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Patrick Mahomes’ family catching hell on the web

Patrick’s chick in hot water/Clutchpoints

Patrick needs better support. 

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KANSAS CITY — Uh-Oh! Patrick Mahomes’ family is at it again. First, his brother — Jackson Mahomes — performed a TikTok dance on a dead football player’s memorial. Now this: After Patrick led the Kansas City Chiefs to a nail-biting 42-36 overtime victory Sunday night, his baby mama — Brittany Matthews — uncorked an expensive bottle of champagne in her suite then made it rain. Only problem is she sprayed the liquor on Chiefs fans and it was cold as f*ck outside. Some spectators enjoyed the spritzing. But many were pissed because they didn’t want to be soaking wet in the freezing cold. Not to mention several children were doused. Brittany, 26, said she’s sick and tired of her every move being scrutinized. “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week,” she tweeted.

Social media backlash was unforgiving. One fan tweeted, “If she thought spraying champagne on people was such a good idea why didn’t she do it in her own suite?” Another added, “I don’t give a f*ck who she is. This b*tch stupid. Who says something stupid as this: ‘I just wish i can do what I want without getting attacked every week.’ How about the kids that’s sitting underneath you or is it fair for someone to pour champagne on her 11 month old?'”

Jackson recorded the liquor shower then posted footage on social media.

Brittany didn’t spill a single drop on her rich friends in the VIP suite.

Was this a classic case of white privilege?

Is it time for Patrick to have a talk with his family?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. LOVE the Chiefs, but I think I’d be pissed off about getting doused like that.

  2. If she didn’t think it was a big deal, then why didn’t she do it in her suite? She is the literal walking definition of white privilege and narcissism.

  3. If she doesn’t want people attacking her then she should quit saying controversial things and doing stupid shit like this. Respect works both ways Lady.

  4. I don’t see what he wants with her shes so frickin skinny pat go get u a woman with some meat on her bones

  5. 1st she needs to grow up , she knew what she was doing & acted like a,spoiled entitled CHILD. show how classless she is but i don’t expect her to understand that hey brit next time pour it on yourself since you dont realize its for drinking

  6. im a chiefs fan and patrick is good and all but his wife will be his downfall. I give 3-5 more years and patrick will be out of the league.

  7. I would be so pissed if some rich lady poured wine all over my head without repercussions. I would try having her charged with assault if she responded the way she did. No apology? Okay we going to court

  8. This homely woman acts as if she’s six years old.

    You can celebrate your man’s victory without giving people an unwanted shower. Grow TF up.

  9. Cop- sir, you reek of alcohol, have you been drinking?
    Dude- nope, Patrick mahomes’ fiancé poured champagne all over me
    Cop- sounds like something she would do you’re free to go have a good night

  10. When u think u are untouchable u do those dumb things … what if they was someone who didn’t want to get hit with champagne 🥂…
    Let’s dump champagne in her head to see if it’s okay 👌… I understand the celebration but not everyone is down for champagne 🥂

  11. I hope none of those people had to take the bus home in the cold. Rich people are so out of touch

  12. As a long time Chiefs fan, her behavior is deplorable. Can you imagine if other fans poured champagne on her with her fancy outfit and all? She’d be furious!

  13. What an idiot—nothing like a moron in a suite showering those outside with champagne. Poor Pat—always covering tracks of his silly brother & annoying fiancé/wife/whatever🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. @Cookie Monster: I get it, she ignorant and obnoxious. But that shouldnt determine whether u like the chiefs or not for fucks sake. Everybody knows that crazy chick that always doing to much. Just so happens shes the wife of the best qb in the nfl.

  15. Committed how many counts of battery? Literally committed a crime out of being a complete moron. But why is everyone so mad? What a joke.

  16. Must be entertaining to do that to a bunch of peasants from your heated seat

  17. She made sure she didn’t get wet but didn’t give the people outside of her VIP section the same consideration. It was a really bad look.

  18. I want brush this off as not a big deal, but I dunno, when I watch it it does kind of infuriate me. I know she looked at her rich friends with their expensive clothing and didn’t dare spray them. And I know she didn’t want one drop of that on her own Gucci jacket. But she saw no issue at all dumping all over the poor people below her.

