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Husband kills family after catching wife with lesbian

James Kahler lost his damn mind/YouTube

Husband snaps & kills family. 

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BURLINGAME — Anna the Crime Solver released the murder documentary of James Kraig Kahler who killed his entire family when he found out his old lady was cheating with a lesbian paramour. The massacre transpired at a residence on November 28, 2009 in Burlingame, Kansas. James became depressed during the Thanksgiving holiday and snapped. Hell, who can blame him? His better half concocted a Ménage à trois with her gay lover (Sunny Reese), taunted him, then filed for divorce. James, 60, was also fired from his high-paying job as Director of Columbia Water and Light — forcing him to move in with his mom. Realizing his “perfect family” and métier had reached their cessation, James grabbed a gun, went to his in-laws’ house, barged in and opened fire — killing his estranged wife, Karen Kahler, 44; their two teenage daughters, Emily Kahler, 18, and Lauren Kahler, 16; and his wife’s grandmother, Dorothy Wight, 89, while allowing his 10-year-old son, Sean Kahler, to escape.

Yep, the misogynistic bastard deleted females only (à la Pookie & Ray Ray).

James was arrested and charged with capital murder.

Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones and Amy Hanley of the Kansas Attorney General’s Office prosecuted the case and showed no leniency. James, who was represented by defense attorneys Tom Haney and Amanda Vogelsberg, received the death penalty on October 11, 2011. Damn, his lawyers ain’t sh*t. James paid legal fees for nothin.’ He could’ve represented himself and got the death penalty for free. Nevertheless… as he egressed the Osage County District Courtroom, James insulted his in-laws then begged his folks for a favor. “Take care of Sean so he’s not raised by a bunch of freaks,” James said, referring to members of Karen’s family.

Social media reaction was Icy Hot.

One commenter wrote, “The wife deserved it but the children did not.”

Another viewer added, “There is NO WAY IN HELL I’d taunt my spouse with my affair… let alone an affair with the same sex. That’s a whole ‘nother element to an already abusive situation.” 

Karen’s sister said her sibling cheated on James because he was too damn controlling.

He gave her a curfew, an allowance, made her provide receipts for every purchase, and forced her to have sex every night at 8 p.m.

Not 8:01.

Not 8:06.

When Karen failed to give up the booty on time, James beat her ass.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. He is smiling and seems to have found his peace after setting the record straight.

  2. Who’s at fault here?? This woman had a beautiful family and threw it all away for another woman. She broke her family apart . The kids paid the price. He went off the deep end when his wife chose another woman over him. He’s not innocent here but neither is she, and she destroyed her family.

  3. When a woman goes lesbian after marrying a man, it says a lot about that man 😉

  4. James won’t be smiling when lethal injection is administered- like he is in the picture.

  5. If i were in his shoes i wouldve found an attractive girl in her 20s and just started over lol, he was wealthy enough to attract many girls yet he was so focused on his stupid wife. His actions are beyond justification, but also illogical for me

  6. If my partner had suggested I sleep with another woman I would never do this. It’s bc Karen was a lesbian and she was the one who wanted to have the affair with a woman. Her husband obviously was not a good person and Karen would’ve left him eventually regardless of whether or not a 3rd party came along. If she had left him without finding someone else her chances of survival would’ve been better

  7. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Jesus said, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.” The world is getting worse all the time and people need to be humble and obedient to the Word of God. You never know when your time is up, and your eternal destiny hangs in the balance.

  8. it’s really interesting that he shot all the women even his own daughter but not his son. I’ve heard that many mass shooters are motivated by misogyny (most target women) and this further proves that to me, so why is the misogyny motivation ignored so often? there’s even a name for it called femicide but it’s still not taken very seriously, it’s really frustrating and sad

  9. Lol damn I can’t lie, it would sting a bit to have my wife stolen by another female 😂 I’m not laughing at the whole situation, just the thought of my lady leaving me for a another woman

  10. I think if Kraig just started banging some dude on the side he would’ve felt a lot better

  11. I bet many husbands would be thrilled to find out his wife likes women too… yet James did the worst possible outcome. SMH.

  12. Narcissistic controlling behavior. He executed his entire family. Similar to Chris Watts. It’s a sad story. He obtained control early in the relationship. She should have ran like hell from the get go. Its so unfortunate and tragic He would slaughter his entire family over obsessive behavior. He will meet his maker.

  13. Misogyny. FEMICIDE…I’m always shocked at how afraid people are of just using the term femicide. People say that Craig killed his daughters because he saw them as mini versions of Karen. If that were the case, why did he also kill Karen’s grandmother, and why did he spare Sean? He’s just a misogynist

  14. How can this piss off anyone so much you need to kill so many people? Dude had issues. You can’t control others. If they don’t meet your expectations, then move on. He was making good money and he didn’t look ugly. Could have found another lady friend easily. Now so many people got screwed forever

  15. He clearly loathed women. He demonstrated that by how he treated his wife.🙀

  16. And me here trying to convince my wife to kiss other women.

  17. MY ANALYSIS: James Kahler’s actions were triggered by a survival instinct honed within humans over a million years. I doubt James Kahler will fully understand why he did what he did because his behavior was driven on a subconscious level. The disease that his wife Emily harbored that led her to abandon a successful husband and uproot her children for sexual favors from another female would, in past millennia, have placed her offspring at greater risk and also upset the extended family hierarchy if such behaviors spread. So, our natures led us to kill, or at least ostracise, people who manifested such dysfunctions before the overall success of the tribe was placed in jeopardy.

