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Kelce & Kayla are toast

Kelce dumped Kayla over Cam/Clutchpoints

Kelce dumped Kayla Nicole. 

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KANSAS CITY — You can stick a fork in Travis Kelce’s relationship because it’s done. Kelce, star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his black girlfriend — Kayla Nicole — are calling it quits after 5 years of cohabitation. Kelce, 32, gave Kayla the boot after the loquacious damsel tweeted her exasperation with Cam Newton’s “boss bitch” diatribe in a recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. Cam basically said women need to shut the f*ck up and get in the kitchen. “There’s a lot of women who are bad bitches, and I say bitches in a way not to degrade a woman,” he ranted. “But just to go off the aesthetic of what they deem is a boss chick. I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of: ‘I’m a boss bitch, Imma this, Imma that.’ No, baby. But you can’t cook. You don’t know when to be quiet. You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

Kayla was quick to clap back and she didn’t mince words.

“A lot of y’all wanna be with your Mama. And it shows,” she tweeted.

“It’s really not a matter of can she cook – it’s more like does she want to cook for your hungry hippo ass.”

Kayla also poked fun at Cam’s unemployment status. The 32-year-old quarterback is currently a free agent. “That man ain’t had a job in months,” Kayla wrote. “He has nothing but time to ‘be quiet’ and get that ass in the kitchen.” Those churlish remarks didn’t sit well with Kelce who jettisoned Kayla shortly thereafter. The NFL is a brotherhood and players usually stick together.

Social media reaction was vicious. One fan wrote, “Kayla Nicole blocked her own blessings and got her pink slip. Congratulations to Travis Kelce for freeing himself from a problem.” Another added, “She fell for feminism. She just had to say something instead of saying, ‘Cam does have some good points.’ But nooooooooo.” 

Kayla, however, claims she broke up with Kelce because he’s too frugal. He reportedly only gave her $100 the entire relationship plus made her pay half of everything. “Travis is very cheap,” said Kayla’s friend. “In the beginning he tried to make Kayla ‘prove’ that she wasn’t with him for the money . . . so she had to pay half of everything. Half of every date, every trip, everything.”

When asked if there’s a chance they’ll reconcile, the BFF replied: “If he stops being cheap and gives Kayla what she deserves, maybe.”

Do you agree with their decision to split?

Should women be quiet and get their asses in the kitchen?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Travis has always had an exit plan with this female from jump 🙄

    She’s been playing herself for years 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. thats funny she dating a WM and still not married stop dating outside your race stop letting those WM use your body

  3. I hope Cam stops playing football and focuses on doing podcasts. He is physically past his prime as a footballer player.

  4. I’m 42 and I see nothing wrong with what he said it’s the truth!!!! There is nothing wrong with catering to and submitting to your man if he is a man in the relationship. If that man takes care of home the kids and you he deserves a certain level of respect And vise-versa. You can’t be a wife if you dnt kno how to be one you gotta bring more to the table than a smart mouth and pussy🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. He would’ve married her if he wanted to by now. He never planned on being with her long. I bet he will marry the next lady he dates

  6. Travis Kelce is not a stupid man nor is he in love lol.. Travis was listening to what Cam said and it made sense.. and Travis is getting older and he probably thought about what she said and realized it could be him in a few years. All Cam was saying is ladies step your game up.. looks are only for the moment.. what else do you give me other than a good time, light pocket. And a headache or stupid conversation. Thots are mad because Cam told the truth. And he tried to save them from destroying there life.

  7. Most white boys will date black women
    But when they are ready for marriage they R going back to their white woman…

  8. She could make a fortune in porn maybe that will be her next career move!

  9. So many athletes end up broke shortly after their careers are over due to bad marriages/divorces (alimony) and child support. So far it looks like Travis is avoiding these traps. His quarterback however will be in this category in the next decade.

  10. She has a distain for black men .you can tell how much venom she had for Cam newton ….. a lot of black men need to realize and believe that most bw don’t like you and only love what you can do for them .

  11. Speaking on another man’s opinion and lost your own, how ironic!

  12. Some lame will pick-up where travis left off. ..but kudos to Travis for knowing when to leave with no type of connection

  13. Kayla is right Cam was cut by patriots. And had no job. I met her in person she look older and not that hot. I thought she was his friend. She is tall nice skin but look nothing like her pics. She should of got married to kelce. Kelce be liking younger basketball models. Kev samuels says you not a wife. You never set requirements. Get a dog ma’am.

