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Healthcare worker killed by Pookie while leaving work

Amelia strangled & shot dead/Viral Crimes

Pookie kills ex at her job. 

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LONG ISLAND — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 33-year-old Amelia Laguerre who was ambushed by her ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Quay-Sean Hines, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired around 4 p.m. on March 31, 2022 in New Hyde Park — a village on Long Island. According to police reports, Quay — who had a new girlfriend — stalked Amelia and followed her to her job. When the single mom went out to her car in the parking garage, Quay did the unthinkable. “He immediately came up behind her, shot at her ten times, strangled her nine times,” said Nassau County Police Captain Stephen Fitzpatrick. Quay also broke into Amelia’s apartment and burned her clothes. The no-good simp was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

He was sentenced to a maximum of 40 years in prison.

Police said there was no restraining order.

“I know she was having issues with an ex-boyfriend,” said Amelia’s mom, Emily LaGuerre. “I’m heartbroken.” Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Always an unattractive dusty motherf*cker in his feelings. Smh.” Another chimed in with, “He mad she moved on. But he was in a relationship. Narcissist men are hypocritical and weird.” A third viewer added, “Older women, please leave these younger immature men alone. This nonsense has now become normal which is insane.”

Amelia worked at Northwell Health for 10 years.

She leaves behind a 6-year-old son.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Cant understand what women see in a dude like him. He had a whole nother relationship but still wanted her.

  2. the fact she never had a restraining order is wild. and the fact she didnt shoot him in self defense is wild

  3. He should face the same faith. Damn 10 bullets, 9 shots got her 😢. Very very sad. Ladies pls stay single, just pay attention to your kids. These nig*as are not well and have no regard for humans.

  4. In a relationship but wouldn’t let the woman go on in peace?! These ninjas 🥷 loosing their minds! 😡

  5. Ladies, leave the state when you end an abusive relationship. Please. 😓💔

  6. @ilovepdub: She couldnt shoot in self-defense. She was ambushed dumbass.

  7. Here we go again another punk ass nicca who couldn’t handle being dumped by a beautiful young lady 💔

  8. Up to 40 years???? He shot her 9 times….I hope they give him the business in there… Everyday…. A complete coward….😢

  9. He had no right periodttt hes a piece of shit lowdown he was jealous and miserable he abused her she did right leaving and he will reap what he sowed

  10. How Can You Get In Another Relationship But Kill Your Ex Because She Didn’t Want To Be With You? 🤔 This Is A True Example Of A Punk Ass,Weak Ass,Pathetic Ass Nigga 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. These are the type of men that listen to Kevin Samuels and the dusty Manosphere. Law enforcement also needs to look into these online bums. Spreading this rhetoric and empowering these bums to dehumanize and harm women. Give him life with no mail no phones no visits. Disgusting Bastard

  12. Real life simp & clown 🤡 smh damm just a waste over a Girl bruh a girl smh dammm

  13. He thought the grass was greener on the other side. When they can’t come back into your life after dealing with the toxic female and have no roof over their head. A pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. They go after the ex’s. This duppie must die in prison. A blasted demon or controlled by many. Condolences to the families of so many young women 🙏 for strength. For all the families it is taking a toll on so many. These men want to show royal oats, but not royal or loyal.

  14. Domestic violence is on the rise. And who’s fault is that???? That’s what happens when you have a woman as governor. Kathy Hochul must go!

  15. I’ve noticed how a lot of criminals who are known to commit these crimes against their ex girlfriends/wives always have ghetto sounding names Demetrius, CrayShawn, Deshawn, Demarcus etc.

  16. Why aren’t we deleting ppl like this when we find them guilty is beyond me.. keeping them alive is juz a waste of our money

  17. It’s crazy to date in this Era 😮😢 r.i.p to Amelia dammm this is fucked up

  18. Many of these men are insecure and have jealousy and control issues. They act like when you date someone you own them. And nine times out of ten you are not the only woman he is seeing. They want to hold you down while they cheat. And keep you in control, where no other man is involved with you. Like you are a dam possession. Of a little boy, who wants the whole snack and dessert, with no rejection. Selfish as hell
    Doing his own thing, while he puts stumbling blocks in your way. But so eager to abuse you and kill you, to keep another man out of your life. Even though he sees other women. Ladies of you even suspect a new guy you just started dating is like this find a way to get him out of your life.Quickly it’s better to be alone.

  19. WOW!That’s so fucking hateful to ruin her son’s belongings. What do men do all these crazy messed up things then really expect to be taken back. Some people are so sick and twisted! He does all this shit, harassing her making her life miserable AF and then to already have a new bitch!!! WTF!!! Some people are so effing entitled

  20. I hate narcissistic people like this jerk. As if people shouldn’t move on from your toxic behind. RIP Amelia. May this MONSTER ROT IN HELL!!!!

  21. I’m so glad I left my narcissist partner . Had I not left, they would be making a video about me. Women, leave these toxic men in silence and go heal! R.I.P. young lady. My prayers go out to the family ❤

  22. His azz is TOO OLD 4 this sh*t and these clowns 🤡 be so PRESSED to OWN and CONTROL another HUMAN BEING. This shyt is CRAZY!

  23. This is so heartbreaking. Some men are so selfish and say that they can’t live without you. So they take your life to make sure you won’t be with anyone else.

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