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Bank executive is killed by jealous ex she worked with

Michelle Avan brutally murdered/YouTube

Bank exec killed by nutty ex.

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LOS ANGELES — Probably not sagacious to have dalliances with co-workers. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of Michelle Avan who was pummeled to death by her p*ssy-whipped ex-boyfriend, 52-year-old Anthony Duwayne Turner, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired August 5, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. According to police reports, Anthony broke into Michelle’s Reseda residence and begged her to take him back. When she declined, he beat her to a bloody pulp. Michelle, 48, was pronounced dead 24 hours later with facial trauma. Her countenance was completely disfigured. He made sure another man wouldn’t want her. Anthony was arrested and charged with murder and first-degree residential burglary. Michelle had just received a promotion to Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Anthony, a banker with a history of domestic violence, was one of her confrères at the same financial institution. Michelle was about to become his boss. In public, Anthony emulated a high-value man. But dude was nothin’ more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

That’s why Michelle filed a restraining order against his jealous ass.

Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “I don’t understand black guys. I’m black my damn self. I’ve been with this black guy for seventeen years. We have five children. I told him that I never want to see him again. He is still trying to be my friend. Why is this man still contacting me and buying me gifts? I tried to receive a life time restraining order because I’m not joking around. Why can’t he just move on like a normal person? I don’t care for him anymore. I’m content.”

Another chimed in with, “Ladies, when you start climbing the ladder of success — AVOID MEN.”

A third observer added, “This doesn’t look like a Pookie or Ray Ray to me. Where are all you guys blaming the victim saying she should’ve chose better? He was obviously an educated guy with a good job.”

Michelle’s sanguinary cadaver was discovered around 7 a.m. by her son, Trevor Avan. “My mom was such a beautiful person, just so loving, if there was anything that you needed from her, she would be there,” he told reporters at a press conference outside the courthouse. “She didn’t even get a chance to see her granddaughter’s second birthday because she was taken from us.”

Scuttlebutt has it, Anthony told Michelle if he couldn’t have her no one will.

After killing her, he laid next to her corpse for a full day.

Sick bastard.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. This beautiful woman that was nothing other than pure goodness for our country for this world a complete positive role model had her life taken by someone that did it out of pure malice without reason. She was not a threat to him and he wasn’t in fear for his life he was literally just a monster. Michelle was a beautiful so her and her family deserves Justice to the fullest!

  2. He probably saw her as a threat. That is why he became her friend in the first place.

  3. BM have declared war on us, and a lot of us don’t know it! I keep myself in a safe space by staying clear of them. And a relationship with them is out of the question! RIP Sweet woman!

  4. Damn this is so messed up …RIP to this woman and my prayers go out to her family ….what is wrong wit these guys ….just move on….every time I go on the net …there’s some guy killing they Ex because they don’t want them anymore 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. ITS NOT JUST POOKIE & RAY RAY AND THE GANG BANGERS THAT U THINK U KNOW ABOUT…. It’s the ones who seemingly “have it all together” too. I’m am so so so saddened by this. I mean truly. And she was a powerful woman. Why does this have to be this way. It hurts so badly. So so badly. My prayers are up… Wow…💙😔

  6. All this time, she was in a relationship with an enemy, and didn’t have a clue. Mercy.🙏🏾

  7. Some cats can’t take rejection. When u see the danger signs u leave nice and smooth smh sad

  8. These sick men, don’t deserve us woman!! This is so unfortunate, he just couldn’t let her be. He taunted and tortured her is what’s so sad, then beats her!! He is a very disgusting man, this good educated black beautiful put together women didn’t deserve this.. Family I send my deepest condolences 💐

  9. HORRIBLE just HORRIBLE, he was probably very Jealous of her accomplishments 🥴😩she was a Total Queen 👑 my deepest condolences to her Beautiful Children and loved one🙏🏿❤️

  10. These crazy men come in all levels of class. Smh. Protect yourselves if you know what I mean.

  11. Another stupid man… if she doesn’t want you, take your high paid job and move on …WOW

  12. I don’t know why but, that man’s face almost looks fake to me. It’s weird. Probably because, it’s a demon trying to look human. 😦

  13. This why you shouldn’t date person on the job because people feel like they own you…

  14. I wish very successful women could understand that low performing men will only destroy everything you have built and are still building 🤔

  15. I have been through something like this. But God’s grace. My ex pulled a gun on me for no reason.

  16. I am so sick of this it is happening more and more everyday, it is time to educate our female children from these gender roles, I heard it all growing up your gonna meet a man have babies, unfortunately that’s not going to happen for every woman and the way most males are now who cares!!!! Yes we all we want to be loved but at this price?????

  17. This is probably the reason Bank of America allowed someone to purchase sex drugs for men to keep it coming til a woman is done! Yea’ they tried to buy some hims. And didn’t put my $299.00 back in my account. I’ll get them though! For sho’ on”Foe NEM!

  18. It may be twisted, but it is so common. A women doesn’t really have the freedom to leave a bad relationship. It’s common now to have a death sentence put on your head if you want to make changes. The guys in these relationships don’t live under a death penalty when they choose.

  19. Oh, hell no. I’m not dating anymore. This scares me. This is awful.

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