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Baby daddy hunts down girlfriend then killed her

Michael Brantley killed Charisma Smith/YouTube

Simp commits murder-suicide. 

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SYRACUSE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents in Syracuse, New York are in mourning after 44-year-old Michael Brantley killed his 21-year-old baby mama — Charisma Smith — before blowing his own brains out. Yep, he’s more than twice her age. But a close source said he lied about being much younger. The murder-suicide transpired June 28th in front of their children. According to police reports, Charisma — a victim of domestic violence — broke up with Michael and moved into her own apartment at James Geddes Housing Development. The jilted simp then spent a week going door-to-door to find out where she lived. He even showed neighbors a photo of Charisma, pretending she was a missing person. Around 9 a.m., Michael finally showed up at the right unit. He left after finding out police were lookin’ for him. But he returned just before midnight. That’s when Michael shot Charisma in the head before shooting her 18-year-old brother multiple times.

Charisma was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her brother somehow survived.

Michael later drove to Syracuse Hancock International Airport where he killed himself. His body was found in the car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Charisma and Michael have two kids together (ages 1 and 4). She was only 16 when they met and he was around 40. Charisma’s mom, Mahogany Gaddis, told investigators Michael sent her daughter a series of text messages threatening to kill her. That’s why she moved and wouldn’t share her address.

Charisma also filed a protective order.

“Domestic violence is serious,” Mahogany said.

“This man took my baby’s life and she was only 21.”

Charisma was a home healthcare aide for the elderly.

Michael was a bum.

Watch Leah Gordone’s sad report.

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  1. Whoever told this sick child molester her knew address just know HER BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!!!!! rather u knew or didn’t know whatever story he told u. 🗣️YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE A NUMBER OR ADDRESS ON SOMEONES CONTACTS!!!!!! THAT A INVASION OF THEIR PRIVACY!!! AND BAD THINGS LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN WHEN U STICK UR NOSEY NOSE IN OTHERS BUSINESS!!! God bless this family and extra protection over her kids 😢

  2. The head is sick family…our women are dying younger and younger by the hands of men they thought loved them. Now her children are left without a mother or father…because of his selfish & controlling wicked behavior…smh…sad…sad…sad! Sisters protect your heart…protect your life. My condolences to her family. Seek the Lord while He still may be found! “Repent for the kingdom heaven is at hand!” Shalom

  3. My God so many black children are getting pregnant unnecessary, when is this going to stop. You have not even finish school and you are pregnant for these murderers

  4. Charisma Smith looked like a beautiful doll baby and that pervert could not keep his eyes and hands off of her. It would have been better if he would have found a chick his age and an ugly one at that who could have seen right through his old butt.

  5. I have told you women a million times… THE PROTECTIVE ORDER IS NOT SOME MAGICAL PIECE OF PAPER THAT WILL PROTECT YOU!!!…. understand that… It’s not. The protective order is so you do not go to jail for doing what you have to do to protect yourself. Out of all my years I have only seen “one” woman who got this right and needless to say her stalker boyfriend will never bother her again.

  6. Get the order and a gun. If he approaches you then do what you have to do.

  7. These men do this to women/young girls because they have no fear of retaliation. They feel they can smack, push, punch, kick, spit on, rape any woman/young girl and all that she’ll do is weep, scream and worry if her phone or nails are broken. Then the women/young girls go right back to these abusers. smh. If men had to watch their back every time they abused the opposite sex, they would behave much different. There are women/young girls that think they can abuse men and get away with it…most times, they will end up 6 ft. under. Not saying that is what happened here at all. Best advice: Stick with your own age group / Leave Him/her because one hit, punch, slap, etc. means more will follow no matter how many times you hear “I’m sorry.”

  8. He was a true coward. Had the nerve to hunt her down… im sorry the only thing a order of protection is for when you protect yourself.. ladies being a victim of domestic violence myself that piece of paper isn’t protection its an order.. so protect.. get those gun licenses and get a gun.. he wants to violate.. you protect.. bam bam bam… not necessarily to kill him but I bet if you put some fire on his behind he think twice… let’s protect our daughters our families our babies… that’s who the guns should be for… period

  9. Low-down dirty dogg!!! We as parents need to step up our parenting skills to guard our daughters from these demons (young and OLD)! His grey-butt probably was a pedophile OR so undesirable to women of his age! Ladies and women be watchful at ALL times!! Stop trying to make our little girls be grown ups before their time.
    This is so sad for our people. That low-down dogg didn’t even care about his children, which is a FACT!!! Lord have mercy on our children🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  10. This story is very sad, just awful. My heart and prayers goes out to the family. This wicked evil man was old enough to be her father. In my mind he was a predator. Yes it’s our duty as Mothers to teach our daughters that there are violent men out here and to teach them to know the difference between a good man and a evil wicked man. I have four daughters and I have taught all of them to know the difference. ❤

  11. IMO he was NOT her “boyfriend”, he was a child molester inflicting years of ongoing abuse on a LITTLE GIRL that culminated in murder. Her parents should have had him arrested when she was a teen…who was protecting her??

