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Cheating wife had soldier husband killed for money

Kemia had her husband killed/Viral Crimes

Wife plots husband’s murder. 

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ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — When simping goes wrong. Oxygen’s “Killer Couples” featured the demise of U.S. Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassell, 23, who was gunned down after his wife, 22-year-old Kemia Hassell, plotted his murder for life insurance benefits. The homicide transpired New Year’s Eve 2018. Kemia’s paramour, 24-year-old Jeremy Cuellar, was the one who pulled the trigger. All three were active-duty soldiers assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division in Fort Stewart, Georgia. But Tyrone lost his life while he, Kemia and their 2-year-old son were on leave for the holiday. The familial trio stayed at Tyrone’s father’s house in St. Joseph, Michigan. That’s where Kemia gave Jeremy an update on their whereabouts and around 11 p.m. the simp showed up and opened fire — striking Tyrone multiple times. The Black Widow quickly called 911 and pretended to give a damn. “I need help. My husband was shot,” a lachrymose Kemia told the operator. “I need help.”

When officers arrived, they found Tyrone sprawled out on his father’s driveway. His sanguinary corpse was riddled with bullets. Eleven days later, Kemia and Jeremy were arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Investigators learned Kemia wanted Tyrone dead so that she and Jeremy can run off together with the Army’s $400,000 life insurance benefit.

The adulterous wife confessed the inducement to detectives during a videotaped interrogation. She shared culpability with Jeremy. “I’m just as guilty as he is,” Kemia said. Jeremy admitted he was p*ssy-whipped and apologized to Tyrone’s father during a jailhouse visit. “I am truly sorry,” he said. “I know that ain’t worth sh*t. My mind was twisted. I thought I had to do that in order for me to have a family with her, because I wanted kids.”

Tyrone’s father replied, “After all that, you all thought that you could live happily ever after?”

Tyrone’s mother, Lashanda Jones, had chilling words for her daughter-in-law in court.

“I want you to spend every day suffering behind bars for the rest of your life,” Lashanda told Kemia.

“And I hope every time you close your eyes, my son taps you on the shoulder and smiles.”

Kemia and Jeremy both received life sentences without parole.

Berrien County Assistant Prosecutor Steve Pierangeli was happy with the verdict.

But he made it clear there’s no winners.

“Justice was served, but we still lost,” he told reporters.

“The Army lost a good soldier. Tyrone’s father lost a good son.”

Watch the explosive documentary and verdict.

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  1. Such an evil woman. Cold calculated murder. For money and side dick. May he rest in peace. It’s painful to me.

  2. feminism teaches girls from a young age that boys and men are there to be used , abused, and eventually discarded when they have taken all they can get.

  3. i served 11+ in the army, one thing i learned very quickly, single men no matter the color of ya skin, never and i mean never marry no chick in the military, wait till you are out, i knew a couple of men get fucked over, decent bros too due to marriage, shiiiiii

  4. They thought they would live happily ever after with that $400 thousand dollar life insurance policy.

  5. That girl soooo fucking disgusting they make it bad for good women out here
    She there crying and shit

  6. 🕎👸🏽Proverbs 23:27
    “For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit.”

  7. This one threw me for a loop. I mean it’s crazy. People don’t believe in divorce anymore. It’s just murder.such a waste. How can you have your husband killed and the father of your little baby? it’s just heartless cold 😟

  8. This woman had a good man. A hard worker and devoted father and she threw it away. 🖤

  9. Fake tears. Now you get no money. Helped take an innocent man’s life. All she got out of it was a wet ass.

  10. The man who pulled the trigger had more regret than he woman he loved. That tells you all you need to know.

  11. Kemia planned the murder of Tyrone as soon as she learned that the military can give $400 or $500 thousand dollars for life insurance. They were married about 3 months, but she been planning and plotting for months.

  12. 🤔 black men don’t like black women….black women are the least protected by black men or protected period….I bed to differ….you can’t blame black men for avoiding this kinda sh*t or women because of situations like this….it’s not all women but it’s a risk at this point to trust somebody for love

  13. He should have married a woman from another race! He would be alive today! Good black men get murder by majority of black women, they hate us, they worst then a racist


  15. I don’t understand why people don’t just leave, why do someone have to die because you changed your mind about the relationship

  16. This girl wasn’t about shit! Wow! Her husband was handsome & a good man. All this for her to lay up with that ole crusty faced as dude. Glad she was caught & yes she was an excellent actress. Too cold had him set up @ his Dad’s house!! Had this man killed, ruining the holidays for his family forever.

  17. Disgraceful. She really set him up and sat there bold face teary eyed crying. Then she chose side nigga over her husband and even plotted his death. Disgusting.

  18. Listen, if you have loved ones who are in the military who want to or plan on getting married to another service member, it is HIGHLY likely that it isn’t going to work our due to infidelity. It is a well known fact in the military and folks are often warned in not so direct ways that really doesn’t help. You’d be surprised how many soldiers find out in the middle of a mission or after that some other their spouse was being unfaithful, and then decided to commit suicide. I would say the military pretty much just doesn’t have a healthy culture when it comes down to relationships. Pay special attention to troops who are or fall in love just prior to a deployment or those who are being sent away for a long period of time of 6 months or more. I’ve seen a lot of rash decisions being made within those time periods under the guise of “love.”


  20. I wish I could find a family man. These no good women got them and can care less

  21. This is a prime example of why decent men should get their passports and leave these American women alone. These Western women today don’t respect or value good men.

  22. That woman is crazy. Because all she had to do was file for divorce and he could still be a father to his child.

  23. That was sad and crazy to see the picture of the food he brought to her on the couch and obviously he took the picture. She is heartless and a psychopath. And the hitman was a simp/fool blindly in love. At least the family actually got Justice and the sentencing was all justified.

  24. I don’t know the back story but what caused her to plan this murder? What did this man do? He wasn’t abusive, a drunk, horrible father… So why was she unhappy?

  25. He was a good looking man who really loved her and was a provider. Soo many dream of having that package in a person and she destroyed it. Some people are truly an agent of Satan.

  26. All good men need to learn from this and leave them evil back stabbing hoes alone!

  27. Tyrone would’ve been a high ranking official, perhaps become one of the best soldiers that the US can have but that woman took that away from him, his family and the community. May she rot in jail and her lover too. To lighten the mood, to all the bros out here, choose wisely and perhaps get an Asian wife.

  28. He paid for the most expensive pussy ever.🤦🏾‍♂️ Smh. May this man rest in peace.

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