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Pookie deletes fashionista ’cause she kicked him out

Jameka Williams killed by live-in ex/Viral Crimes

Porky Pookie kills fashionista. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MISSOURI CITY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Christopher Levels, 40, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, 38-year-old Jameka Williams, because she evicted him. The femicide transpired at Jameka’s home around 7 p.m. on November 10, 2023 in Missouri City, Texas. According to police reports, Jameka and Chris had already broken up when she gave his ass two days to move out. As Jameka was straightening her coiffure to get ready for a night out with the girls, a jealous Chris told her she wasn’t going anywhere. When Jameka told him to mind his own business, Chris pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking the single mom of 4 in the countenance. Three kids witnessed the shooting and one of ’em called Jameka’s sister, Jaterra, who notified police. When officers arrived, they found Jameka deceased in the bedroom.

Chris fled the scene and was on the run for 6 days before he finally turned himself in. The simp was arrested and charged with murder. “She was in the mirror combing her friend, about to go out with her friends, and he couldn’t handle it and just did that to her,” Jaterra told reporters. “I was shocked… But I did see it coming. He was very jealous of her.”

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “Why was she even f*ckin’ with that trash?😢”

Another person added, “She was wayyy to pretty for his ass. She could’ve gotten herself a rapper or a basketball player.”

As previously mentioned, Jameka has 4 children with two belonging to Chris.

The sexy fashionista studied education at Texas Southern University, and she worked at Cigna Healthcare as a quality assurance manager.

Big Chris is an unemployed bum with no goals or ambition.

Right before he shot Jameka, he told her: “Today is the day.”

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She should have moved on when they were not living together you don’t just move on in his face that’s a toxic situation especially telling him be out in two days while u getting pretty 4 a girls night out SMH

  2. If you ladies don’t STOP 🛑 bringing these demons into your lives! Im SICK of y’all desperate, females who care so little about your kids that you are willing to risk THEIR lives just to lay up with these THUGS!!😡😡😡😡😡

  3. Same ole excuse “he was jealous of her” the problem is that BW dont respect there men or take them serious..why be with someone you have no respect for or show respect to? She wanted to go out and be a city girl ..he told her she dont need to be going out (she probably does it all the time) if you cant respect your man or woman wishes and show mutual respect then why be together? My woman has told me on several occasions that she did not want me going out tonight stay home with me..and I respected her wishes..she probably saved my life that cant be a mother or father of children and still going out partying and clubbing every chance you get

  4. These chix and their illegal evictions🙄😌😩😩
    🤦‍♀️ Keeps being part of the equation for their deaths

  5. Ladies, it’s time to wake up and live according to the Most High’s word. Stop with the vanity, keep the commandments and submit to a husband. Otherwise, you’ll continue to submit to the devil who wants to take you out and in these last days, he will. We are the Chosen, the Hebrew Israelites, and our Father is not playing with us no more.

  6. I sit in my Home single.. I’m not married or do I date… … Ask me if I’m Happy… I will tell you Hell Yea… I don’t want no Deranged ass crazy Worthless ass man… why not take your own life instead of this mom? If life is so bad for you… Why take this mom away from her kids….😢😢😢😢

  7. That’s the kind of man she laid with she had multiple kids with him so

  8. These Black Men , Are Going Crazy…Stone out of their minds… Everyday, you turn on the t.v. , to see this type of news… It’s Almost like it has become a trend…To kill your spouse / significant other…It’s Soo easy to just walk away….If you and a person break up…As long as they are alive…You stand a chance of working, things out…BUT DEATH , IS THE END…THERE’S NO WORKING ANYTHING OUT…PRAYERS TO THE FAMILY, ESPECIALLY HER CHILDREN…

  9. He prob became enraged when he realized she was dollin herself up like she used to do for him.

    My guy just couldn’t handle the rejection. When are us Men gonna realize that we don’t own women. They have a right to be with us just as much as we do to them. If she don’t want you then cry about it but get over it. Don’t kill ‘em over it. I don’t understand what’s wrong w/ nigz these days…🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. Dudes be so emotional. Like what would justify something like this? Taking a mother away from her children because you’re in your feelings.

  11. Young mothers and fathers please become financially educated and invest in family planning and a life insurance policy for your kids. The same money used for hair extensions and new jordans can make life easier for your famiy when you pass away. RIP prayers for the 4 children left motherless

  12. This is why, I’ll never let a man know where all of my family and friends live! Never! Heck, if I ever decide to get married, I dont know if my husband will even get to know my ss#.
    All of these emotionally immature men is sickening!
    Ladies, if you have sons- teach them how to treat a woman- only a woman can do that!

  13. WHAT a horrible legacy to leave behind: knowing, “Your daddy killed your mommy”! ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING 😢

  14. So the baby daddy was a useless man with no job stability. Please choose better ladies.

  15. I swear! Dating or being with someone is a death sentence, these days 😢 rest and comfort her soul 🙏🏾

  16. I would rather die than take care of a grown azz man’nnnn I have never loved no man that much ever……???? I love ❤️ me some me!!!! I’m not taking care of no sorry azz man!!! I’m 61 I’ve never been in love like that!!!! Dam sad

  17. Black woman biggest achievement are birthing the manosphere evil demons dust that are killing them unfortunately

  18. Maybe his family not dealing with him should have been a sign to not deal with his crazy and demonic azz.

  19. WHAT a horrible legacy to leave behind: knowing, “Your daddy killed your mommy”! ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING 😢

  20. Yal need to realize when to let go when somebody starts making threats just let them go it’s to much domestic violence going on like fr you don’t need a man or woman to be happy

  21. I truly love when “The Culture” (aka BLACKS), continue to thin the herd. “She Din Du Nuffin.” of course “she” didn’t!
    -We are NOT all the same! – Diversity Is NOT Our Strength! If you’re wondering: ‘Black Lives (Do Not) Matter’ • to other BLACKS!

  22. Soooo are we not going to point out the fact that she was dating a felon with face tattoos? Really??

  23. @Chris Bell: They still don’t care they love pookie’s an ray rays👀

  24. The victim dating a felon with tattoos has little to do with the zesty, broke, black-hearted bum’s decision to not be a man. Men need to stick together and tell each other the truth when they are successful or when they are low-life, busted bums. Stop trying to place all the blame on her. Many men are always hollering, “Bros before hoes.” Where were his bros to support him into being a real man besides patting him on his back for slinging penis? The demon had no pot to urinate in or a window of his own to throw it out of. That dust mite was mad she was cutting off his supply and he did what all 🐈‍⬛ do…he murdered her like the he-motional bish he was.

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