  19. Champagne is a sticky bastard to have on your skin after about thirty minutes so what she did was stupid in that regard. I think it’s great she is so excited about her mans success, that is absolutely awesome. However, you never just randomly spray strangers with liquid like that. Notice not a single Chiefs fan at that game has come to her defense. If those people were cool with that then one would think that at least one person who got nailed by her would show proof they were at the game and defend her but not a single person has. That really does speak volumes.

  20. She has no respect for her fellow humans. She want’s to do what she want’s to whoever and not take responsibility. It’s called white rights or being entitled. If someone sprayed her with something she would being making a big deal about it.

  21. Pats girlfriend is PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!! and the brother also is PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  22. I would be pissed if I was in the crowd and got doused. What if they got pulled over and the way home smelling strongly of alcohol? What if there were kids down there? What if you just didn’t want to be sprayed with a cold, sticky drink? It was thoughtless. I notice that she wasn’t spraying anyone in her own box section and nobody else was spraying champagne in there either.

  23. I would never pour anything on anyone unless I was in the locker room. Even then, the put plastic around everything so the Champagne would not get it and others put on Goggles so they will not get it in their eyes.

    So, I guess it is OK if she pours in on KC & “The other teams Fans” without their permission. So now when they drive home and a police officer pulls them over, the office can say “I smell booze on you”.

  24. you can tell brittany took the vaccine…….. jackson got the vaccine too

  25. So rude that behavior is unacceptable those poor fans soaking wet while she’s in the VIP freezing cold out there have some consideration and empathy for other people

  26. So f’d up, some people wear alcohol sensers with ankle monitors, some people are recovering alcoholics, some peolple have to drive home smelling like alcohol, not to mention spraying it on children. Very Disrespectful..

  27. I feel like she is very disrespectful and thinks that she’s entitled. It’s cold out there their children out there. If you want to spray champagne spread on yourself spread on your own friends don’t do it to people that did not ask for that. Jackson Mahomes and her are two immature people in my opinion they have no class and totally disrespectful. If I was Patrick Mahomes I would be totally embarrassed and disgusted with both of them.

  28. They go out of their way to defend white privilege. No one has the right to soil people because they want to. She doesn’t own the crowd. Dont people have the right to do what they want as well, and celebrate in their own way without someone else deciding for them. Its an entitled act. plain and simple.

  29. She should have poured the whole bottle on her own head and then did a flying swan dive out of the box into the stands

  30. The fact that this nitwit is raising a child is really terrifying thank goodness for the nanny.

  31. A Riddle: Poor Mahomes, he’s thinkin’ “if only me and dad just pulled and prayed, I wouldn’t have to deal with these two embarrassments..”

  32. This just has a really bad look, like she is raining happiness down on the piss-ants. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, she may have been caught up in the moment

  33. She’s not even pretty. She’s lucky she trapped him in highschool in her prime. What a brat

  34. Mahomes brother and his girl are acting like the pompous kids from the noble family, “do you know who I am?” Kind of vibe. I can seldom think of other families that have done this sort of thing over and over and OVER. They need to take a backseat and get off his coattails, without Pat’s success they wouldn’t have the platforms they do and they should act accordingly. Pat genuinely seems like a stand up guy and he’s a hell of a player but my gods anytime they win or lose they’re doing something from pouring drinks of opposing fans or calling out refs/players for cheating or something. Pat and the rest of the family needs to settle them down or it’ll come back around and make even more football fans turn on HIM and KC

  35. The bad thing is, if Patrick kicks his brothers ass, his brother would probably cry like little girl. I wish Patrick would just cut him off with all the money and tell him to get a job. Maybe then he could grow up and stop acting like a joke.

  36. I can’t believe this is news. People are so sensitive. You can’t even breath the wrong way without having someone offended. Everyone has thin skin or like they used to say grow a pair, there are real problems in this world.

  37. I feel bad for Patrick because he seems like a really great guy. Very respectful and dedicated, and can flat out play like few QB’s can. Unfortunately it’s hard to root for him because of his moron brother and, I’m sorry to say, his camera hungry fiancee. He needs to have a word with them to stop with the antics, it’s really not helping the Chiefs chances.

  38. He needs to b*tch slap the f*ck out of his little brother and tell his wife to stay home from now on, and this is coming from a woman btw.

  39. No one is asking Jackson and Brittany to leave the country and watch the games in a 3rd world country. All they have to do is just sit in there million dollar mansion and be stupid within they own walls imo lol

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