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Jealous thug hired juvenile ‘hitmen’ to kill baby mama

Zaria McKeever shot dead/Black Girl Unlost

Baby daddy hired hitmen. 

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BROOKLYN PARK — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Erick Haynes, 22, was thrown in the slammer after he hired two teenagers to pummel his baby mama, 23-year-old Zaria McKeever, but they killed her instead. The femicide transpired November 8, 2022 in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. According to police reports, Erick remunerated two brothers — ages 15 and 17 — to beat up Zaria and kill her new boyfriend. He also gave ’em a gun. The juveniles must’ve been deaf because they kicked in the front door of Zaria’s apartment and opened fire — striking her multiple times. The boyfriend said, “F*ck it,” and escaped after jumping through a second-story bedroom window. Erick waited outside in the getaway car and the Three Amigos fled the scene together. The teens were later arrested and charged with second-degree murder in juvenile court.

Erick was arrested and charged with the same crime after the teens ratted him out.

Investigators learned Erick was pissed at Zaria for breaking up with him and the murder was executed “out of pure jealousy and hate because she found real happiness and was bettering her life for her daughter.” Erick also threatened, stalked and harassed Zaria multiple times before the incident. Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “This is why I refuse to date certain men i.e. those who have a murderous, woman-hating, violent, anti-social propensity.

Another chimed in with, “She belonged to the streets and he was a thug. Who cares. Make better choices in who you deal with.” 

A third person added, “Both so-called boyfriends are bitches. Soft and raised by women with feminine energies. Can’t handle rejection. Masculine men are needed in the household. The one that ran away and jumped through a window left her to die.”

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  1. Always date the opposite of what ur used to or whatever. When u date the same kind of dude nothing will change. Date opposite. There’s nothing wrong with being single or in a relationship. Just please stop being with people with no future plans.

  2. STOP HAVING KIDS FROM EVERYONE U DATE!!!!!You call these guys dusties BUT not only are u pregnant by them,YOU’RE HAPPY ABOUT IT.
    Taking pics,baby reveals,baby showers.. why am I putting the blame on black women? Because you already know the guys are no good. You already are calling them dusties. So why would you date them much less have a baby by them?

  3. Listen our people need to repent as a nation. We need to turn from our wicked ways in the name of Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness. That is the only way we will uniite and be saved. Unmarried couples is pure sin. Black women we need yall to come back home and us black men need to be the strong protective kings and providers for our wives. My people it starts with God first. It startes in the home.

  4. I’ll let you try to break my door in and evade my home while I’m there. While you’re try, I’ve dialed 911. Once and if you get in, by that time law enforcement or emergency respondents can cover the perpetrators up and roll them out. So unfortunate. I wish the victims were armed. The only diffusing if you break in is immobolizing the threat.


  6. I’m so sick of hearing about these cases to many of these young black women are dying at the hands of there exes husbands boyfriends or children father. What is going on these are some sick evil men that can’t deal with rejection. And they don’t understand what they are doing to there children. I will never understand the mentality of some people. My prayers and condolences for her child and family. I hope these animals do life the ex is a he devil for even orchestrating such a heinous crime.

  7. I noticed how a lot of Black men can’t take rejection from a Black woman but claim they don’t want Black women. There are so many Black men who are jealous of Black women, that it’s scary.

  8. Blacks are being gunned down by black “wannabe” thugs in black communities throughout this country and there is no outrage or condemnation of the black “wannabe” thugs who are responsible! Black on black genocide has become a social pandemic in this country and it is as “deadly” as COVID-19! Where is the condemnation and where are the marches and protests?
    over the slaughter of blacks by blacks? SHAME!😡🤬

  9. Black women,,,please make better decisions Y’all always want thugs,,,I never heard 98% black engineers, scientists, professors or intelligent men who would do stupid shit like this,,,,im a black network engineer who knows other successful single black males and it’s hard for us to get a feminine black woman or any black woman but criminals get all our women and have children….

