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Wannabe rapper kills baby mama, claiming kid not his

Dejah was brutally murdered/Twisted Crimes

Broke rapper kills baby mama. 

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BOSTON — Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe. The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 22-year-old Dejah Jenkins-Minus who was stabbed to death by her baby daddy, 22-year-old Leonard Robinson, on Thanksgiving. The femicide transpired November 26, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts. Dejah and Leonard appeared to be the perfect couple on Facebook. They shared a million lovey-dovey pictures with endearing captions. But, turns out, it was all a big f*ckin’ lie. According to police reports, Leonard (a wannabe rapper nicknamed Poleboy DRose) confronted Dejah — claiming her 2-month-old daughter wasn’t his. As the argument intensified, Leonard broke Dejah’s neck then stabbed her 58 times. Scuttlebutt has it… Leonard didn’t want to pay 18 years of child support and, rather than demand a Maury paternity test, he carved Dejah up like a turkey. Leonard was also on house-arrest during the time of murder.

But he cut off his ankle monitor prior to the fatal stabbing.

Social media reaction was melancholic. One reader wrote, “Wonder who put it in his head he is not the father!!!” Another chimed in with, “He could of just gotten a DNA test done. SMH!” A third person added, “All these couples that show off online seem to have toxic, abusive relationships. I guess they’re trying to prove to the world and themselves that what they have going on is ‘normal.’ So sad that baby will never know her mother. On another note, these dudes who are wannabe rappers all have criminal records‼️ Meaning… they’re likely sitting at home, playing video games because studio time costs money or the woman is funding their ‘career.’ The baby reminded this dude that he had financial responsibilities that he didn’t want to handle‼️” 

Dejah was excited about celebrating her daughter’s first Thanksgiving. Here’s what she posted before her quietus: “I got this mommy sh*t on lock. My daughter will never need for anything. Can’t wait to celebrate her first Thanksgiving tomorrow.”

A damn shame.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Most people flossing relationships and etc are miserable in reality and probably expecting a fate like this.

    People want to inspire jealousy in others with their relationship flossing and it backfires often…

  2. These men really don’t like females they just like the Coochie smh 🤦‍♀️

  3. This why I’m single. I stay off the relationship conversation and enjoying my life make money. And hug my dogs at night. All I see now in days are black men taking black woman out like flies.

  4. was a DNA test ever done? i wonder if the kid is his. Either way she did not deserve this! RIP beautifull!

  5. True crime of passion😢, this is just 😞 sad‼️

  6. I am literally afraid of men. They get emotional & become unglued. They don’t care abt consequences outside of how they feel.. & aren’t receptive to the feelings of others.

  7. Y’all have to LEAVE THE STREET LIFE AND COME GET WITH GOD! My sympathy only so deep. My mom made it clear when in the streets you get it how you live. Dating a drug dealer gang member rapper is the same. LEAVE HIM !

  8. Dude wasnt shit but again women love picking these dudes and of course when it don’t go right it’s men ain’t shit 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. He didn’t have to kill her why didn’t he just go and take a DNA test this is sad 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾⚘️⚘️⚘️🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  10. These men are so disgusting and unstable!! If you thought that wasn’t your baby why couldn’t you just move on? I hope you get forever in Jail!!!!

  11. Sick fuck she was fine as hell too. He mustve been like if I can’t have you no one can

  12. BLM officials are investigating whether a white police officer is somehow at fault…

  13. Single mothers raise emotional unstable boys that never turn into men. And than these man child’s go create more single mothers continuing the cycle. Or worst hurting the women because of their unstable nature which attracts most women.

  14. Do you know the energy and rage it takes to stab someone almost 60 times??!! I can barely cut a chicken up.
    This Femicide Has Got To Stop!! This murderers past was a red flag we must believe the signs we see!
    🙏🏽Justice and prayers for them all.

  15. He is a weak excuse of a man smfh why wouldn’t he just get the DNA test …bet that child is his

  16. Was it his? Not that there is any excuse but it would be crazy if it actually was his child 😑

  17. This is horrible if you wasn’t sure just get a DNA test why all of a sudden he started thinking this..he need to go to jail forever

  18. He could’ve jus got a dna test when she was born to prevent any doubt. Instead you walked around with doubt and anger for no reason 🤦🏽‍♀️ all this could’ve easily been cleared up so easily. RIP to this young mom and daughter. Now the baby goes without both parents.

  19. Black people need to get your stupid arse off got damn social media. Thinking LIFE is a got damn rap video. This is real life fools!!! Ignorance is freaking sickness and a disease. It’s a downward spiral for the blind. Wake the hell up!!

  20. instead of his dumb ass killing her he should’ve took a test and if the baby wasn’t his then leave but instead he can beat box his dumb ass in jail forever

  21. These young wanna be rappers have a immature ignorant mentality. Let’s see how tough Robinson is when he is in prison with real killers, who will teach him he ain’t no real killer. He not going to get no love in prison. He’s gonna wish he had killed himself. 💯💯💯

  22. Stop playing games with the babies ladies ..if u know the baby ain’t his just tell Dejah

  23. Wait this silly minded punk has never heard of a paternity test 😡 when you can kill that easy you should never be let back on the street’s again. So this precious young baby will never know her mother because Leonard is ignorant. May she be at peace 🙏❤

  24. How could u look her in the eye, and stab her 58 times and break her neck

  25. Their social media was so dope n creative, u could feel the love they had for each other thru the screen ❤ How could he become such a monster to her. She just gave birth her body was still tender yet she still tried to fight for her survival 😢 wat was it that made him snap? Was it because of the way the baby looked that sparked his insecurity? Newborns are usually pale, their lips n noses are still swollen, they may not look exactly like a parent thought they would, their looks change after the newborn phase. I wish he could’ve enjoyed the love u feel towards the new baby instead of letting darkness take over. His career his life will be ruined, I’m sure his mother will be heartbroken she’s losing her son too 😢 such Tragedy

  26. What’s wrong with these man??? Lord please take the wheel …RIP love

  27. He did that to this Beautiful Blk Queen…. Because he “Thought” he wasn’t the father??? 😢The baby looks just like him!! That was EVIL AND SICKENING TO MY STOMACH!! I believe he did that because he knew he most likely was gonna lose her after he went to prison for those 2 gun cases!! He’s a Low Life!!

  28. I believed she moved on and he was mad about it she probably told him it’s over and he snapped either way 58 times like that’s stabbing her for minutes possibly may he rot in jail and he’ll RIP deja may God welcome you into his kingdom

  29. People do a lot of shit for show on the internet. When your relationship is going good you don’t need to post or convince anyone through social media. RIP princess 👸🏽

  30. He needs to rot. Took that beautiful mom from her child. So young. He ended both of their potential.

  31. There’s a reason LOVE spelled backwards is EVOL. It CAN be selfish and deadly along with possessive im not just talking spiritual either

  32. Young man why didn’t you just get a DNA test you wouldn’t have been in prison she wouldn’t have been dead her family wouldn’t have been morning that rapping stuff has got to you kids head now it’s time to pay the Piper

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