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Orlando says Disney is evil

Orlando Brown said Disney ruined him/YouTube

Orlando has gone downhill. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Cocaine is a hell of a drug. ‘This Happened’ released the documentary of quondam child actor Orlando Brown who accused Disney of f*cking up his life. If you recall — from 2001 to 2007 — Orlando was a prominent cast member of three Disney shows: The Proud Family, Fillmore! and That’s So Raven. But as soon as the latter reached its cessation, poor Orlando hit rock-bottom. That n*gga went from Hollywood star to homeless junkie with a rap sheet to boot. In 2007, Orlando was arrested in Houston on a gun possession charge. Then he started a rap music métier. But his lyrics were so wack, no label would sign him. In 2011, Orlando was arrested for driving under the influence with his gravid girlfriend. Less than a year later, he got another DUI. Except this time, the judge threw his black ass in jail for 180 days.

In 2014, Orlando was locked up for making terroristic threats to his ex-girlfriend.

“I’ll kill you, yo’ mama, yo’ daughter and everybody!” he screamed while the damsel was on a 911 call.

In 2016, Orlando was jailed for domestic battery and meth possession. In 2018, Orlando made a damn fool of himself during an appearance on Dr. Phil. The 35-year-old basket case spewed a series of bizarre claims while donning snake eye contact lenses. “My father was Michael Jackson,” he told Dr. Phil with a straight countenance. “They’re my Michael Jackson eyelids.”

Orlando also revealed conjugal aspirations to wed co-star Raven-Symoné, even though she’s gay as hell. He even tattooed Raven’s moniker on his chest. “I want to marry her,” he said. “I have to find out a way to ask her.” Orlando said he witnessed several actors fall victim to Illuminati sacrifices. There’s scuttlebutt Regina King immolated her son in exchange for Hollywood stardom.

“They make you buckle bro. They make you start crying,” Orlando explained, referring to Gatekeepers. “Man, people done lost their families. People done lost their kids and sh*t.” In addition of sacrifice, homosexuality is practically a Hollywood mandate. Orlando claims Nick Cannon siphoned his phallus back in the day. “Nick, I let you suck my d*ck,” he boasted in a video that went viral.

“I let Nick suck my d*ck. And I liked it.”

Orlando said he had sexual encounters with Bow Wow too, saying the rapper has some “bomb-ass pussy.”

Orlando is obviously non compos mentis.

But many people believe there’s tidbits of veracity in his allegations.

Do you think he’s telling the truth?

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Disney is just as bad as Evil hollywood!! Both will ruin u!! As U can see!! The proof! It can make u crazy!! Very sad!!

  2. If Disney is so evil why is it that Raven is not screwed up as Orlando.

  3. I always dreamed that Hollywood was a wonderful I’m heartbroken.

  4. Yeah. The truth will come out little by little. Hollywood is Satan’s whore. Satan is the truth in Hollywood.

  5. I feel like there’s truth to these crazy ass statements 😂 something happened

  6. maybe he’s pretending to be crazy so producers feel sorry for him and give him a job

  7. @Smart Ass: He’s not purposely acting crazy. He’s got real severe mental issues and uses drugs. His brother took him in for a time and he went after him with a knife and a hammer because of things he perceived in his mind. You can see the bodycam footage of it. He’s got real mental issues, he’s not faking them. Other than not coddling him forever after the show ended, I don’t see what Disney did to him. Maybe it’s that children shouldn’t be actors overall.

  8. its just drugs. child stars have money and Hollywood has drugs, im sure we all know someone from high school that just went off the rails cause of drugs, they either dead or disappeared

  9. I believe him. You don’t get your own TV show without sucking some dick!

  10. Every time somebody gets away from Disney they always end up either on drugs or substance abuse

  11. Orlando brown is telling the truth he is not crazy he just accepted his life now so he’s just gonna expose everybody along the way

  12. These parties . These child stars . You never know . When u tell the truth . They make u look crazy . We just gon say it’s drugs . But we never know . Brown been looking crazy for a while so it doesn’t matter if he is telling the truth . They know we won’t believe him . This shit sad . These rituals really do happen . Who’s going to admit to anything besides raz b

  13. Orlando brown part of this shit and do all the evil shit he talk about other ppl doing. They just gotta tell us the truth. That’s part of the rules

  14. Orlando is the truth. Look at Maia Campbell, and so many others. You have to sign disclosure forms so if you want to live and go up against Goliath…….you have to play the crazy card. Yeah he had substance abuse issues and DUI’s, but they ALL do! That’s nothing compared to the trauma from being used and physically abused.

  15. I believe Nick sucked his dick because didn’t Kel ex wife say she came home and nick was dressed up as a cheerleader in her bedroom “trying to cheer Kel up”. Orlando keep exposing they ass!!!

  16. He was so cute… I believe not one child left Hollywood intact. I can’t even watch tv like that knowing each show with children and what abuse they endured 😢

  17. I believe it lol Nick used to be dressed as a character named latonya on Nickelodeon 😂 it’s true


  19. I believe it. Most of these rappers get butt fucked behind closed doors. Alot of them are closet gays.

  20. Orlando needs mental care. He doesnt know when to hold it and when to fold it. Orlando doesnt need to be doing interviews until he’s stable.

  21. I absolutely adore Orlando Brown idc what nobody got to say he be airing it out as he should 💯

  22. Man, I have no clue what the truth is. Nor do I care. I’m wasting my time here because this is entertainment and completely irrelevant. However, whether it’s true or not, Orlando is trolling us all. He could have replaced Nick with anyone else’s name and you all would be saying he’s releasing Hollywood secrets.

  23. Maaannn stfu already, I’m tired of buddy he can do all the talkin he want and y’all gone sit here and listen to him an explain how woke he is but ain’t none of y’all getting behind him to help his looney ass 😂

  24. I love this guy!! 😂He might tell you a story, but he never tells you a lie. We’re praying for you Orlando. 🤞🏽❤️

  25. This man is NOT crazy, he’s HONEST & the truth is always stranger than fiction. Much respect, Orlando.

  26. We shouldn’t be gossiping about Orlando brown lets lift him up in prayer that GOD continues to protect him its clear Satan has tried to put a hold on him but if you believe in the power of prayer and that GOD can do it all if we trust him save Orlando brown heavenly FATHER amen. Cmon will y’all join me in praying that GOD intervenes on his behalf and save him right now

  27. When you expose these creeps the first thing they want to say is that you’re crazy this young man is acting the way he is because of what they done to him we believe you we love you Orlando❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. There is no doubt some horrendous stuff going down in Hollywood and Maui right now involving the elites who are destroying lives and even taking lives if they don’t get their way about something!! This has been going on for decades and no one dares to stop these sick,twisted individuals who think they’re above the law and God !!! This is disgusting what is happening to innocent celebrities like some kind of cult or gang initiation and power and control over everyone for the price of fame! This needs to stop!! Lawyers, agents,judges ,cops ,government officials are ALL GUILTY of committing these crimes against humanity 👻👺👹👿🙊🙉🙈👽💀😵

  29. He could be related to michael jackson and be his son he looks like joe jackson michaels father you never know 🤔

  30. I think someone in the industry molested him and as he got older. He realized and woke up

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