  12. Why didn’t her mother get this man arrested when She found out how old he was when her daughter first got pregnant

  13. Yes.Lord I’m going thru that RIGHT now,he has a long very violent backround but they let him out just like that,he even climbed thru my window with the ankle bracelet on BUT there’s women that work in the gps department and they flirt with him so he got away with it. He always told me he’d kill me before I have anybody else now I have to move because he won’t leave me alone and he is a narcissist smh lord this is why I be scared,more have to be done cuz they always let them go free even when they have multiple D.V charges smh..I’m getting a Pistol

  14. The wages of sin is death the thot culture brings destruction these females today go from man to man with no shame they take pride in being a side chick and scandalous sex outside the will of God is deadly prayers to family

  15. Sisters it’s getting more dangerous, for us in relationships. Marriages etc , are not safe. Some people can’t handle rejection.

  16. This is terrible..I could’ve easily been Charisma is 1998..I was 20 uears old my only sons father was 32 I was 15 when my son was born. He became emotionally and mentally abusive, when he threatened to put his hands on me..God knows something took over me! I let him know IF he touched me..he better never sleep again because I woukd make sure he didn’t wake up. He knew I had grew up and was tired of him ,I left a week later before the sun came up. He found out where I was and had been stalking for a month and I didn’t even know it, I thought he was moving on too until him and his friend kidnapped me at gunpoint, he beat me in the head with the gun in the back seat of a car while his friend drove. I fought back!!!! I became enraged and screamed to him ,kill me!! You better do it because I’d rather be dead than go back to you!!! While the gun was to my head I stared him in the eyes and said DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!! Jejust broke down and started crying and pleading for me to forgive him and apologizing.. I told him idgafaboit his feelings anymore and l meant whati said..this was the last time he would see me…12 hours later I was able to walk away after all he put me thru. Je went to prison for ten years and I moved on went to school, and lived a good life with my son. In 2008 when released from prison our son was a teenager and he found us and APOLOGIZED AND ASKED AGAIN TO BE TOGETHER..NO !!! MOVE ON AND MAKE A LIFE MAN. He finally did and would call me for support when him and his new baby mom would physically fight ..smh I helped him a couple times because,she liked fighting, he said he was too old and didn’t want to fight anymore, I felt it was his karma..for taking advantage of me at a young age. That girl is younger than I am so imagine that..I guessing you live long enough you’re the tables turn.
    Rest easy Charisma 💔 I wish things had ended up differently for you.

  17. He went around with her picture? If this isn’t premeditated, nothing is. Poor woman💕

  18. This is why ‘JUST LEAVE’ isn’t the solution everyone thinks it is. Because these monsters will hunt you down if you don’t know how to disappear properly.

  19. I keep saying this!!!!
    STOP allowing your children to play house with these BUMS!!! 21yrs old😲 this young lady should have been in College or traveling the World…

  20. Young women, I’m 61 and I’m issuing you a WARNING. Please do not tell men that you are breaking up with them. Just leave. Don’t argue with them. Don’t give them advance notice. Just pick a time when they will not be present (or when they are asleep) and leave, even if you must leave all your belongings behind. If you are not living with them, move to another location, perhaps even out of state. Call a friend, family member, get a bus ticket, rent a car, etc. Do whatever you have to do to just disappear. Most people who are abusive need someone to abuse, so they will start forming other romantic relationships with other people and soon forget about you. But if you keep arguing with them, confronting them about wanting out of the relationship, etc. you will continue to stay very present in their mind and in their sight and they will most likely seek revenge in the form of violence. Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t make those same mistakes.

  21. We’ve Raised i Mean Not Raised (Which is the problem) Some PUNK Azz Sensitive Black BOYS!!

  22. This the worst story I’ve heard. She’s literally did everything right she moved to a location he didn’t know and he actually went door to door looking for her. That is so insane. Prayers for peace to the family

  23. EMOTIONAL LITTLE BITCH………I can’t even call him a Man …

  24. This would’ve never happened with a father in the home. Kevin Samuels tried to warn y’all

  25. She know she was dead wrong to even lay down with someone in their 30s let alone 40s. No sympathy 🤷🏽‍♂️ from me

  26. why was this monster not arrested for sleeping with a 16 year old when he was almost 40 years old?

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