  10. Understand this in the last days Terrible times will come for men will be lovers of themselves,lovers of money,boastful,arrogant, abusive,disobedient to there parents,ungrateful,unholy, Unloving,unforgiving, slanderous without self control,brutal without love of good and this is in the Bible our last days and it’s really happening everywhere that men are killing all there women outta nowhere !!!!!! Time is getting near jehovah comming this will all be over soon🙏

  11. @Solomon world: Amen💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 However, many professional men are capable and have done harm to women and children. You have to be very careful with who you choose, no matter what his or her status in life is💯

  12. She beautiful woman this is disgusting just move on damn rip to this beautiful woman 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🕊️🕊️🕊️ god bless her daughter

  13. What did she see in him. He looks like an ugly monster!!not very friendly looking at all. Cold

  14. Another case where woman date low self-esteem dude. use him until she’s tired of him.Then moves on with her life while dude thinking everything he invested into her she don’t have the right to just move on.She take him for a joke.He so insecure and have nothing going for himself.The little bit he had he was giving her.he fealt used and was not going to let another enjoy his investment so he took em out.Another hood story of parents not having a strong enough impact on who there children deal with.Thats why they say honor thall mother and father.That rarely exist anymore now all hell breaking loose.When the high percentage of this is happening because of bad parenting on both sides.

  15. I dated a aggressive man before. He had a bad temper, did not like rejection and was very controlling. He once told me he’s gets turned on when he slaps me, who says that? He would come to my front door uninvited and he would bang and kick my door. He would choke me and if I tried to put my hands up to avoid it he would twist my wrist. I’m glad I’m not with him anymore.

  16. He put those children up to do his dirty work. He is a despicable person. He is a loser.

    My condolences to the family.

  17. Ladies it’s ok to deal with men who have jobs and homes and their own responsibilities. It’s ok to be single you don’t need a relationship that bad to a point he has to live and depend on you. Not saying this is the case but the bums always act crazy when you put them out so stop bringing them in your home in the first place.

  18. This the New Slavery if they don’t get us in chains they will do that shit mentally y’all know who’s behind this…. Yes other races get got and so forth but this is an ongoing process in the black community they are trying to erase us so they get black males who are now extremely WEAK MINDED and Fragile to do these heinous crimes against they OWN and even the ones that raised them. Look at Malcolm Martin and so forth who you think killed them?. 🧔🏾 On the real Love & Light

  19. I want to know how could women choose better if when these beautiful young women meet these men they pretend to be everything they wish for till they claws come out!

  20. so she’s dead cause she decided to date someone who couldn’t leave HER alone. we should be able to move on as we please witout fear of losing our life. the victim blaming is crazy…

  21. Leave these loose Cannons alone. Mating with them seems like an unaliving sentence.

  22. Some of these fools in this comment section….. I understand why this world is in the state it’s in… Ladies look, lock and load these dudes are walking with the enemy.


  24. Beautiful Queens Please learn to be by yourself instead of being with Men You rarely know,sometimes We could know a Person for a Very long time,Year’s and We Still don’t know them,They change and switch up,Please Queens beware of all Signs and changes,Men when it’s Over it’s Over Work on Yourself and get you somebody else,please People be Good and do Good and stay Safe,Life is Beautiful and Great Love 😍 One another and not hurt and Kill One another, again Be Good and stay Safe

  25. Oh boy I wish she would of skip town with her baby and never turned around 🙌🏼

  26. This is just horrific…everyday our black women are being slaughtered by the men they trust…now all these motherless children out here MENTALLY f’d up more likely to REPEAT the vicious cycle of their awful fathers!!! Damn ladies please see those signs and get out get license 2 carry and move far away if u can…Or be single LOVE ON YOURSELF…THESE BOYS ARE DERANGED & LIFE MEANS NOTHING TO THEM!!! RIP BEAUTIFUL 🙏🙏🙏🤎🖤

  27. This is the result of wanting to be with a hood nikka. There’s no such thing as a hood love story. Stop listening to celebrities and listen to ya fathers. Stop having children with men that don’t even deem u worthy to even be a wife… let alone deem u worthy to EVEN LIVE…

  28. Y’all female’s like dudes like this I was always told Female’s will do things with certain dudes they wouldn’t do with a Man that’s why they can’t find a real man they will lay up with dookie and rayray Tom dick and hank will have sex with them and get pregnant by them then wanna change think they can get better make a Man do what they wouldn’t do she didn’t get a chance to do that this whole story nasty and egregious all the way around situation

  29. Everybody dumb! The Dumb shooters and her Ex! Fuckin idiots! This girl moved on! He should have done the same.

  30. She put a new guy in danger for no reason , many die dating females like this , when your ex gave your threats and you dismissed that and never tell your new man , that’s evil you want the new guy dead , she could’ve worked with her baby’s father for the sake of the kid but she chose her way for another guy that won’t even protect her but flee from a window and she put him in danger too , that’s how many died for a girl

  31. Follow
    And threaten her cause she moved on from his crazy ass

  32. This is why I don’t date men or sleep with men, marrying myself is better I can buy myself a ring

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