  18. That had to be some tasty revenge for him.
    Minus the daughters I’d say this has a pretty happy ending.

  19. Actually, when the couple became rich, EVIL started to blow both of their minds, abusive husband and discontented wife and an ambitious selfish mother, SATAN won over them because clearly their relationship / Family is not CHRIST-centered.they forgot to put GOD at d center of their lives as dy become successful🤢😢😭so SAD😭😭😭😭praying that NO EVIL SHALL DESTROY EACH FAMILY around d World🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. Glad that misogynistic bastard received the death penalty. Good riddance to bad trash!😊

  21. You can only hope there’s a special corner in hell reserved for animals like this.

  22. What a horrible, cowardly, worm…he’s no man…barely qualifies as human…

  23. Is this the story of how a pretty much normal man was used, manipulated, betrayed and driven mad?

  24. As SOON as he starts giving you an allowance… THATS WHEN YOU LEAVE !!!😢☮️

  25. Three generations of women just wiped off the face of the earth. So incredibly sad. Rest in peace.

  26. I dont know why she would leave him for a woman and think he would be OK with that. He was already controlling and abusive. For some men thats one of the worst things you can do then basically shove it in their face….

    It’s sad but she could have done things differently and chose not to

  27. I wouldn’t have shot my kids. I do however agree with his killing his wife. Granny allowed it, so, she had to go too. The daughters, did support their mother, an argument can be made for their deaths too, I just wouldn’t have.

  28. Sunny should’ve never stepped into a marriage or placed herself amongst that family,…RARELY do I feel pity for a monster BUT in this case there was a great man that became a monster, He did, gave & tried everything to keep his wife happy & she never gave her marriage or family a 2nd try because “sunny the homewrecker” decided to keep pushing there relationship forward,…I feel like Craig was created into this monster from being betrayed, broken & used up,…may those girls rest in peace & hopefully sunny learned a valuable life lesson DONT MESS WITH A MARRIED WOMEN WHO HAS A GOOD FAMILY

  29. Sunny is a home wrecking POS, i hope she is haunted every night with the spirits of the dead family. While the dude was obviously crazy, she definitely should feel responsible at least partially to what happened. Don’t mess with other people’s wifes, i don’t care if she felt like captain save a ho, shes trash

  30. I mean it kinda make sense this would happen. You cheat on a man, leave him, take the kids who are also in on the betrayal, make it so he loses his job and has to move back in with his parents meanwhile he still has to pay $3000 for the woman who cheated on him and took his kids as well as trying to take half his money to live comfortably. She took everything from this man and he was backed into a corner. Not saying he did the right thing by any means but could kinda see this ending in a really bad way.

  31. How terribly sad. Little Sean will forever be in my prayers. i couldn’t imagine losing everyone you ever loved in front of your eyes.

  32. I’ve seen this case elsewhere and they went into detail about the daughter begging the officer not to let her die and how he wanted so badly to promise her everything would be all right, but knowing he was lying to her and hating himself for doing it.

    It was really heartbreaking.

  33. Everyone, remember: THE most dangerous time for a person in an abusive relationship is when they’re leaving. Once the abuser loses control, all bets are off.

    If you’re experiencing abuse/coercive control and you want to leave the relationship, STAY OFF social media. Don’t allow any apps on your phone to track your location. Stay with family members or friends who you trust and try to limit your time alone. Advise the local police that you have an abusive ex who you fear may threaten violence if they find you. It’s a lot, and it can be stressful and scary, but it may mean the difference between staying alive and the alternative.

  34. No wonder James was an egoistic, controlling and a dominant person, but Karen had more issues here. First she was dating a women even when she was married, that’s quite f’ed up. Also, during the vacations, Sean was taken away from James who was James only moral support. With so much going on with a person, a normal person couldn’t handle it anymore, me too. I am not defending James Kraig, but I think Karen and especially Sunny had publicly insulted and embarrassed him. Three of them, Sunny, Karen and James are responsible for this. The fact that the two innocent daughters were also killed in this act, breaks my heart.

  35. James did the right thing
    He was innocent
    That bitch cheated on him

  36. Watching this, and this being the only information i have seen or heard makes me think what this man went through before he committed this unforgiving crime. His wife started having an affair, she then started a campaign of character assassination. Claiming domestic abuse ( the go to place for people trying to save their own character from being blemished)
    She then left him causing him horrible pain. To rub salt into the wound, the wife introduced his kids to the woman and played happy families. The pain for the husband was so great, he lost his job and had to move in with his mom, AND pay his kids mom thousands in upkeep. Then when he committed this unforgiving crime, more accusations from the home wrecker that he wanted a threesome ( again a go to place for people wishing to stay on their high horse)
    He was treated terribly and his life would of felt meaningless.
    That being said he still should of stayed strong and got through it.
    These are just my thoughts without any other information apart from this video.

  37. If people are unhappy why don’t they just get divorced? Why in the hell do people have to take it this far?

  38. Flaunting your affair in front of people are you a fucking idiot, these people have no survival skills

  39. I can’t believe men are supporting kraig in the comments. The case is very well presented and what is so hard to understand. Kraig wasn’t providing karen with emotional and physical needs
    So she opted for a relationship. It is not like she did not try. Trying to love someone when they don’t care about you except for their want of owning you is not something to be celebrated. Disgusting people are supporting a murderer absolutely disgusting.

  40. Oh my god, this is horrible. How could someone do this to their own children. I would die for my child. There is no amount of hate for my spouse (my son’s father) that would make me “snap” and hurt my child. Poor Sean, I imagine my little boy going through this and it makes me heartsick and nauseated.

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