48 laws of power Rule number one: Never outshine your master!!! When the industry make you or when anyone makes you for that matter other than God they can take you they can break you!

  32. What’s the point of being rich if you gotta slaughter ya whole damn family. Defeats the purpose

  33. I truly believe Regina blood sacrificed her only child 🙄 evil can you be too take your own child’s life

  34. I knew it when they announced her son had passed, I told my sister she came up fast so you know what it is 👍🏽

  35. I just saw her in this movie on Netflix. It’s call call the harder they fall. She look soulless. I pray she repent in fact the whole Hollyweird need to repent.

  36. I knew something was up when she was everywhere. You have to pay for that game. He seemed happy. He had a show coming up. He was anticipating his music career.

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