  14. We don’t know what his actual reasons were for sending her back to the streets. But we do know in doing so, he dodged a bullet. High time to send these disrespectful broads to relationship Siberia where winter never ends. Let them buy their dogs while we build with women who respect men.

  15. Her criticism of Cam not playing in the league is a red flag for any professional athlete. Every pro athlete will be out the league one day and she just told Travis what she will think of him when his NFL career is over.

  16. That’s what these black women get for chasing after these white men. She thought the grass was greener on the other side.

  17. She is a PICME , a BW who bends over backwards for WM hoping to get a ring to prove a point. She does not love Kelcie, she loves attention and being with Kelcie gave her the most attention. Why would a rich WM marry a cow when he can get the chocolate milk for FREE.

  18. When somebody breaks up with you over something small then they have been wanting to breakup with you for a long time…..they just needed the “valid excuse in their mind” to be present so they can finally leave.

    He was banging other chicks.
    He been wanting to leave.

  19. That’s got to hurt when a white man dumps a black woman. She’ll be so embarrassed.

  20. So it’s pretty obvious that men like Cam Newton and Kevin Samuel know what their talking about. This woman was sassy and problematic. Travis had enough sense to see that she was going to be nothing but problems. Cam has his future as a pro athlete. And she obviously isn’t a woman that any man would want to marry. All demands and no return.

  21. These glam babes got to understand, high value men have high value choices. Babe said that Cam has not worked in months. Well her looks have a shelf life. Her IGs are not going to be as hot 10 years from now. She has to ask, why wont Trav wife me? Well, can you cook?

  22. Those white boys 👦 dump them if they do something disrespectful to them in the public.

  23. SIDE NOTE : On the low, many White Guys call having a sexual experience with a Black Chick, “earning their Black Belt”, & many White Women who sexually fetishize Black Men, have an “Ace of Spades” tattoo, on their body.😁😎

  24. She probably one of them black chicks that has a severe hatred for black men.

  25. Well I’m glad all the real fellas seeing how fake..most of these beautiful beauty queens are..fake every thing..model looking woman..too good to be too true type of woman that yall still gonna me..its sad because she very pretty n I’m sure she gonna find the next guy..baller $$

  26. Instead of flipping off at the mouth need be flipping eggs…burgers…steaks… something…💯

  27. We, the black male delegation, have long parted ways with this passaround.

  28. Smart dumb bitch, now a lonely dumb bitch, bad bitch think they know, but doesn’t even know their man,

  29. Classic example of learning when to be quiet… She just proved Cam right..

  30. That’s what she gets for disrespecting one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history (Cam Newton).

  31. She belongs to the streets 🤷🏾‍♀️ that’s why she’s mad. I fully support Cam in what he wants. I follow her and while she’s pretty, she’s clueless as to what is holding her back from becoming a wife. Which she desperately wants and has said countless times.

  32. So Kelce brings fame and fortune to the relationship while she brings IG pics. Yeah, I’m gonna move on too.

  33. She thought she found her “White knight” to take her off dem streets. But he saw her for what she was, a clout chaser from dem streets!!!

  34. There are alot of beautiful, classy, educated black women out there. The truth is if they aren’t an Instagram model or they are not a dime black men don’t want them even with no bad attitudes. Kayla is a clout chaser but most black educated women are not. All you guys bashing black women for alot of the same things white women do. I see alot ghetto white women, some wearing weave and braids. White women have attitudes also. White women twerk also. You don’t think these white women are out for clout when they go after athletes. They use the money to get fillers, butt shots, etc. Please stop harassing black women we all are not like that. Some if us have dignity a, class, education and are very respectful to men. Some of us are submissive and talk with some sense. You guys are speaking on small number and some of y’all have never dated a black woman just speaking from what you hear others say.

  35. He’s been dumping her over and over again for years now…she has no self respect. She needs to love herself more.

  36. Yeah Travis learned a whole lot about his girlfriend the day she went off on Cam. Cam helped him dodge that bullet.

  37. And this is exactly what women feared. That they will be held accountable for their actions. You can’t go out here talking to trash and there’s no consequence. What Kelce saw was his woman trash a man who just had an honest opinion that didn’t hurt anybody and said to himself if she can say that about him then why would I be the different? Thats why he got rid of her. Good for him.

  38. It is something to be said for Kayla not to be wifed up by now. She been dating Travis since 2017. Usually a man knows within 1 year whether he is ready to marry u or not. She is no different than the instagram chicks. Ass shots and half naked shots will not make u a Wife; side chick probably.

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