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Wannabe rapper murders ex-girlfriend then himself

Larvell killed Arieuna & himself/Black Girl Unlost

Arieuna killed by baby daddy. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BROWN DEER — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 23-year-old Arieuna Nichole Reed who was gunned down by her baby daddy, 26-year-old Larvell Huddleston, before he took his own life. The murder-suicide transpired February 5, 2022 in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. According to police reports, Arieuna showed up at Larvell’s residence to drop off their son Egypt after soccer practice and a domestic dispute broke out. As the altercation intensified, Larvell shot Arieuna from his second-floor apartment balcony — killing her instantly. Then he shot and killed his white neighbor who played Good Samaritan. Then Larvell shot a black dude who stepped in to intervene. But, luckily, the victim survived after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg. “From my understanding… when she dropped him off and as she was leaving, he shot her from the balcony,” Arieuna’s mom, Tracy Reed, told reporters. “And then [he] ended up shooting the two people that were trying to help our daughter.” When police arrived, Larvell shot at them too. He was in full-blown Rambo mode.

Fortunately, no officers were hit.

Realizing he reached the point of no return, Larvell logged into Facebook and livestreamed his standoff with law enforcement. He could be heard praying for forgiveness. He also mentioned his struggles with PTSD and mental illness, saying, “Me mentally, I’ve been through too much… I’m not straight. I’m not crazy, but it’s a lot of sh*t I can’t take.” Before signing off, Larvell showed officers the outfit he wanted to be buried in then asked ’em to come get his son because he’s about to commit suicide.

His final words were, “N*ggas gonna think this is over a b*tch. It’s not.”

Larvell killed himself seconds later.

Aaron Reed, Arieuna’s father, was shell-shocked.

He said Larvell appeared to be the “perfect gentleman.”

Arieuna was a medical assistant on the verge of starting a vending business.

Larvell was a wannabe rapper with no real goals or ambitions.

Man… when women pick ’em, they pick ’em.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Stop keeping the child away from the father or this won’t happen some men can’t take it

  2. That’s not mental illness that is a coward who mad that he could NOT control her anymore

  3. You cant change nobody & you can’t force no one to be with you. This man took this young lady from her child.. Mental illness is REAL, but he use mental illness as an excuse. You don’t kill someone then go on the internet and talk about it & show what you want to be buried in. No; he should’ve been honest and said he snapped cause she didn’t take him back this time. He planned this and use the baby as an excuse to get her over there. Not to mention traumatizing his own son..It was all about him and his feelings. Ladies & gentlemen get know these ppl you decide to be in relationships with. Take time, have your family get to know them. It can help protect YOU in the end.

  4. Why … Not…. just… LEAVE?. I understand people deal with things differently but why?. It wasn’t Egypt’s Grandparents job to raise that baby. What a bitch ass thing to do.

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