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Crazy man murders mom, sister-in-law in Nashville

Rashad lost his wife and mom/News Channel 5

Man kills mom & sister-in-law.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NASHVILLE — John Donaldson was thrown in the slammer after he stabbed his mother and sister-in-law to death out of jealousy. The double homicide transpired Tuesday morning in Nashville, Tennessee. According to police reports, a belligerent John went to his brother’s apartment around 11 a.m. After his 9-year-old nephew opened the door, John pulled out a knife and started stabbing his mother — Jacqueline Pritchett. Then the junkie gashed his sister-in-law, 29-year-old Genell Stewart, as she shielded her kids from the attack. John’s brother wasn’t home, Jacqueline died and Genell remains hospitalized in critical condition. Seconds later, John purloined his mom’s car keys and drove to his other brother’s house. He knocked a few times. When nobody answered, John kicked in the door and went Zorro on his second sister-in-law — Jasmine Donaldson, 32. John’s 7-year-old niece witnessed the fatal stabbing but wasn’t harmed. Again, John’s brother wasn’t home.

After receiving several tips, police arrested John at the Best Western Motel around 3:30 p.m.

He confessed to committing the murders.

“There was outstanding teamwork,” said Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake. “We had a horrendous crime today where two individuals lost their lives. By gaining information from the community, we were able to locate where he was. We were afraid he would create terror while he was out. This is how we fight crime, especially violent crime. We pull together and share information as a team. It’s hard to stop any type of domestic situation.”

Despite losing his wife and mom, John’s brother — Rashad Donaldson — was in a forgiving mood.

He told reporters his sibling is non compos mentis.

“My brother has a mental health issue and he needs help,” Rashad said.

“This wasn’t a cry for help. This was revenge.”  


A close source said John the masturbator is jealous of his married brothers which means he’s the Pookie & Ray Ray of the family.

Do you agree with Rashad’s decision to exonerate?

Should John get the death penalty?

Watch the sad report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This is clearly a man with daddy issues—stop blaming mental illness and stop blaming women for men’s shortcomings. Blame the absent father who didn’t teach him nothing but how to be trifflin.

  2. Within his mental issue he had a break within his normalcy and chose to kill them, premeditated

  3. Really starting to think BM are our downfall…
    No way from sea to sea the stories are all the same, them wiggin out and killing everybody in sight. They are our downfall…

  4. What a sad sad situation when you’re trying to help your family member. to kill your own mom and then both of your sister-in-laws thank GOD one survived it’s like maybe he was jealous of his brothers lives and he wanted to take the persons that they loved and cherish the most because he didn’t have that in his life. The children wasn’t injured they weren’t injured physically but they’re injured mentally. My thoughts any prayers goes out to the kids, brothers, husbands, and family and friends. There is a difference between mental health and revenge

  5. Thats a Dam Shame to kill your mama I wish my mama was living he let the devil use him God Bless you family 👪🙏

  6. Why not Mental Health?! What else could it be?! “Mental Health” is affecting even more people since the pandemic started. Folks are losing it on a daily. If it ain’t mental then what is it?! It all comes from a mental decline. And reasons for that differs from person to person..You see the signs, you report it and stay away from people you feel would be a danger to you or society..💔

  7. We can’t continue to blame everything as a mental illness killing or continue to blame most married or single mothers whom tried to raise our children to the very best of our ability. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. I have a feeling my homeless paranoid schizophrenic cousin, is going to end up attacking my mother. She refuses to leave the house and will not admit she has a problem. I wish she would leave and find somewhere else to live. In addition, to being unstable, she’s very disrespectful and lazy. I’m so sick and tired of her.

  9. I don’t play these games with family members and/or their spouses of all ages. That’s why I stay strapped and tactical even around “family.” I carry at home, any store and at church.

  10. He was a bitter hateful boy child in an adult body!! He had a tantrum because they told him to man up!! What a piece of sh*t!!

  11. I’m sure He had build up hate for his brothers since childhood. So many times families brush siblings quarrels to the back burner. I have siblings that have true hate for me…I keep far away from them. It hurts me but I can’t be around that type of energy.

  12. He was probably jealous of his brother’s relationship and life because he’s not going right

  13. He probably always had deep jealousy and resentment toward his sister in law and women in general. He was living with his mother because he was a failure. He was smirking on his mug shot. This was not random, this was not a mental health issue, this was HATRED. Ladies STAY AWAY from these males. Even if your husband is okay the other BM in his family might not be. Just stay away from them period.

  14. SMH. This isn’t mental illness. This is PURE EVIL. He needs serious punishment. RIP to the mother and sister-in-law 🕊🕊

  15. He stole the divine matriarchal energy from his entire family, especially those poor children 🕊🕊🙏🏾

  16. Let’s just excuse the brutal violence blaming mental illness. It used to be they had a bad childhood as an excuse. It’s exhausting. Try personal responsibility.

  17. So that dog murdered his wife and mother and he’s making excuses for him. Get them both outta here.

  18. I agree, that wasn’t a cry for help, this was an act of evil, towards his own family.

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