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Battered wife murdered by husband in front of 3 kids

Keaira Hudson killed by hubby/YouTube

Battered wife gunned down. 

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BUFFALO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Adam Bennefield, 45, was taken into police custody after he murdered his wife, 40-year-old Keaira Hudson, because she was ready to leave his abusive ass. The femicide transpired October 5th in Buffalo, New York as Keaira attempted to drop their three children off at school. Keaira’s corpse was found inside the vehicle riddled with gunshot wounds. The children were not harmed. Adam absconded, but was later arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The fatal shooting also took place after Keaira, a victim of domestic violence, posted a graphic Facebook video that shows Adam beating her ass. He punched her multiple times like she’s a man. Keaira was scheduled to appear in court for a custody hearing the same day she was gunned down.

Adam, who was released from jail 24 hours earlier, made sure Keaira didn’t make it.

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“She’s just been trying to get help. I’ve been with her going to police stations, she’s been texting me, sending me videos, giving me her phone password just in case,” said Montaysha Jeter, Keaira’s sister. “She’s been staying at my mom’s house for the last couple of days and she was going to go to court today because he was trying to get custody.”

Adam was such an asshole, Keaira normally wore a bulletproof vest before egressing the house. When asked why, she replied: “Because mom, he’s going to kill me. You don’t understand.” Unfortunately, terrorizing women is nothin’ new to Adam. Back in 2000, the Ike Turner-wannabe slammed a stolen car into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle then kidnapped her at gunpoint.

He served 15 years in prison.

Keaira knew about Adam’s criminal history prior to gettin’ hitched.

So it makes you wonder why she married him.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. What did she see in this dude ? He was obviously crazy. She clearly didn’t do a background check on this man

  2. Us black women need to look out for ourselves and our children… because these men loosing they minds, and don’t nobody else care about us. Therefore, we need to take care of each other my SISTA’S. Be safe and blessed 🙏

  3. Stop dating these thugs and bringing them around your DAMN children.
    This wasn’t his first time hurting her she knew what he was about and stayed with him anyway. RIP tho

  4. This is no way shape or form trying to victim blame but ladies we have to stop being desperate for relationships and marriage. It’s obvious a lot of times that these men are not marriage material. We just hate the fact of still being at a certain age, so a lot will marry down just for a ring.

  5. I Won’t be surprise if she brought her own ring and paid for the wedding. RIP, My Condolences goes out to the kids.

  6. This is a weak minded man that did this. Brothers, if you don’t want that woman LET HER GO!
    And, Sisters, be careful who you give yourself to.

  7. The police & judges are sick! How could they let someone out when they are so violent but keep people in jail for so long for selling drugs. It’s so sad that ppl making money is more important to them than ppl actually harming others. It’s sad. And I pray that laws change.

  8. So he’s Abusing you and you buy a Vest not a Gun She wasn’t that Smart😏

  9. So she knew about this demon’s past and still married him? She brought this crazy looking demon into her babies life , WHY ????

  10. Ladies I know easy said then done but never stay with a man that lay hands on you.

  11. Totally disgusting. A damn shame. I don’t want to wish bad on people but I hope that when he gets to prison. I hope his ass is raw from getting had. SOB.

  12. If i got a problem with a female i leave. No fighting, physical or emotional, just bye 💯

  13. This 304 would have treated a good man like shit. To hell with her

  14. Get married to a responsible man instead of living in immortality with baby daddies to baby daddies. Well done , definitely choosing men stupidly

  15. I bet if it was a white woman they would have found a way to protect her.

  16. Well, that is the justice reform they wanted. Why are they crying about it?!

  17. Why would she marry a man that served 15 years for kidnapping. We have to do better my people and bail reform is a devil’s bargain

  18. I’m wondering why the police didn’t just shoot to kill when they found this thug.Anyone innocent or slightly dangerous would have been took out.This man is a waste of space and tax payers money.

  19. I had to pause the video after the assault! I have NEVER in my 29 years of life seen something like this… A man beating on a woman! Literally I’m in disbelief! He was wailing on her like a man in the streets! I’m so shocked like this is heartbreaking! How could you EVER allow someone to treat you like this then stay afterwards! There’s not that much love in the world! You have to love yourself first ! Omg I’m so disgusted

  20. What a beautiful woman. I get so sick and tired of hearing stories about these ex husbands and boyfriends killing these women bcuz they want to move on with they life.

  21. He’s ugly. Inside and out. Black women need to raise their standards. It’s good to judge by the cover sometimes

  22. This lady KNEW this man was going to do this to her! I don’t even know how she made it to the point she did KNOWING she has kids and could not possibly see her kids again! I pray for those children! And every person who has to care for her children! Have mercy Dear God! Have mercy. 😞

  23. @drake3816: with a comment like that you must beat women? im sure he was not in any danger to where he had to kill her in self defense, bruh you sound like a dumb ass

  24. This woman CHOSE a man with a history of violent criminal behavior, a once convicted felon. She contributed to her death by choosing a USELESS THUG

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