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Pookie deletes pregnant ex because he didn’t want kids

Tameisha was 8 months preggo/Crime Corner

Pregnant mom killed in drive-by. 

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TOLEDO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Paris James, 35, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 34-year-old Tameisha Price, because he didn’t want her to have the baby. The femicide transpired around 5 a.m. on January 24, 2024 outside Tameisha’s residence in Toledo, Ohio. Jerry Scott, 26, and Shatwiya Triplett, 34, were also locked up for being complicit in the crime. According to multiple reports, Paris called Tameisha — who was 8 months preggo — and asked her to meet him outside. As soon as she came out, Paris effectuated a drive-by shooting — striking Tameisha multiple times. Jerry was the driver. When police arrived, they found Tameisha sprawled out in the front yard. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The prepossessing single mom leaves behind two boys, ages 7 and 15. Doctors tried to save Tameisha’s unborn child, Malaysia Leani Price. But it was to no avail. Malaysia was eventually toe-tagged.

Paris and Jerry were both arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Shatwiya, Paris’ live-in girlfriend, was arrested and charged with obstructing justice. The ride-or-die chick gave investigators a spurious alibi, claiming Paris wasn’t involved in the murder because he was f*ckin’ her all night. Also, scuttlebutt has it Shatwiya pressured Paris into deep-sixing Tameisha.

She didn’t want him raising another woman’s baby.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Black women love them thugs.”

Another chimed in with, “Forcing a baby on a man is never a good idea.”

A third person added, “Having a baby is risky in itself. Why risk your life for a bum who doesn’t want to be a father? She was beautiful. May she and her baby rest in peace.” 

Tameisha was a business administration student at Herzing University.

She was also an Instagram model.

Paris is a murderous bum with a lengthy rap sheet.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Women keep your legs closed and eyes opened, she already had children by someone one else, and she STILL felt the need to have another one?

  2. Her name shitwya says it all. These women are so desperate for a man. A ride or die chick end up being a crash dummy.

  3. Instagram model? A person (usually a woman) who takes a thousand pictures of herself online and isn’t signed to Instagram or any agency as a model.

  4. I never seen so many weak bitter young black men in my life this is crazy they killing all these beauitul black woman why


  6. Why why why why why why why why why?! 😢 Damnit man you could’ve just left her alone! Somebody else would’ve stepped up to help her raise her baby and love her properly. I pray their family gets justice and the overwhelming peace of God to help them through this time…

  7. Use birth control, ladies! Don’t get pregnant unless it’s planned. 😳

  8. That’s messed up, now them babies have to live without their mother and little sister 😢😢💔💔

  9. Wow that’s crazy people still do this mess over a man or a woman…rip to her and her baby. All three of them need to get life without parole in jail/prison with no bail out of jail at all.. they choose to risk their freedoms 🤦🏾

  10. Are you kidding me 3 people for 1 person. That’s very terrible. It’s a very horrible thing to do murder. Another person😢💔

  11. Thank God all 3 brought to justice and off the streets! Prayers of peace & comfort to family and friends 🙏🏽

  12. God did say women will be men and men will be women that evil spirit does take over in this case like a lot of cases I’m seeing today these men are emotional and acting on they’re feelings and feel like they’re gf belong too them you know if I can’t have you no one will but to do that to your unborn child is sick,twisted, disgusting, selfish,demonic,and down right evil and I feel like with certain cases it shouldn’t be a trial or jury they should get life period but S.I.P both of them and the family has my deepest sympathies.

  13. They said the girl miscarried his baby and she didn’t want her to have his baby smh

  14. @Cretia Smith: He didn’t want her to have that baby either 🤷🏽‍♀️ seem like a set up to me

  15. I don’t get people, why kill her and her baby! It’s just a man! Go after him, not her! 💯

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