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Father kills his daughter’s boyfriend during break-in

James Rayl was shot dead/

Dad kills daughter’s ex.

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SIDNEY — Here’s a textbook example of what to do when Pookie & Ray Ray overstep their bounds. Trigger-happy patriarch Michael Duckro won’t face criminal charges after he smoked his daughter’s jilted ex-boyfriend for breaking into the house. The fatal shooting transpired July 31st around 11 a.m. in Sidney, Ohio. It was also captured on video. Ring camera footage shows 22-year-old James Rayl trying to shoulder his way through the front door to ignite a domestic dispute with Allyson Duckro. Mitch warned James to vacate the premises but he didn’t listen. He also said, “I’ve got a gun.” Didn’t matter. As soon as James forced himself inside, Mitch shot his ass three times at point-blank range. A bloodied James stumbled down the porch steps before collapsing in the driveway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Coroners said James was shot in both shoulders and once in the back.

Allyson broke up with James a year and a half ago but the nooky was too good. The p*ssy-whipped rascal left her a voice message prior to showing up unannounced. “You saved my life,” Allyson told her father. A Shelby County grand jury must’ve felt the same way because they voted 8 to 1 not to indict Mitch based on Ohio’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

James’ family disagreed with the decision. His sister, Jessica Marie Colbert, said he lacked malicious intent and shouldn’t have been killed. “Mitch Duckro shot him in the back and killed him,” Jessica wrote on Facebook. “I hope your days are more miserable than they’ve ever been. You’re a disgusting excuse of a human being along with your daughter.”

Do you agree with Jessica?

Was Michael wrong for lettin’ his gat explode?

Watch disturbing footage of the shooting and police interrogation interviews involving Michael and Allyson.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Some of the blame should fall on the stupid daughter for being involved with a violent man

  2. That home invader clearly had violent intentions. Only thing is I would’ve stopped after the first shot when he turned around. He defended his daughter.

  3. No firearm protocol what so ever , he shot someone who had no weapon , who is known by his daughter and who was maybe still having belongings there , no warning shot , and shot 3 times through a door over something that could have been resolved without violence . People like this should not own guns as they have no respect for a human life . And clearly can’t handle pressure

  4. Why you had to shoot the child THREE times his back is turn even if he tried to break in shoot to scare WTF wrong with all y’all

  5. Them bullets knocked some sense into him. “OH GOD I AM WHITE,WHY AM I TRYING TO BREAK INTO SOMEONES HOUSE…..LET ME GO HAVE A SEAT”

  6. One shot would have gotten him out of the house. The daughter seems in shock and distraught that her father shot him. She said “What the fuck?!?!?”. That’s the part that makes me wonder if there is a little bit more to the story.

  7. This was a really stupid way too die when someone asks you to leave his/her property please always comply.

  8. Wtf did he expect? To literally break in and murder people then go home to his Sister Mommy no problem?!

    His sister called the Dad “garbage just like your daughter” saying he killed him shooting him in the back.

  9. He said to get off my porch multiple times. Then said he had a gun. The young man continued his forced entry.

  10. The look of this guy tells me he’s fully capable of murder. Good job dad. Or your daughter would have been another victim on 8 o’clock news

  11. To those who think you can shoot someone through the door because they bang on your front door, think again. Consult with your lawyer, they will tell not to do it. Your front yard and your porch are not the inside of your house. You have a dead kid because he pushed and banged loudly on the front door. He never stepped one foot in the front door, he may have just walked away. We will never know. You put yourself in legal jeopardy shooting someone outside the confines of your house. Ask any cop, they will also tell you not to do it. Do your own research people. Don’t take it from me.

  12. @John Smith: Once he makes entry it’s fair game. He broke the door and that is when the shots are fired. Totally legal

  13. Well, this is not a good thing but this is what you get when you force yourself into someone house. I think i would have shot too you never know what he was going to do, what he have etc… Imagine he was planning of killing her because she break up with him 😅 it happen everyday. Better stay safe and shot than crying all your life on your child grave. She learned something too, don’t Fuck with random dude and make them your boyfriend After 3 dates. It’s tragic but it is what it is, his family is crying someone too so be respectful, some comments are made by disgusting people. Even for the most worst piece of garbage out here this is awful to see someone dying, are you psychopath or what ?????

  14. Yo this guys sister is actually going around trying to make it seem like her brother was the victim here. Thank God that dad protected his daughter. Hope he is up for round two cause jessica Marie Colbert believes the dad is in the wrong. Personally he died a criminal. Fuck him

  15. Some of the comments on here are moronic and immature. America is a sick place.

  16. The ex boyfriend sister said he didnt do it out of malice.
    Sure,he broke inside the house out of love then?
    Clown thought it was okay to break into a home and found out.
    Any parents would have done the same to protect their children.

  17. See how these whores manipulate men? Lord knows what she did to him for him to be there like that.

  18. Imagine killing a young man over your stupid daughter. The guy was unarmed, father should have dragged the daughter out to talk it out with him.

  19. Tragic for all the people involved,but the look on the man’s face is totally emotionless, he was going in to do harm, the father did what he had to do. I am glad he is not getting charged. Still he will have to cope with death for the rest of his life, very sad.

  20. The ex-boyfriend was heard saying: “If I can’t have you, then no one will!”

  21. 1st. Let me say I don’t know all the details, if the ex had a weapon then I understand the usage of the gun, but in the video it looks like he’s unarmed .

    Someone else already pointed it out but the ex could’ve been having a mental breakdown and it sure looked like it. Ya’ll need to understand that you are seriously rewarding and giving cudos to a man who killed someone who was unarmed and was dealing with a likely mental crisis, something else they could’ve done was kept talking to him through the door untill the cops arrived .

  22. First shot was justified. Second one wasn’t. The kid was no longer a threat as he turned around and he shot the kid again. That’s manslaughter folks.

  23. his family crying all over social media talking about getting justice. kid was breaking into their home, and they have a legal right to defend themselves. this was justice.

  24. The father has nothing to be shamed of and should be proud that he protected his daughter from the threat that was happening. Sometimes to take a life like how this was done here was the only thing to be done and honestly, I would’ve done the same if anyone tried to do what the ex-boyfriend tried to do when breaking into a home. Always defend and protect.

  25. You psychotically break my door down to get into my home you get shot it’s that simple

  26. HERO FATHER!! That guy would have ended up killing that girl eventually!! Stand your ground at all cost proud Americans!!

  27. You really can’t handle a teenage boy? Whatever happened to real men using the hands to defend their families, everyone’s just trigger happy these days.

  28. “James, she doesn’t want to talk to you.”
    “James, go.”
    “Get off my porch.”
    “I’ve got a gun.”
    James ignores above commands and kicks open the door to a house that doesn’t belong to him. James gets shot.
    Not at all difficult to comprehend.

  29. I really don’t have a problem with this. Break into my home, try to get at my daughter, and you’ll regret it. Plain and simple. He literally dug his own grave and I don’t care.

  30. Did he just randomly lose his mind? How weird to pop up years later & go psycho on their door trying to get at her.

  31. I can’t speak for this father but I know when I am standing my ground I send a warning shot first, then if that doesn’t stop him I go for the leg, but if that doesn’t work then I’m unloading my clip into the guy, now this has only happened to me a handful of times but 90% of the time that first warning shot scares the guy away. People need to understand that stand your ground gives you the right to murder someone trying to break in to your home. My guess is the kid probably thought the father was bluffing if he understood the stand your ground law better maybe he would of thought twice I mean everyone knows you pull a gun on a cop your gonna get shot at.

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