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Navy lieutenant murdered girlfriend and unborn child

Emmanuel took Raquiah’s life/YouTube

Navy lieutenant kills girlfriend.

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HAMPTON — Emmanuel Dewayne Coble, a 27-year-old U.S. Navy lieutenant, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his pregnant girlfriend because she refused to get an abortion. The femicide transpired July 21st in Hampton, Virginia. According to court docs, 20-year-old Raquiah Paulette King was 12-weeks gravid with Emmanuel’s baby when he paid for her to have an abortion. But when Raquiah reneged on the decision, a belligerent Emmanuel shot her dead then left her remains on the side of Winns Church Road. He killed the unborn child too. Emmanuel was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Surveillance footage shows him at the abortion clinic 24 hours earlier. Law enforcement had no trouble tracking him down. “I am incredibly proud of the diligence of our investigators and our law enforcement partners which led to the arrest of Emmanuel Coble,” said Hanover County Sheriff Colonel David R. Hines in a statement. “This arrest is the first step in bringing justice to Raquiah King and her family.”

Emmanuel’s boss also issued a statement. “The Navy is cooperating with law enforcement agencies involved with this case, and we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the victim,” said Lt. Commander Robert Myers, public affairs officer for the Commander of the Naval Air Force Atlantic fleet.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “Death Row.” Another chimed in with, “The military produces some of the most mentally disturbed and coldhearted individuals so I was not surprised to find out he was a naval officer. Smh. RIP to this beautiful queen and child.” A third person added, “He did not have to take her life and the unborn child’s life. He could have simply ended the relationship and paid child support. He is just ignorant and trifling.”

Emmanuel lacked a criminal history so he must’ve snapped.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. Hmmm…, she wanted a child out of wedlock? Real love leads to marriage

    Most women don’t know the difference between smash & love…
    Men are not picky with s**.., they are picky with marriage
    Men are going to say what they need to say to get laid

  2. Ladies protect yourself no matter what he says either say NO or if you choose to then insist on a condom not only for unwanted pregnancy but protection from Deadly Diseases BE CAREFUL OUT THERE 😍😍😍

  3. This is so sad..we as women must start protecting doesn’t equal relationship or marriage..also diseases are out here. Ladies look out for you these men are deranged and dangerous..Peace

  4. Men will do everything but wear a condom. You’d rather kill someone and go to prison, instead of wearing a condom. Smh

  5. Where Was She Going To Do The Abortion At…This Is Demonically Insane… Lady’s Stop Getting Pregnant By These Men …Better Yet Leave Them Alone… It’s Not Worth It In The End…My God 😞😞😞

  6. Too many STDs for folks to be taking chances by doing it in the raw. Women make better choices. Having a baby by a man doesn’t mean he will stay with you or even be there to support the child financially or emotionally.

    It’s easier for a man to get a vasectomy, than for a woman to have her tubes tied or get an abortion or raise a child as a single parent.

  7. He could’ve gotten put out the service for adultery, if he was married and the baby would be the proof of that adultery if she or the wife reported it to his commanding officer. Anything that discredits the service member or the service, is grounds to get put out, they call it chaptered out. Him being an officer, he could get de-commisioned &/or “dishonorable” or “other than honorable” put out. It’s carrer ending.

  8. Its crazy how he ignored what was likely to happen, when you are sexually active in a relationship. He needed to be accountable for his actions. In his mind the better option was to killing both of them?🤡,becoming a criminal. If he didn’t want taking responsibility for a child, he should have done what some men do,ignore the woman and dont take care of the child .They didn’t deserve to die.

  9. Unfortunately this is happening more
    and more. It used to be back in the day, that men or so-called men would just leave the Mother and just not pay the Child Support!! And not have anything to do with their Children. But this new breed of men coming up now , ain’t playing with these young girls!! And sadly, I don’t believe there’s anyway to Stop this becuz like it or Not men and women are still going to continue to have unprotected Sex with each other and if the woman is unlucky enough to get pregnant by the wrong guy, then more and more women are going to continue to lose their Lives!! This is beyond Sad!!

  10. Listen, Do Not date / marry military men. They are the worst. Narcissistic on steroids. They are trained to mask and they do it very well. I am sure there are exceptions to this but they are far few and in-between.

