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Cold Case: D’Lisa Kelley murdered by jealous thug

D’Lisa strangled to death/YouTube

Who killed D’Lisa Kelley? 

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DALLAS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Leah Gordone released the cold case documentary of D’Lisa Kelley, 24, who was pummeled and asphyxiated by a dude who accused her of cheating. The femicide transpired March 7, 2014 in Dallas, Texas. D’Lisa — who was 8 months gravid — pocket-dialed her sister Jasmine who heard her screaming, “Stop! Stop! Get off of me!” The thug replied, “Shut up! Stop screaming! You want to be hard-headed!” Jasmine called her grandmother and told her what happened. Granny called D’Lisa’s mom, Lasondra Kelley, to see if she knew her daughter’s whereabouts. “She was like, ‘I’ve been trying to contact Lisa, have you talked to her?'” Lasondra told reporters. “I haven’t talked to her.” Granny called 911 and told the dispatcher, “[D’Lisa] was screaming for her life, somebody was beating her and we don’t know who was with her.” The dispatcher replayed the information to the Police Sergeant and he was heard laughing in the background.

D’Lisa’s corpse was found a week later on the front porch of an abandoned house.

“She was cut up. She was beaten badly,” Lasondra recounted

“They crushed her jaw, they crushed her hand. She had gashes all in her face, all in her head. They beat her severely.”

Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “People start carrying your own weapons and protect yourself by ANY means necessary! Then call the police afterwards! The 911 dispatcher should’ve gotten more information ESPECIALLY her cellphone number.” Another person added, “I don’t know why her sister didn’t call the cops HERSELF. Precious time was wasted.”

Because nobody knows the person D’Lisa was dating, the case remains unsolved.

She leaves behind a son.

If you have any information, contact the Dallas Police Department at 214-671-3661 or Crime Stoppers at 877-373-TIPS.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Y’all we got to be strapped and armed and protect ourselves by ANY means necessary! Share your location with loved ones

  2. Perilous times we’re living in just like the Holy Scriptures says in the end times violence will increase in the earth! Good called evil and evil called good! Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to ETERNAL LIFE

  3. I’m so angry this is happening to black women on the daily. Law enforcement and family are constantly failing us! 😭

  4. I know 911 dispatchers have to do their job!!
    However in very crucial moments too many questions…
    The world we live in today with technology a car should’ve been dispatched ASAP ask questions later!
    Grandmom is in very distress and the dispatcher took too long with that call! 😢
    The Sergeant chuckling is a “disgrace”!!! Pray 🙏🏾 for our women
    This breaks my heart ❤️

  5. I’m so tired of these dispatchers. This lady called in frantic saying she and family had received a call from her begging for her life. And the dispatcher waits until the end of the call to dispatch police. Smh! And then the police take it as a joke!

  6. This has me so angry & that bafoon of a officer he needs to be relieved of his duties. That kind of call should always be taken serious. I pray that justice is served & that the wrath of God punished the person who killed her. I hope karma finds that officer for being so ignorant to make light of that call & situation 🤬🤬🤬🤬😤

  7. And she’s pregnant. That dude didn’t care about her supposedly cheating. He probably was mad about the pregnancy.

  8. The dispatcher is shitty. She relayed the information incorrectly and uncertain. I knew as soon as the call started how it was going to go. I worked for csr for 911 for 3 yrs and I know the importance of taking details and making sure to express the importance of a situation to the police. She (the dispatcher) didn’t make an urgent situation so the Sergeant didn’t take it seriously. I don’t think his chuckle bother me as much as the dispatcher nonchalant

  9. All Black people do is beg white peoples to help them. We spend enough money to have our own police force or someone like a police for us to attend to our problems but we love begging master and that’s why thing do not get done and I’m not mad at white peoples for not helping us. They tell us every day they don’t give a damn about us. We are too sorry to take your own problems, but when is a white person we jump in to action so sad for us

  10. God is saying to you today,
    “A new door is about to open for you.
    The challenges you are currently facing are about to come to an end.
    You are about to get a sudden rush of opportunities and blessings that will clear the way for you.
    Be patient. Trust My timing.
    It’s about to happen.”

  11. I mean the dam 911 dispatchers are the stupidest most unprofessional I mean all the questions the dummy was asking and her superior what if it was his wife calling for help for his daughter!!!! I hate the system it’s BROKEN

  12. Dallas Police Are trash it’s not the first time they have done this. RIP ❤❤

  13. Listening to the Grandmother’s call broke my heart. 🥺🥺🥺 She was CLEARLY distressed. They should’ve listened to her. I’m so sorry this happened to her and her baby. And she already had a son. Lord bless her family with Justice and peace. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  14. This is so disrespectful for the police to be so cold about this case justice for this Beautiful Queen so Sad🙏🏽🙏🏽😥

  15. It is sad BLACK PEOPLE have to die before Police Officers respond. If you ain’t dead the police ain’t coming for Black people.

  16. First off the 911 operator didn’t do a good job from the beginning. Why did she need to call this man if everything turned out fine it wouldn’t be no harm. All this acting like people be overreacting is getting on my nerves. Family knows their family members. That off colored joke about she been missing before or she wouldn’t be in that position. This man needs to be removed I’m tired of these insensitive people making to these high ranking positions were they can make life and death decisions without really caring. God bless the family 🙏🏽💜

  17. That cop made me sick, why’s he laughing, it’s serious and he’s laughing. If she was white or wanted to do his job he would have taken it seriously. It’s an emergency if someone’s missing. I hate this wait 24 to 48 hours crap it’s an emergency.

  18. Leaving to engage in sexual activity is not the same as going missing. 🥴🤦🏿‍♀️

  19. Definitely need better Dispatchers. The grandmother told her she needed them to check on D’Lisa the first thing she suggests is if she wants to file her missing??????? Where did you get a missing report from a sense of urgency saying she needed someone to check on her granddaughter because she was screaming while being beaten!😩🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. That’s right, this is not a laughing matter nor will it ever be. Keeping this family in my prayers.🙏💞

  21. That’s why you always gotta keep your love one’s location for things like this if her sister had her location she could have sent the police right there or came right there her self

  22. I don’t understand: if the sister heard her sister screaming for her life why didn’t she call the police immediately before calling her grandmother? Call the police? Scream and call the police!!! My thing is the call was confusing. I did not know that she lived with the grandmother; I thought she lived somewhere else. Then I thought why didn’t they know where she was? I would have been better if the sister spoke and not the grandmother to the 911 dispatcher. Please tell your female family members where you are who you are with when you go out. Go to the bathroom and text a member of your family. You never know, who want to kill ya.

  23. They always dismiss things when it’s black women. That sergeant should’ve been suspended. I’m sick of them thinking we don’t matter. Had this been a white woman that whole conversation would’ve been different.

  24. The dispatcher never told the sergeant D’Lisa’s phone unintentionally dialed and she was heard screaming for her life. The dispatcher should have just sent the police over so they could hear the story correctly and start looking immediately.

  25. Honestly, they should have done a DNA if able on her fetus and I think that would have given them a lead. And I would also think if she was meeting up with someone that they probably called her or texted her b4 she left or vice versa. And her cell phone location info should have placed it close to the scene. Sounds like they just aren’t investigating.

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