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Pookie deletes twin sister because she rejected him

Samyia died over a phone number/Twisted Crimes

Twin sister fatally stabbed. 

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BROOKLYN — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Veo Kelly, 20, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered 19-year-old Samyia Spain because she wouldn’t give him her phone number. The femicide transpired around 2 a.m. on March 17, 2024 outside a deli in Brooklyn, New York. According to police reports, Samyia and her twin sister — Sanyia — walked to Slope Natural Plus to buy snacks for a family party. They were accompanied by their big brother and a group of friends. While at the bodega, they were approached by Veo — who sought their phone numbers. When the ladies declined, Veo acted a damn fool. “He pushed little Samyia, and then I pushed him,” Sanyia told reporters. “And then everybody else started pushing him out the door.” The deli employee kicked Veo and his posse out of the store and locked the door.

A few minutes later, the employee unlocked the exit so Samyia & Co. could head home. But Veo and his clique waited patiently outside. “He had a knife in his hand and was saying: ‘I’m gonna stab y’all in the face,’” Sanyia recounted. “I’m telling everyone to back up. And he pushed little Samyia to the ground.” The twins’ brother punched Veo in the countenance, and a melee ensued.

During the skirmish, Veo stabbed Samyia in the neck and chest. Sanyia was slashed in the arm. Samyia died at the hospital. Sanyia was treated for her injuries and released. Veo turned himself in a few days later. He was arrested and charged with murder. “I couldn’t believe it,” said the twins’ grandfather. “My wife started crying. We never expected nothing like this to happen.”

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “Main reason I keep a dummy number. It’s sad how pu$$y these new age dudes are.”

Another person added, “Who the f*ck raised him? Too many youths are going undiagnosed for mental health issues.”

Veo, who was drunk, has a rap sheet.

Sanyia offered him her Instagram handle but it wasn’t enough.

He wanted them digits.

Watch the documentary, which includes footage of the incident.

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  1. Sad that none of his “homies” de escalated the situatuon. Its never that serious! sincere condolences to the family.

  2. That is insane!!! These guys are losing their minds! Because you got rejected! Smh

  3. Not that this dude wasnt wrong, but if they rejected him in a condescending manner it didn’t help the situation.

  4. These men are so demented and don’t know how to emotionally regulate themselves. If you reject them just quickly walk away or even run. It sucks that we have to do this but it maybe the only way to live another day

  5. Today’s young men have a hard time wth REJECTION! he is 1 of many who have killed young women.. rejection is apart of living experience and growing. Your not going to get everything uou want!😢

  6. So she actually hid and waited for awhile inside the bodega. That piece of 💩 waited for her to come out. Sorry, but that’s first degree murder.

  7. These young ladies and older women are not entitled to give out their numbers. She offered her Instagram and she didn’t have to do that. She didn’t know him and was coming from a place of trying to get to know him from that standpoint. Men / boys need to understand that a woman have the right to say no and be left alone.

  8. He’s so fucking desperate for someone’s number😡😡😡😡😡that’s very stupid. Well where he’s going he’ll get more than numbers from those thugs in prison that’s waiting to turn into a female like that man did in Lockdown movie. He’s so damn heartless and stupid. RIP Princess, u didn’t deserve that at all😞😞😞😞

  9. I remember this guy tried to get my number at the stop light I said no and my friends was laughing he pulled out the gun as if he was going to shoot the car up 😢 sad men can’t take rejection 🤦🏽‍♀️s.i.p beautiful

  10. This is basically an extremely feminine man with no control over his emotions. Thugnificant(s) need to realize not every female like bad boys.

  11. If u have sons, plz plz teach them how to deal with rejection smh this is so so sad. His dusty looking ass🙄

  12. no excusing the suspect but please keep your girls especially these young ones who think it can’t happen to them at home, really 1 or 2 am? for what? its dangerous enough in the damn daytime you do it because you can? you have freedom? yeah well

  13. I used to give my number when they wouldn’t let up. 1st time they call, I immediately block the number. many times guys don’t even call, it’s just an ego boost I guess.

  14. The fact that you can be forced into such a life or death situation just because you rejected someone is terrifying.

  15. Fragile masculinity at its finest. Men take the rejection and move on, not everyone has to like you.

  16. Now he’ll get all the attention he was looking for at Rikers and I’m sure he’ll get the same opportunity to turn down someone’s advances as he gave that poor girl.

  17. I’m not saying ALL women should do this but if a man approaches me and i don’t want to give him my number i give him a fake number. Men are too weak and too emotional to be able to take no for an answer. That this even needs to be a strategy is saddening. Rejecting men is dangerous.

  18. That’s so fked up! She ain’t want to give you her phone number but gave you Instagram handle instead. That should’ve been enough but you still threw your life away because you can’t handle rejection. Enjoy prison.

  19. Damn he got the insta handle and wasnt happy with that . Most females don’t even do that . Smh .

  20. I blame his parents. And him of course! But his parents did a piss poor job in teaching him emotional regulation. He didn’t have a good childhood, you can tell by his actions. I remember one time a guy wouldn’t t leave me alone and I told him I would love to give you my number but Im married to a crazy ass Jamaican man and he would kill me if I he ever found out. Dude just walked away. That was quick thinking on my part cause the guy was starting to make me real nervous. But the psycho Jamaican husband line works like a trick , cause Jamaicans do not play.

  21. This man took away someone’s life because he couldn’t accept “no”. Pure evil!

  22. That young lady owed that fool nothing . If she’s not interested in you that’s her right . Leave her alone and go and find someone who is interested. But judging from his reaction he probably had a hard time finding anyone interested. Now this fool has taken someone’s child and ruined his life in a senseless act of violence because his little feelings was hurt because she didn’t want him. SMH 🤦‍♂

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