  11. Three lives doomed because of sex and a baby. SAD and PATHETIC. 😢

  12. Why sleep with us if you HATE us that much!!! Pregnancy is a consequence of sex
    If u dont want our kids then dont touch us. Ladies CLOSE THOSE LEGS TILL MARRIAGE

  13. What’s wrong with these men? If they don’t want to be a father, where a condom!!! Darn it, be sexually responsible!!! You can’t force a woman to have an abortion!!! My prayers are for her grieving parents, friends, and family members.

  14. So sad I’m 3 months pregnant too and this baby’s Dad wanted me to do the same thing but I refused. You never know who a person is or what they’re capable of.

  15. What a fool! Now he will spend his life in jail rather than a father for a life time

  16. Men, if you don’t want to be a father, wrap it up and let the woman know before y’all even become intimate…oh and buy her some female condoms because some will lie and say they’re on protection such as pills or shot. Don’t take chances having sex raw if you want to stay disease free and free from Parenthood, it’s that simple🤷🏾‍♀️🙄

  17. This is what females gets for dating with thugs! Thugs never care for females but females loves thugs!

  18. These servicemen are fkd up in the head. I would never date one again. Abusive horrible men

  19. What is up with all these men killing women. They are shooting,setting them on fire,stabbing them who is birthing these cowards. Women stop for a min before dating a man and ask around to see what you can find out. Back ground checks. If they have been violent in the past and or been to prison,I would say stay single until you find your king. Find a man whose mama raised him so you don’t have to.

  20. Have it ever occurred to you men that you’re not the only one that’s losing something she’s losing something too by bringing the baby into the world she’s losing her freedom she got to stop a lot of things and so are you but the solution is never to kill her or the child and another thing your sperm is not f**** golden if it’s so golden put a condom on better yet don’t have sex pathetic

  21. The hallmark of the military is DISCIPLINE AND CHARACTER.

    How in the hell did this SELFISH, DESPICABLE BASTARD slip through its cracks and become AN OFFICER?

  22. woman you have to repent and learn that when you lay with a man that is your husband and God made it that your husband shall rule over you. You can not leave him or disobey him.

    Ephesians 5:22-33

    King James Version

    22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

    23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

    24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands👉🏾 in every thing.👈🏾

  23. It’s just safer to use a sperm donor and have a baby that way. Very few men worth having a kid with out here.

  24. Why dude? Why would you do something so stupid and senseless? How many times does this have to be said, ” you have unprotected sex, there’s a good chance she can get pregnant!”

  25. Men have fun until “life” happens. This is when ladies find out his intentions, unfortunately….the thrill is Over. The guys will blow your phone-up asking, “did you make an appt yet”? If he don’t want, don’t have it bcuz you’re choosing Struggle & a prophesied burden. The Man WILL CHOOSE A Wife, not the other way around. Don’t stress a future with a man, allow him naturally to Choose You bcuz patience is Virtuous. I Love Me 1st & 4most

  26. Trojan Magnums and vasectomies (reversible if you like) fellas. Going to the gas chamber, doing Ray Carruth time, loss of a career, and tarnishing your family name isn’t worth it. If at all, ride the 18 years of CS out, but look out for yourself and don’t get caught up in the first place. Ladies – Don’t always assume that a baby 🚼 will keep a man. Stay on that birth control and look out for yourself.

  27. What make these black azzes think they that special they gone get away with killing anyone especially a pregnant black woman ,, look we know they not backed up like other race of women but people still luv an care for them, they are not disposable an will not be forgotten. These dudes are weak AF 😒

  28. Both of their fault, they both should’ve use protection. That’s how a lot of unplanned kids are made

  29. Just move away even if you have to go to a shelter somewhere else cus these fools are crazy

  30. The U.S. Navy need to put him before a Firing Squad for killing that woman and child!

  31. I know this wasn’t the only time he hurt her. We need to be vigilant when searching for a partner. Look for signs vet your potential suitor as you would a job or home. We need that kind of energy for something so personal and intimate.

  32. This is Sick!
    She Is a Beautiful young woman..
    He is Demonic and you can look deep into his eyes and see there’s no Love or Sympathy for what he did!!!! And to dump her at the side of the road like a piece garbage.
    He probably got another woman pregnant or have a child or so.
    It seems all He was looking for was to just ride her.
    Thank God the family knew whom they daughter was with.
    He will rot in he’ll.

  33. Use condoms if you don’t want kids fool !!! Now your life is over and you’re in jail

  34. Another Rae Carruth dirt bag type!!

    Prayers for the young lady family 🙏🙏

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