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Psycho mom kills her kids because she’s cravin’ d*ck

Tiffanie Lucas killed her two boys/YouTube

Lonely mom deleted her kids. 

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SHEPHERDSVILLE — When chasing phallus goes terribly wrong. Tiffanie Lucas, 32, was thrown in the slammer after she murdered her two mulatto sons — Jayden Howard, 9, and Maurice Baker Jr., 6 — to make herself more attractive on the dating market. The beddable white chick felt bachelors didn’t want to date women with kids. So she felt inclined to give dirt naps. The double filicide transpired on November 8, 2023 in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. According to multiple reports, Tiffanie hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years. She was sick ‘n’ tired of being alone and she convinced herself it’s the kids’ fault. Instead of seeking psychological help, Tiffanie approached the boys, pulled out a gun and opened fire — shooting ’em multiple times in the head. Then she ran outside and screamed for help. A neighbor rushed to her aid, went inside, and found the boys covered in blood next to the gun.

Police were called.

Tiffanie was arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder.

During interrogation, the mendacious damsel told investigators she shot the kids by accident.

She also claimed her actions were “manipulated through Facebook, through the internet or through Wi-Fi.”

Then, rather than show contrition, Tiffanie showed up in court and acted like she didn’t give a damn about those kids. Family members are understandably pissed. “She just looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world. I think her sitting in jail for the rest of her life is a cakewalk,” said Maurice’s aunt, Bobbie Baker, who requested the death penalty. “A 9-year-old and a 6-year-old lost their life. They won’t ever have the opportunity to … be who they were supposed to be.”

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “She is a part of an epidemic of social media induced demonic possession… Modern women are under heavy attack by Satan.”

Another person added, First, it was an accident. Then it’s Facebook?🤦‍♀️Damn, those excuses are the lamest I’ve ever heard.” 

Relatives called Tiffanie an unemployed junkie who claimed to be an Instagram model.

She often left her children home alone while she prostituted.

CPS was contacted several times but refused to take action.

Watch Tiffanie’s court appearance.

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  1. She is coming into court like she has an attitude and someone is bothering her?!?!

  2. There is coming a time when EVERYBODY will stand before God to account for their lives .

    Kjv [ 2 Corinthians 5:10]

  3. She was being targeted through electronic means.. She doesn’t have a brain enough to know this electronic harassment protocol exists unless she was going through it.. No excuse because she still had a choice, but remote mind control does exist along with voice to skull weapons..

  4. Men. Be careful who you procreate with. Don’t just spread your seed to anyone. Guard your seed! Let this story be a lesson!

  5. The way she walked into court is wild. All the attitude in the face is crazy.

  6. If the family knew that she was escorting and drugging then they should have kept the children out of that environment. IMO.

  7. Did Tiffany “snap” because who takes their kids trick or treating, post cute pics then takes their lives a week later?? Does she have a known mental illness?

  8. all of this over a nigga she didnt have

    american women are batshit… get your passport fellas…… leave these bitches alone

  9. That Lady must have SO MUCH Self Hatred cause those Boys look exactly like her —- I can’t see any other situation in Which she committed this horrible crime and doesn’t Hate Herself

  10. She looks like she would do it again. Like the court is just wasting her time🙄😒 Smh

  11. What a total disgrace & pathetic excuse for a mother. Those poor babies

  12. She wanted mixed kids to show off on social media they were nothing but props to her.

  13. CPS don’t do anything about the kids that are in real danger of death . But they will harass the parents and take away their kids for petty stuff while the real bad people who are abusive parents they don’t do anything to them.

  14. She shot her kids and then ran out of the house screaming for help. This isn’t something she planned and then tried to cover up. She knew when she ran out of the house she was going to jail. I don’t think she’s evil. I think she cracked under the pressure of losing her mom and dad almost back to back, her business closed, she had been in and out of jail so jobs are prob hard to come by, her lights were cut off and she had a eviction notice on the counter and it seems no support network at all. This woman had a mental break. Not making excuses but this wasn’t a Casey Anthony thing.

  15. As a Licensed Psychotherapist who worked in a women’s Detention facility and as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, just want to say she won’t need the death penalty. Those mother’s in prison are going to make her wish that she received the death penalty! Rest well precious babies 💙🩵🙏🏼🙏🏼

  16. fuk it…… give her the death penalty….. why waste my tax dollars

  17. She wanted that black snake. She got it. Now she doesn’t want it.
    But you can’t go back!

  18. Pookie n Ray Ray fucc’d her and left her with 2 kids

  19. Bet she a psycho who’s obsessed with some dude who doesn’t want her so she shot the kids or threatened to do it for attention

  20. This is the last dayz when people are killing their kids. Like the father in Ohio that murdered his sons…unacceptable

  21. CPS drops the ball jst like you hear about in every other case and the hospital switches the bodies because someone or multiple someone’s dropped the ball there too.. I dnt know how this country functions now days considering all you hear about from day to day is absolute incompetence everywhere you look. It’s seriously embarrassing!

  22. What real profession does it take to be a ACS or CPS worker these positions and Agencies should have law enforcement access to court assessment and when these kids are given back to their killers

  23. All we can do is hope the lovely ladies of the penal system get to her. Rip to the poor kids.

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