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Sexy bartender was fatally stabbed by nail technician

Kayla Hodgson brutally murdered/Leah Gordone

Sexy bartender murdered. 

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TAMARAC — First Pookie & Ray Ray started killing our women. Now women are killing each other over Pookie & Ray Ray. Nevertheless, it took a while. But they finally nabbed the suspect. Sakiyna Thompson was thrown in the slammer after she slit the throat of Kayla Hodgson over a dude. The fatal stabbing transpired July 13th at Kayla’s apartment in Tamarac, Florida. According to court docs, a gravid Sakiyna gashed Kayla to death for enjoying copulation with her boyfriend. Then she fled home to New York where she worked as a nail technician. Broward County Sheriff’s deputies found Kayla’s lacerated corpse at Tamarac Village Apartments in the 9300 block of Northwest 57th. Sakiyna, 28, was arrested in Springfield Gardens on August 4th. She’s charged with first-degree murder. The arrest affidavit states Sakiyna was “demonstrating a depraved mind without regard for human life…by stabbing with a sharp object, with a premeditated intent to cause death.” Kayla, 23, was a prepossessing bottle waitress adored by many. Family and friends are still struggling to come to grips with her quietus.

“She was just really sweet. She was the life of the party. She always had kind words,” said Swana Alphonse, Kayla’s former employer. “I mean, I was devastated. Most of my employees were as well, especially the ones that knew her, and worked alongside with her. It’s just crazy and it’s scary because you know, we’re all bartenders and waitresses, and that could have been any one of us.”

Kayla’s best friend Brianna echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“She was bright. She was beautiful. She was everybody’s hype man,” Brianna recounted.

“Her life was gone way too soon.”

At the end of the day, Kayla is dead. Sakiyna is incarcerated and the man is free to impregnate other women.

Moral of the story: Buy a dildo.

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  1. He ain’t even cute wow

    Is it ever worth it? Now she’ll be in prison and he’ll start new life with a woman and create a new family

  2. Ladies, please stop associating with just any man. Black women have been groomed and conditioned to be accepting of any black man, regardless of his class, criminal activity, economic status, education level, and behavioral transgressions. Your chances of having a better quality of life is largely dependent upon who you allow in your circle. Keep your circles small with quality people who honor God, value education, are motivated, and who have integrity. You are too precious to be around just anybody. Stay safe and blessed ladies.

  3. That’s so sad ain’t no man worth killing for. They are plenty of men out there why do you kill a young woman for a man that was playing both you and the other woman?

  4. Nothing good comes from cheating. Be smarter about the random people you have sex with. Be smarter, ladies!

    Regarding the killer, damn she’s pathetic. Hope she enjoys rotting in jail.

  5. Now she won’t ever have access to a man again. Dumb ass! Jus mad the victim was prettier than her! Desperate women are dangerous it ain’t even that deep

  6. Girl you killed that lady over this nigga that foams at the mouth like a damn Golden Retriever ?!!!!! Make it make sense

  7. Not to mention the one who did the stabbing is 5 month pregnant. Smh

  8. you took a life and will now give yours all for some dude that is on to the next female while you rot in jail……and then HELL!!! A NO WIN SITUATION FOR YOU. REST IN PEACE 🙏 BEAUTIFUL!!

  9. Ooohh that clip of him sleeping was so gross and she was so pretty smh pure stupidity

  10. A life taken for what? Just for him to be laying with the next one probably that same night smh… control your emotions! It’s not worth it!

  11. She was attracted to a boy who foams at the mouth during his sleep.
    Disgusting 🤮

  12. I can see why she would be jealous that woman was beautiful ❤️❤️ but she foul ASF just get another man ♂️ now neither of them can date him so what was the point just stupid ASF may she burn in hell

  13. He’s a dusty, yuck looking dude 🤮 Gross. Killing some one over a bottom feeder. No standards.

  14. Ladies, stop getting involved with dudes that are involved with other people. People can say the woman should’ve left the cheater and everything else but the truth is, women need to stop laying up with involved dudes whether they’re lying or not.

  15. Wow… She will be in prison for the rest of her life. Now she gave up her freedom… That man is definitely moving on with his life to the next woman

  16. She deserves to be put under the prison and her so called man will be with multiple women while she rots in prison.

  17. Lost all of her life privileges for a dirty piece of community D*ck and now Dude will go on bangin other chicks. Have a great life eating kat in PRISON , DEMON 😈

  18. I will never understand people willing to throw away they life for a man/woman! There are billions of people in the World! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. She cant kill everyone who messes with her man. He will continue to cheat on her – especially when she is in jail. Also, you cant own the people you date. Now she is a criminal and her child wont have a mother.

  20. My cousin was killed many years ago in this same fashion a grown woman stabbed my 19 year old cousin over a guy the woman was 27 at the time my cousin didn’t really know the guy she had just met him & she went to see him at his house & the woman came over there & stabbed my cousin for absolutely no reason my cousin died two weeks later in the hospital she stabbed her in her neck. I never got over that I was only 12 years old at the time I’m 42 now.

  21. I will never understand why these women keeps fighting over these men…two lives gone and he’s moving on to the next

  22. If she knew then she put herself in that situation yal think it’s cute to play with someone else’s significant other. I don’t agree with taking someone’s life she went TOO FAR but all this 3rd party drama is just too much throwing your life away that mans not your husband now he’s really going to be having a ball

  23. Was he foaming at the mouth while he was asleep??? I guess we gotta start asking folks do they snore, talk or foam at the mouth while sleeping 🤮🤮🤮 now I gotta go research because this ain’t normal

  24. Why didn’t she kill him!?! Why kill the woman, what did she do? This is so sad, what ever happened to breaking up and moving on?

  25. And dude out here with the next chick while she rots in jail. Idiot. Women stay throwing their lives away over some dusty dude that cheats on them.

  26. Lame azz sht! Girl you pregnant by him he was gone always come back now you finna do life and he finna be with the next chick! She had to be mental.

  27. Y’all better do more digging on these niggas and what life they’re really hiding behind closed doors. Stop sleeping with just anybody and you might live to see another day

  28. I’m not arguing… fighting…and most definitely not killing no one over a guy….I’m good ova here 💋💋✌️

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