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Police officer killed family before taking his own life

Jerel Sr. did the unthinkable/YouTube

Cop kills family and himself. 

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KANSAS CITY — Residents of Kansas City, Missouri are in mourning after Jerel McGeachy Sr., a 38-year-old police officer with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, killed his wife — 38-year-old Domonique McGeachy — and their 12-year-old son — Jerel McGeachy Jr. — before taking his own life. Yep, he pulled a Delbert Grady. The double murder-suicide transpired at their residence around 9:45 a.m. on April Fools’ Day. According to multiple reports, Domonique threatened to divorce her hubby and sue his ass for child support. But, rather than handle it like a man, Jerel Sr. pulled out a gun and unloaded on everybody — including himself. Police officers found their cadavers sprawled out on the floor during a welfare check. Like Jerel Sr., Domonique also worked for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She was a nurse practitioner who specialized in gerontology.

Domonique was there 7 years.

Jerel Sr. was a first grade teacher prior to joining the VA.

He was also a stay-at-home dad for 3 years.

And, Jerel Jr. was a whiz kid. As a motivational speaker, the academic wunderkind traveled across the country to make presentations. He was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s biggest fan. He won several scholastic awards, both statewide and national. And, he was crowned champion of a regional spelling bee. The following cryptic message was posted to Jerel Jr’s Facebook account one day before the bloodbath:

“My parents has always been great to me. However, when they had differences I always suffered. The worst thing ever is when my mom took me from my dad. My dad only disciplined me for my actions. My mom could not respect that because she never had a male figure in her life prior to meeting my dad. Weeks without seeing my dad as he was a stay home father to me the first three years of my life. That hurt me more than life!”

Scuttlebutt has it Jerel Sr. wrote the missive, pretending to be his son.

Social media reaction was melancholic.

One commenter wrote, “Killed a future Leader. It’s a damn shame. R.I.P. Jerel Jr.” 

Another chimed in with, “This the worst story I’ve seen yet. Despicable.” 


Many people believe Jerel Sr. was jealous of the success his son was having.

Was the massacre the result of a masonic ritual?

Watch the documentary, which includes Jerel Jr’s high-powered presentations.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. we always seem to put ourselves back in the rabbits hole. we as a race is cursed

  2. What a terrible loss not only to the family but to the whole entire community. He would’ve really been somebody.

  3. Men these days are so jealous of women, but to be jealous of your child? Thats bottom of the barrel

  4. I don’t think the father was jealous of the son, but I do think that he was just a control freak. Anytime you feel like you have to kill people when they leave you. That’s a sign of control issues.

  5. He’s mad because she left and took the son he must’ve been abusing that little boy in some way or form..

  6. That boy did not post that on Facebook. Dad definitely wrote it because that boy looks like he loves his mama just as much as he loves his daddy.

  7. I cannot imagine ever taking the life out of someone with so much potential and intelligence. A literal light has been extinguished. I’m so sick to my stomach over this 1…hard watch.

  8. This man took a young Genius from this world!
    What an unthinkable tragedy!!!!
    Why? Just why?

    I’m sorry this happened to this young powerhouse prince

  9. Another BM unicorn that committed murder. That’s why we say #All BM. They don’t have to be thugz to h8 BW and children. They are soulless demons and this what happens when BW keep denying the truth.

  10. Fkn coward!! He knew he wouldn’t have lasted one day in prison. Unalived that poor baby and the wife He judged himself


  12. Punk ass. Who kills their son because they’re having issue with their wife?

  13. Kids don’t have a chance these days soo many parents wish that boy was their child loves school loves teaching people about where blacks came from and so much more he had to offer this world he obviously will be missed ️🥹

  14. I feel like this was witchcraft…..and the dad was the weakest link to use…..

  15. Served in the army, was a nurse practitioner, served in Iraq just to lose her life to her husband.

    You can’t make this up!
    Lord this is an unspeakable TRAGEDY!!!!
    This Queen was a power and a force to be reckoned with.

  16. So where are the men in these comments talking about only Pookies and Ray Rays do this? She did everything right, got married b4 getting pregnant, choosing a educated professional man and she still got toe tagged. Ladies be careful. Its something demonic going in with all these men out here. I find it strange more and more men are desiring relationships and marriage just so they can control a woman and do wicked things like this. Lord help us.

  17. You cannot mix Freemason with Christ / Christianity, Its serving 2 Masters there is danger in it, Mom was even holding up her fingers in the image of the gods / diety of freemason, ..My Condolences and Prayers to the family

  18. Sounds like the son was either repeating what he heard his dad say or his dad wrote that post

  19. One thing I have noticed about couples who constantly feel the need to post their relationship achievements/goals on their pages, are ONLY lking for public validation and acknowledgement just to try to keep their relationships going due to things being anything but&behind closedthe way they portray things to be! NEXT!


  21. Police officers have a high suicide rate. I dont think he was jealous of his son or his wife

  22. So blk men what do you have to say about this one?? Let me guess…hmmmmm…she shouldve chosen better right?? She wasnt a single mother. She married. He wasnt a pookie, but somehow youll still find a way to blame her im sure!!

  23. That “man” clearly wrote that Facebook post — his son was way too intelligent to write with such poor grammar. Mother and son alike robbed of SO MUCH potential. Breaks my heart and I’ll just never understand

  24. yall young females need to quit phuckin with them damn free masons.thats a very secretive very dangerous political cult that was created by the illuminati

  25. His father was a Freemason. This could be witchcraft, Voodoo magic

  26. That little boy didn’t write that letter his sinister ass daddy wrote it

  27. Something was happening behind the scenes there’s no way he just up and did that
    I refuse to believe that

  28. Okay, Now I have to say this , whatever poison is invading the USA, it’s. Now infecting adults! Black Adults!!! No way that guy killed his son without being influenced influenced!!!! Something bad is happening !!!

  29. Wow this is heartbreaking Jr was going places, he wanted to heal the division in the country with everything he had in him..
    This just really sucks he had so much hope in his little life it was a shining light, a beaken for anyone who feeling as if they lost their inner sparkle..

  30. bet money someone was cheating, ppl usually dont do this from just being mental
    Dad sounded like he was a good father before this happened,, POC need more good dads

  31. The father probably likes white women. Those BM are now committing crimes that yt men normally would.

  32. @Anna Brown: No, what’s happening is that people are getting tired of this world. In this world, you can hardly find a job and if you’re on a job with a white boss, and you’re black, you’re treated like a free slave, but a slave all the time. All of this racism and hatred in this world is getting worse, along with violence and so people are getting tired. I wouldn’t be surprised if the husband and wife had a plan to just take themselves out and because they didn’t want to leave their son in such an ugly world, they took him out too. It may be hard to believe but people are getting tired of this world. It’s not the beautiful place people say and think it is, it’s horrible here, and it’s getting worse and so people are checking out. Sure, on the outside, it may look like this

  33. All that glitters ain’t gold. We don’t know what was going on behind closed doors.

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