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Nurse killed by ‘Pookie’ in front of cops over divorce

Destiney Carey shot dead/YouTube

Nurse killed by hubby.

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KILLEEN, Texas — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 33-year-old Destiney Carey who was shot dead by her simpin’ husband, 37-year-old Kevin Frazier, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired April 7, 2022 at Destiney’s residence in Killeen, Texas. According to police reports, Destiney told Kevin she filed for divorce — igniting contretemps. Police dispatch received a 911 call during the quarrel that was abruptly disconnected so officers were sent. When cops arrived, they heard the quondam lovebirds cussin’ each other out. One of the officers knocked on the door to which Kevin told him to wait. As soon as the cop forced his way inside, Kevin let his gat explode — shooting Destiney multiple times. Then he shot himself in the chest. Paramedics performed CPR on Destiney but it was to no avail.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kevin somehow survived. He was transported to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood where he received treatment for his injuries. Kevin was taken into custody shortly thereafter. Because Destiney was a Georgetown nurse, he was charged with murder and aggravated assault of a public servant. Kevin, a convicted felon with a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson, is facing a million years in prison. Destiney, a voluptuous entrepreneur, was more than a physician. Babygirl owned a pair of businesses — High Sadity Boutique and High Sadity Shoetique — and she was in the process of opening a new store in Dallas.

Destiney’s sister, Demetria Fiffie, said Kevin was jealous.

“Destiney was a very strong woman,” Demetria wrote on social media.

“She modeled her own clothes. She started her boutique business on Facebook. Kevin killed her on the day she was filing for divorce. She had five beautiful kids and a grandchild that will miss her dearly. She didn’t deserve this. Kevin was insecure and obsessed with my sister. He’s very manipulative and everytime he was home from truck driving he would act a fool. Anyway, the kids are doing a great job in school. Her second oldest had prom and made the honor roll. Thank you all for the prayers we really appreciate it. Please continue to share my sister’s story.”

Demetria has sole custody of Destiney’s children as their legal guardian.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. He was probably extremely intimidated by her overwhelming self made success! 🥲🕊️🙏🏾

  2. While all these men are running around trying to tell women to stop wearing fake eyelashes, why don’t y’all teach these dummies how to handle rejection without killing people.

  3. Weak men out here that deletes women, because they don’t get their way!
    They are NOT REAL MEN! 💯
    RIP Destiney 🕊️🌹

    I hope he rots away in prison. 💯

  4. He looks like a man who has no ambition and who was living off of her

  5. This young queen should be here living life, watching her babies grow and looking forward to her future! But instead, this clown ass looser took those dreams away!!
    Today, these 6 innocent kids are left without a mother! Heartbreaking

  6. Look at his eyes. And he said, “til death”. I never want a man to love me that much! Hell, nobody that much!

  7. She was doing to much on social media she sexy so a man would like to hide they pride possession he said he love her to death see she was getting to big for him an she was leaving him behind it’s sad to say but it’s her fault all showing your body on social media in a relationship is a no no

  8. most women are misled early on to fall in love with stupidity like that, tryna change horrible men, just stop gtfo if your not going for a good man.

  9. When we gonna get back to queens and kings and stop 🛑 being 🐀 ratchets with fake 🍑all on the gram and Facebook . Woman exercise class have respect for yourself and your husband and kids . Men stop being down with opp . Stop 🛑 killing each other . Boys stop being emotional bitch’s and move on when you see you cant change a female to a house wife

  10. Why are these BM so jealous and insecure? As a single Mama of 5 in my 40s I can only hail this Boss Woman! RIP Quality Queen 👑

  11. He should have filed for divorce and primary custody of the kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if the loans she got for her businesses came because he was a vet. He could have 1/2.and the house. He was probably raised by a single mother too emotional.

  12. No one deserves to b killed . But these women play with these guys feelings , clearly she was an internet queen and unfortunately played with the wrong dude feelings

  13. Multiple arrest and this is who she wants to be with? By his last comments about how hardworking she is it’s obvious he don’t have anything going on and was jealous of her success. All he can say is we been together for 6 years.. lmfao. Women wan’t these tough guys aka thugs until the shit hit home. Mfs gotta choose better with ya mate my black sisters. That’s all. Sorry she lost her life but just gotta do better. She was successful. A nurse, owner of multiple businesses and this is the type of guy she settle with. A thug with multiple arrests and nothing going on. Smh

  14. These niggas is sad…they not even beating women anymore (and in no way is that acceptable ) just straight up killing them. 🤬

  15. Wow, she was too beautiful, too successful for him! I’d rather be alone.

  16. Couples like this i dont follow whatsoever but this is on my feed. The world is the devil’s playground. People have crossed so many bounderies, the husband figures he may as well kill his wife in front of Cops like it’s ok. 😢😢😢

  17. Sadly, this is what can happen when these young women believe that they NEED a man to elevate. If he ain’t elevating with you, he damn sure ain’t gonna stand by and watch you rise above him, with all the glitzy glamor dhe was flaunting around him, pretty much throwing in his face that he is no longer on HER level! When a narcissistic man feels that he no longer has “control”, best believe it’s NOT gonna end well for her!

  18. Yes he was jealous and also I don’t understand women like her,what do you need with a man when your doing it yourself I guess I’m old school cs baby I’ve been single for two years now bout to graduate Nursing school and I don’t need anyone exspecially a man to shine with me if he wasn’t there during the struggle which I’m assuming he had no part in her come up,and for her to think that she needed a man I’m totally puzzled by that,but to each their own, I’m praying for them children and her grandbaby R.I.P.SWEET BEAUTIFUL LADY🙏🏿🙏🏿

  19. Omg he repeatedly said he loves her to death omg 😱 and she laughed but he took her to meet Jesus Christ 👀 ladies run like hell if you see any signs of a disfuntional relationship 🙌🏼

  20. End of the day. These women be playing with these men…..then jumping from man to man…..and when that shit backfires y’all wanna say the man is crazy. Theres a mental health crisis in our country and these women be literally and purposely playing with these men’s pride, emotions, and minds….and be heartless about it….but when her actions catch up to her, she the victim….naw he didn’t have to kill her but I see too many grown women playing little girl games with grown men and when It goes wrong the man is the one to blame every time.


  22. She is beautiful inside out especially to have given birth to 6 babies. Now the kids have lost both parents 1 is in heaven the other in jail and he is not allowed to contact the children until they are 18 years old. He has ruined his childrens life about his insecurities he pushes off on her and controls her thru fear. I dont understand how men get mad when they wife makes more money then them when its all going to the same joint account go get you a second job to match her bread and her fly go back to school to accomplish whatever your lacking God blessed you with a wife thats smart, talented and has a drive to reach the top and after that heading for the moon 🌙 8 lives wasted

  23. @Tristanna Cox: She had 5 kids. The 6th is her grandchild.

  24. She wasn’t a nurse nor physician. She was a medication aide that used to work at a nursing home.

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